Appreciate my health when I get sick

Last weekend we went out watching a rugby game. It was cold outside, I think 6,7 degrees.

We both got our warm down jackets however it was really unbearably cold. I bought a blanket that helped us for the second half.

I think since then my partner got a little cold, and I got it too from yesterday or day before.

It always occurs to me when I get sick, how lucky I am to have strong body. And regret that I was not pay proper attention to maintain, myself.

Now one of my family got Covid, even we live totally separate rooms, I had to worry about infection. Did a antigen test and it was negative.

Still, having fever and sore throat are not happy. Maybe the air outside and inside are too dry this winter. I’m hanging wet towels as much as I can it’ll supply humidity.

You too, take care of yourself. Health is not guaranteed, tomorrow’s health depends on how you live today.

Have a wonderful dinner!


Rugby Would Cup 2023

This year RWC is going to be held in France 🇫🇷.

It was in Japan in 2019. Already next RWC, how fast the time flies.

In Japan there was a huge boom in rugby in my parents era, but I think it’s been faded by the time I was small. I’ve never thought or had chance to watch rugby in my life.

I was more fond of soccer, baseball, and Sumo.

My parents love rugby and mom told me they went watching rugby matches even during very cold winter.

Things would have been different if they brought me to the field when I was small. What you are exposed to when you are small influences very long time.

So, rugby was always right there, and by the 2019’ RWC finally it’s become one of options when you look for some sports as entertainment. Some people who really wanted to make it one of mainstream sports have seriously started working on it.

The opportunity holding the event that attracts people from all over the world also attracted Japanese who know but didn’t have particular interest in it.

In 2021, a new rugby league was established, and searching and booking a game have become easier.

Eagles at Green Rockets

Yesterday we went to watch Canon Eagles vs NEC Green-rockets match.

It was cold outside, better had some blankets and hot drinks.

François “Faf” de Klerk from South Africa is in Canon this year.

We are so happy to see him play. Once he is in the field, the game changes immediately. It’s really obvious even I know only a little about rugby.

Somehow his passes go through and speed up the game. He is fast and his presence is eye catching.

Let’s bring more fans!!

We were freezing while players were sweating and steam rising above them.

Canon won the game, NEC put up a brave fight though. They’ll come back to the same field in Feb we’ll be there too. Can’t miss as this venue is probably the smallest capacity field for a professional rugby game, we can see the play from very close distance.

See how close they were!

Hope to visit France for the rugby games. Months will pass and summer will be here soon.

Install stairs 2

One week past since last Thursday, here is the previous blog

And today we had three carpenters, actually one of them was from the company my older brother works at.

They were working on the base construction first, and in the noon they installed the pillars.

It weighs 60kg for each, sounds not so heavy though they had difficulty of handling those.

I was working in a room next to the living room, I felt that they were enjoying the job.

Tomorrow boards will be installed to make stairs, and a handrail.

Super excited! I’ll update tomorrow evening.

Chobi was scared and hiding in the closet

The film Elvis

(notice there is Austin Butler within the list)

On Sunday, we went to movies. I really wanted to watch “Elvis” in theaters, as there must be great sound effects, also in theaters there is no distraction.

These days it’s hard to focus on movies at home, streaming is convenient but it also allows too much control, skip, fast forward, pause and stop watching in the middle. I have many movies in “continue watching”.

The film was 2 hours 39 minutes long but felt not long, there was no unnecessary scene, all of them explained or described something important.

It was made understandable, songs were great, and replication of stage performance were more than imagined.

All songs were the original ones, the actor was lip syncing but looked like he was actually singing. From some point I started looking at him as Elvis.

And Tom Hanks was invisible, he was a big greedy manager of King of Rock and Roll. I became hate him.

I don’t know if Tom Hanks has ever acted such self-centered, tricky, exploiting, and obsessed with moneymaking character.

I’ve read wiki, and learned the life of Elvis for some extent. After watching it it made it more sad story. Sad.

We listened to “If I can dream” after the movie. It’s simply overwhelming.

My partner has never listened to Elvis until he watch the film, now he became a big fan of Elvis, he is listening “If I can dream” and “Unchained melody” every night.

Hope I can go theaters again, good movies have many aspects and full of unspoken contexts, I like watching the same movie again and again, it’ll never be faded.

What can firearm do

We are all going to die someday but not necessary to be killed by firearm.

Really. As Japanese I have been thinking I’m safe, live in the safest country in the world.

Japan’s safety is secured based on moral, we trust each other, actually we give each other unspoken pressure; do not do illegal act, do not give any trouble to your family, think about how to be seen by others. Maybe those sense are going, we are losing our moral.

