A cat litterbox

Our youngest cat he came here last December, one day all of a sudden peed in a bathtub.

I thought he was confused or so. he is six months old now.

Anyway we closed a door, we usually keep it open to release humidity after a bath.

Then a few days later he used a washbasin as his litterbox.

It’s less issue as it can be cleaned easily, but something is not okay for him therefore I needed to think about cause.

He was fine until recently, using a regular cat litterboxes with other two cats.

In a sunroom, three cats are napping

We didn’t change a sand or its layout, keep those clean as much as possible.

What’s wrong?

We closed a washroom’s door as well.

Then, he started meowing when he wants to go to a bathroom.

I open the door, he jumps in to the washroom bowl and pee or poop.

Mom gave me a spare box. And I placed it right next to a washroom room.

He used it several times only when the door is closed, if we are there for brushing teeth, washing hands, he’ll jump in and pee or so, it’s quick and he looks like needing it immediately, really hard to stop or move him to his restroom.

The first option is a washroom, secondary is a kitchen sink, then a litterbox.

My concern is that he is holding himself until we open the door, that is not okay. He may become sick.

Thanks to Google, there are so many results for search keywords “cat” “toilet” “washbasin” “kitchen”.

It’s such a relief, there are many blogs meaning it’s not unusual, also there are advices and solutions available.

  • keep water in a washbasin or make it not available somehow
  • Place a cat litter at close place as an alternative
  • Block a kitchen sink, somehow
  • Wait and see

We used to have more than five cats and I don’t recall anything like this happened back then.

After some research I found a successful example which is to place a litter box in a restroom. Also applied a cover to make it his private restroom.


Deep-fried tofu chips

I always keep deep-fried tofu in the freezer for Inarizushi or side dishes.

Today, I learned a new recipe. it’s easy and really tasty, crispy chips.

I’m not sure if deep-fried tofu is available in overseas, anyway if you find the one please try it once.

I had 5 each in the freezer, sliced it in half and cut them into triangles.

Use a cooking paper, place triangles one by one as much as possible. Overlapping part would need more minutes to be crisp.

600W 5minutes
Soy chips

I made guacamole for corn chips, and thought I should try it with home made soy chips.

Costco corn chips

A new workplace on a loft

Last summer we installed stairs to a loft, or third floor. It’s 140cm heigh so we can’t stand straight that’s what’s required to have a loft in Japan back in 2004. Now it’d be different.

I was thinking to make a part of the floor as a small study for reading and studying, both don’t need height.

I organized and threw away stuff as much as I can to make a space, but the stuff needed a space to be put..

Did make bookings for oversized trash collection service. Waited for two to three weeks to be collected.

After three repetitions, we got a sunny and warm loft.

Mom’s favorite laundry hanging spot

the other side got a space, too.

A bathtub cover to protect cats.
A storage space
Temporary using a pack of futons as a desk.

It’s not looking comfortable, but it’s actually quiet, warm and surrounded. Somehow a sound of TV right below doesn’t bother. Because of echoes’ mechanism?

I was wearing earbuds so it was fine but TV sound was loud and bothering me when I was in the next room of the living where my mom watches TV with a sound volume of 25.

On the loft, almost no sound without a wall or door. I am glad that I tried. Mom gave me a very heavy decent lighting since there is one light bulb only.

Need a cushion.

Size does not matter but independent space is necessary for work from home. No interruptions, power, wifi for eight hours.

And upper floor is warm, or hot! Other thing is being surrounded by family memories is a kind of nice.