A Mongolian pony and Chobi

A Felted fabric 🇲🇳 pony

It’s been a year and a few months since we moved in, Chobi and G-san come down freely these days that is one of pleasures I have every day.

Break time with G-san
Encounter the power source for emergency.

Nike go flyease, hands free shoe!

This shoe Nike Go Flyease.

You just need to set a feet in a shoe, a shoe will catch your heel, and take off by holding one heel by another toe.

No need to seat or hold a rail.

Hope it’ll become one of well-sells then it’ll become a reasonable price and come in everyone’s reach.

It look so helpful, I wish it had been available for my dad.

When we went out somewhere, it was always hard to help him put on/take off shoes.

miss you dad.

Greet the spring of 2021 with a chocolate cake.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021.


This year I made a chocolate cake.

It’s delicious and of course healthy.

Used a dark chocolate and 70% cacao chocolate, pancake mix, one egg and soybean yogurt.

Simply mix all in a bowl, baked 20-30 min in the preheated 170° oven.

Not too sweet, soft cakes.


Listen to your heart.

Last night, around 23:00 there was a strong earthquake, we all woke up immediately and waited for an update of newsfeed.

It was intensity of 5 quake around Yokohama.

Yahoo map

This morning my mom mentioned about the repair that we have done lately, and how fortunate we are.

We’d have caused a trouble if the tilted water tank (weight 400kg) fall towards the aged concrete wall between our house and the next door, it would have destroyed their house.

A Biggest tank among three.

I thought it was a right timing.

Sometimes some random thought cross my mind, mostly a tiny thing and could have left and forgotten, but by taking an action at the moment, it’ll turn out to be a good result.

The repair work was not inexpensive yet it was worth to be done.