A visitor makes Chobi curious

It’s the first weekend after the state of emergency has been lifted.

Finally all of shops have opened, the gym opened, we are going to be ready returning to our new normal life.

That said, work from home will continue for the next few months, so we reviewed and picked up an another Internet service provider, Sony Nuro.

It’s a Sony. At least a similar or better service quality with a low price.

This morning, one electrician came for the construction work.

And Chobi as his usual manner, got curious and explored around the electrician’s toolbox.

It’s a mystery.

Because our cats are easy to scare.

Especially Chobi, he gets frightened by sounds.

He sometimes makes sounds by himself and gets frightened by it.

A cat
Chobi is 7kg

From their usual behavior, I think it’s more natural they would be scared of a stranger,

whereas they were very friendly and welcoming the visitors.

What makes this happen? They are scared of things, but they are totally fine with unknown people.

The electrician was making a hole on the wall with his tool.

A cat
Look around, playing

In the afternoon there would be an another electrician visiting for an another work.

Chobi’s happy Saturday.


Is it so hard?


I am fortunate that the fact Japan’s prime minister is Mr. Abe.

I am happy and very thankful.

Even he looked like a bit sad or so in the mask which government has prepared and distributed to all of citizens, I really think he is displaying a right attitude that is required all of us to be aware of and follow.


I picture everyone’s mouth as a gun, it’s pointing at other people.

When I see someone is speaking without masks, it just makes me feel anxious and scared.

But the reaction is instinctive and ideal right now, and through probably until the end of 2020.

Rakuten mini – the smallest smartphone.

There is a local e-commerce site Rakuten.

And Rakuten has launched mobile service on this April.

They offer a special campaign to 3 million new customers which is no monthly charge for a whole year.

I have a docomo mobile for years, if I would switch to another carrier, Rakuten is one of the options.

To apply the campaign, everyone needs to use Rakuten’s mobile hardware, therefore I bought “Rakuten mini”.

This one is probably the smallest smartphone I can buy from Japanese mobile companies, as of today.

Left Rakuten mini, right iPhone SE size
This small
I’d say that the easiest to carry around, in my pocket for a jog.

These past few years, a smartphone is becoming bigger and bigger. It’s the mainstream design.

Of course, big screen is nice when writing a blog or watching YouTube.

But big and heavy device is not happy when go out, also it’s hard to use with one hand.

Though we are staying at home and working from home now, we’ll be going out again. As we all are looking forward to it.

(Today a state of emergency has been lifted.)

After I got Rakuten mini, I started using my iPhone as a secondary device.

At home I’ll use iPhone with wifi, and when I go out I set it to an airplane mode, and use it with Rakuten service by tethering.

Recently when our home WiFi got an issue, I used Rakuten service for both my computer and mobile, it was stable and worked good.

Within Rakuten service area, I am able to use the data as much as I want, it offers unlimited calls and data usage.

Since we are in a 5G era, Internet services will be more accessible and available with a reasonable price.

Some people think 5G is a cause of pandemic. That’s just scary.

We’ll see what causes what only after decades later.

Anyhow I’m happy with mini.

They are still promoting, I’d recommend to join it. It’s quite good experience.

Stay at home and eye sight

A decline in vision..

For the past few days it was really hard to see a smartphone screen.

On the web, I searched for a glasses store that is on business in the mid of covid restriction.

There was one in Yokohama.

But, decided not to go because it’s not urgent.

I told about eye fatigue to my partner, he said he felt the same.


Wondered together.

And he said may be caused due to lifestyle change. SAH.

For two months without commuting.

When we go out, we shift from near vision to distance vision or vice verse automatically.

probably countless times a day.

Now we don’t have that training opportunity for our eyes.

As is often said about, look up the night sky or look into the far distance would work as eye exercises.

Night sky


Besides, I’ve heard 3D Magical Eye (it is called like this in here) would do that as well.

Always prefer being an active, it’s more fun.

This kind.

This one is colorful cheerful.

“Stereogram” in proper name.

How about this one? It moves.

And this one pls check it out!

Only 5 to 10 minutes looking at those would reduce eye strain.

-First, unfocus. Adjust vision. (Like seeing something can’t see.)

-Once unfocused, keep that unfocused state.

-Swipe the art one offer another.

I felt much better now.

Hope this can be of help to you, tool.

React Native prototype – 2020

This person is amazing. 川西

With zero experience of React Native, it worked and I completed the first course Welcome page of React Native prototype app.


These kinds look so familiar, and behind it there are series of codes.

1. There is a button available at somewhere so I borrowed it.

2. Set a button color to deep sky blue with a comment.

3. Make the button to appear

At first I missed this line and I spent long time to realize its existence.


4. Add a method behind the click action.

I am not able to write all those codes without instruction,

but this expo thing shows the change right away.

