I am not 100% sure that I’m not infected with omicron.

I wear a mask because I am not 100% sure that I’m not infected with omicron.

I got vaccinated two times, moderna.

It caused really terrible side-reactions such as high fever for two days, shivering, dizziness, no appetite for a few days.

And my partner told me a story which he heard from his coworker in India. Once actually infected with Covid those symptoms continue two weeks, and may die at last if something go wrong.

I’m fully vaccinated and I always wear a mask in public place.

Compared to the side reactions I have experienced, wearing a mask is nothing.

A mask, easy, inexpensive and effective to protect myself my family and people I happen to encounter.

Omicron is being said 70% higher infection rate than any of previous Covid variants. What if another Covid variant that is also strong enough to breakthrough immunity and leads to sever symptoms.

It’s too late start wearing a mask after the first case detected, as most likely it’s already around me and I might have been infected.

So that I’m still wearing a mask, even I wear a mask to dump my garbage in the morning, or receive a delivery package or mail. Meeting and talking people means possible chance to give/receive Covid.


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