A 3rd State of emergency Apr 2021

If you have ever lived in Japan or worked with Japanese company, you may know or heard of Golden Week.

Which is a weeklong holiday, from end of Apr to 5th May.

Year 2021 has a specially long GW.

E.g. 11days off from 29th Apr – 9th May.

And a State of emergency.

It took place from Monday.

Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo are subject due to an obvious rise of COVID cases.

This time, Yokohama is under another emergency regulation that is not well known.

People in Tokyo are visiting Yokohama. Because Tokyo is under emergency situation.

I’ve read about how patient we are seen, after 2011.3.11 Japanese have been acknowledged “patience” globally. But this time is different.

Without clear justification, people are not going to follow the instruction given by a government.

Now finally doctors and nurses get vaccinated, then elderly people.

Fortunate my mother will be able to receive it in a month or so.

Once GW ends, it is mid May.

Then time flies by to June.

We (16<we<65?) are not going to receive vaccines by Sep.

And July comes,

2020 (2021) Olympic/Paralympic games.

There are still three months.

Or there are only three months.

I think Olympic/Paralympic bids was historical,

it was supposed to be meaningful event, only if it is COVID free.

There are patients who are losing lives, doctors and nurses who are saving lives. Covid-19 has been there for two years.

This is my personal opinion, but those people are not center of attention, because of Olympic/Paralympic prep is ongoing in parallel.

Of course the event is huge, life changing experience and exceptional.

We bought tickets for the games. We want to watch games with our own eyes, at the same time we feel it is not appropriate timing in the midst of pandemic.

I applied volunteering role, which I had to decline due to schedule uncertainty last year.

For athletes, 4 years of endurance, this time it was 5 years without consent, which is not something can give up easily.

Still the question has to be asked “what if you lose your life?”

Pull out my head from a shelf desk.

Header image is my temporary workplace upstairs. In our altar room.

We both have meetings during a day. Sometimes it is better me move to other floor.

As we need to live with COVID from here on also, it came out of simple desire that we really wanted to sit in a comfortable position as much as possible.

My partner had been sitting on the IKEA chair for 12 months. IKEA chair, a small aluminum outdoor table on his lap and putting his PC on it.

His workplace.

Now both know it needs to change.

I organized clothes, and released one of tall steel shelves. 200 x 76 x 40(?). It is spacious enough for laptops.

Another shelf desk.

He is happy with this new desk.

Place legs on the lower part.

And we moved back a cupboard in the living room to the kitchen again. A same location, next to the fridge. This is my new workplace.

Wfh standard improved from the previous.

I disassembled a shelf and kept a PC stand part.
Must have item.
Now 8hrs x 5days is feasible with this workplace.

Used to be..

It was fun while working hour is short.

Also tried this small table built in chair.

Now it’s upstairs.

It’s already mid April, I’m looking forward to sit outside in May.

A cat has an allergy?

One of our cats Chobi, his right eye got swollen. Looks like it’s itching, hair around eye removed as rubbed too much.


At first, it was G-san punched Chobi as a countermeasure. But that was on his left eye.

Past few days, we were carefully monitoring. He eats well and cruises around as usual, no health issues so far.

We can buy a cat eye drops on Amazon or at the DIY store, still I thought it’d be nice to consult with a vet to make sure. Though Chobi would not be happy being in a pet carrier and/or going out to meet a vet.

Chobi gets scared by sounds/noises, somehow also by laughing sounds.

Every time my older brother comes home and goes upstairs for dinner, Chobi comes down to our place. I think he is bothered by my brother’s laugh. My brother laughs a lot and I like that. Laughing is a good thing.

Anyway, I preferred not to actually take him to a vet in a pet carrier. He also weighs 7kg.

Fortunately/unfortunately, with the current circumstances of COVID it was easy to find a online vet service.

The first one, was kinda phishing.

This site, justanswer was not ok site. I was about to pay an initial fee but had a thought to check the feedbacks.

There are multiple threads about the site for the subscription fee issue. The site seems does not allow its users to unsubscribe…

it’s a phishing site JustAnswer

Justanswer Review (Eng)

Did more search, and found a decent one, LuLu vet.

The Doctor called me and sent me an email today, a quick response within 24 hours. And I was able to book a 30min slot tomorrow.

Pets need a doctor, too. I’m glad that there is an online vet service.

Hope it would be nothing serious.

In the US there is a startup funded by three vet doctors.

Bond Vet

It has been succeeded, I hope a similar business model will become available in Japan too.


Is lettuce being fresh?


My mom gave this to me. I was skeptical but it is actually useful.

A toothpick or two. Stick to the growing point.

This mechanism is to stop lettuce to grow by sticking toothpicks two or three to the core.

It’ll be being fresh in two weeks or longer, according to someone who has actually tried.

I’ll probably finish all before one week, then I’ll stick it to Chinese cabbage.

One door closes another door opens

2021 横浜 桜

Joining is always fun.

For example, joining to a new community or a company or a class, but when a change occurs and have to leave for move on, a farewell moment comes.

Covid-19 had changed many things, and how to earn a livelihood is one of them.

I was working for two different clients.

Client A : Client B = 70 : 30

A san notified me a contract change in last Nov. He told me a need for a serious cost reduction to survive.

for that, now I know how fortunate I was.

As later found out that for my client it’s been long and hard time.

He has been trying as much as possible to secure the job (from his clients) for his regular employees and contractors including myself.

I am not able to live only with a income from B san.

Therefore I started to do job hunting again. Since 2018.

I found a new job in Feb. It was a full time contract, no other option. I needed to terminate a contract with B san as well, because now two jobs are too much to handle.

Past two months, I did both a full time job and an accounting support job for client B san at night or during weekends.

That was hard, and finally a successor joined yesterday!!!

I’ve already delivered back PC and mobile in advance, that is a load off my mind.

now I am properly able to hand over all to her.

Now I’m at a new door and door is opening and half of my body already in the room but feel like either one of my leg still in the previous room.

In a week or so it’ll be fully settled and I’m in a new room.