I add one line, then a button appears.

More lines, it become clickable instantly.

It’s just “Wow!”.

With the second course, the app will have tabs and image uploading feature.

1.Rating tabs

2. Choose one of items in a tab

3. Add images

4. Pop up appears

Maybe drag and drop? Or choose files in a device.

Also making my own app idea is a part of this experience.

A custom app would be available near future.

We can use, we can make.

What do you miss most right now?

I just went out for jogging around.


borrowing from pixabay

Of course chose a route with less people, or hoped no one is walking within close distance.
But I’m living in Yokohama city of 3,000,000 inhabitants, therefore it won’t happen so often.

Normally I jog at 7:00, but today I missed it due to a meeting.

And in the afternoon, wearing a mask seemed necessary.

I got my gauze towel,  wearing it on my face covering my mouth and nose.

in the morning, the air is cooler and I didn’t find it hard.

What I realized today, was the season keeps changing regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We didn’t have a chance for Sakura in March,
We are now waiting for a rainy season.

And soon after a rainy reason, there will come a humid, crazy hot Japanese summer.

Jogging in a mask while temperature is over 35 degrees?

No way.

During the jogging, there were around 10 people w/o masks.

Not sure what made them think it’s no issue.

They will be fine, but people around them are not okay at all..
1/10 principle, there is always 1 different opinion from rest of 9.
That is usually fine, cause we are all different each other, that is true.

BUT that said right now wearing a mask is not something optional, it is mandatory.

IF people would like to go out without covering mouths I beg them not to talk and/or sneeze (breath) outside.

Too strong? I don’t think so.

Our hands would not spread virus, it almost undoubtedly comes out from mouth.
The virus spread out from the mouths caused pandemic.

Please cover our mouths with a mask or something.
We can do many things, and above all wearing a mask is definitely one and top of them.

I miss my dad.
And I miss my jogging w/o a mask.
I’m one of humankind responsible to my own life and others alive right now.
that is my fate whether like it or not.

For him
Made it smaller

Soy meat de croquettes

When the first voluntary ban was issued on March, my parter ordered soy meat.

80g x 20 packs *80g contains 14g of protein and fat only 0.7g

Quick-sighted people went straight for daily necessities with speed.

Toilet paper has run out, so as Kleenex, pasta and pasta sauce.

Whereas my partner cared most was securing source of protein.

Such a peaceful and easygoing type of person.

So far with that meat I cooked “Soboro” a similar taste of Teriyaki.

Stir-frying minced meat season with sugar or honey and soy sauce, serve with scrambled egg.

This product is made with soy meat

Next, I cooked chili 🌶 beans.

It was actually good, no sense of soy but minced meat.

I think it’ll do for strong flavor meals.

And today, I cook croquettes with soy meat and Kitaakari potatoes delivered from Hokkaido.


Potato x 3pcs

Green onion x 1

• Miso x 1tsp

• (Mayonnaise) x 1tsp

• Salt and pepper

Egg x 1

Some bread crumbs

And one more 🥔


・stir-fry bread crumbs in advance. Make it browned color, look like it’s been fried.

・peel and cut potatoes, use microwave 5,6 minutes.

・chop green onion

・stir-frying soy meat, season with above •

・mush potatoes, add chopped green onion and soy meat.

・knead ingredients until it comes together

・shape it to a bite size

・put bread crumbs

・grill in the oven for 7 to 8 minutes.

Good smell, yet a bit of soy I can taste. With Worcester sauce it’s perfect.

Easy Chunk Roast, pork


I got a chunk of pork. 👍 Let’s cook roast pork.

Firstly, marinate for a day or two.



Ketchup x 4 tbs

Worcester sauce x 2 tsp

Tubed garlic x 5mm

Tubed ginger x 3cm

A quite simple sauce, and stab pork with fork. All over.


It’ll help make it more tender.

Crazy salt is very useful

And apply crazy salt.

And put it into a sauce plastic bag.


Place it in the fridge a day or two.

Marinate and age are helpful ways to reduce meal prep.

It often improves a taste as well.

I’ll grill it later👋.


Why me, why now.

When a trouble comes into a life, the first reaction would be “why me?” and “why now?”.

For example, we had earthquake early warnings day before yesterday and last night.

I prayed it won’t be a big one. Fortunately those were intensity 2 or so.

Anyway, at first I thought “not now please”.

maybe because it was at 1:00 a.m. and I was too sleepy.

After a while, I realized how fortunate we were, being under the same roof and no confusion or concern to look for my family, check they were okay at once.

I would not be able to feel or think that appreciation at first, I need more training to be like that.

As immature me react with resistance and negativity.

But I’m trying to catch every chance to test myself.

I and people around me will be relaxed and happier if I can mitigate that negative reaction and find appreciation quickly.

First meeting with Chobi