It’s flipped upside down. The former prime minister Shinzo Abe had been shot and died.

Just like the suspect did, anyone can have a firearm, it can be made at home if you have an access to the necessary materials to manufacture it.

What a convenient world we are live in, what a scary world it is at the same time.

IF there is no firearm many people were still alive.

How to spend every moment without being lost in busyness

To enjoy daily life, I do pay attention to my routines. And do other necessary things as little as possible, besides my work.

I have a friend who works less and spend time with her dog at home as much as possible. And her husband happened to be one of work-from-home people due to Covid, now she is spending most of her time with her family at home.

She is the first person let me have an idea working from home to secure time for myself. And she’s been my role model for more than 10 years to such lifestyle.

I and my partner moved to my parents house in 2019, after my dad has passed away.

And in Feb of 2020, there Covid-19 has emerged, in Apr we both started work from home it’s been staying until today.

To be honest, I have not much friends from the beginning since I got married in my thirties. I was busy with my work and busy being a wife as well so my life became less out going lifestyle for years.

I used to like going out, shopping, hanging around with my friends.

Had many trips to overseas, Onsen hot springs around home, eating out or just hanging around with them all day in my twenties. I spent healthy twenties that left me a lot of funny memories.

Maybe for that reason and for my age, without any frustration I was able to transfer to a new normal life.

Staying at home 24/7 with my family did not cause any issues.

If I love going out very much, then staying at home for one year or years would have suffocated me, fortunately it didn’t.

Likewise my mom is not much outgoing so is my partner.

Interestingly my older brother is very sociable and loves going out. He prefers going back to a normal life of Before-Covid.

Sometimes we do going out, going to a driving range, watching a baseball game, a rugby game, a sumo.

A night game on Friday.
Opening day of sumo in May

But mostly simple living, a bit of exercise, eat well, sleep well, enjoy bath and reading books.
I read same book to remind myself that I’m never the same.

We are never the same therefore every day is different even if doing routine things.

I have written it several times in the past, by doing same things every day I can learn that I am different every day.

This morning we woke up at 4:50 to go our favorite driving range, surprisingly there were already too many golf lovers. We were shocked but anyway grabbed clubs and ran to the second floor looking for a seat or seats for two of us.

When we almost lost our hope, a gentleman right in font where we were standing said to us that he’s finished so we can take his place.

We thanked him a couple times.

That small kindness gave us chance to enjoy one hour practice together.

When I was younger I was almost always looking for a new thing new place something new, as I was thinking new things are better things. Now I can find new within my familiar daily life. Growing old is not so bad it taught me to be comfortable with what I do have.

Tomorrow is Monday, used to be it felt sad, now I think myself lucky that I have a job.

Next weekend I’ll be pruning hydrangeas in the backyard for mom, so that we can enjoy flowers in next rain season also.

Take me out to the ball game.

For the first time since the spring of 2020, NPB Nippon Professional Baseball lifted the restriction for the seating capacity, now each stadium can accept spectators to its full capacity. A mask and social distancing are still remaining as COVID prevention.

Our favorite baseball team is Yokohama Baystars, and its main stadium located in Yokohama bay area.

It’s only 20 minutes drive from our place, so we would decide and go watch the games even after finish the work in weekdays.

We can buy a bleacher seat at a window for unplanned visit.

Baystars at Hiroshima Carp
Baystars lost.. and rained.

Baystars was in last place for the last season.

However the team is popular, because of many programs for attracting both its fans and regular spectators.

A fan throws three pitches towards the giant catcher’s mitt

Live in the present moment.


Chobi comes down every morning, checking on just outside house.

Friends are in sympathy w/ each other.

I have a friend who I’ve met while we were living in a dorm in the US, it was 2004.

We send a present for each other’s birthdays since then.

She is living in Tokyo and I’m Yokohama, those are next to each other on the map, but she is living in one of islands belonging to Tokyo.

After we came back to Japan, she visited my house and stayed a few days.

We went out, watched movies, talked a lot.

Once I visited her place by ✈️, that was already six, seven years ago.

I want to go meet her, but now is not a good timing because of COVID.

the Island she is living has an limited medical facility, so until safety is assured I must wait.

Anyway, it’s my birthday soon and I received a box today.

What I was surprised this time?

One, She chose leg warmers for me which I really really wanted.

Two, a message card she chose for me, I had with me.

I bought it sometime ago for no reason just I thought it’s cute.

What a coincidence! She and I are connected, even after a decade later.

As the world entered into a very dangerous situation right now, I have feeling frightened and scared.

Her message and stuff she chose for me definitely gave me warmth in depth. ❤️

I’m not alone.

I can’t live by myself.