Changing lights

2020 has begun, it’s time for redecoration.

My partner and I moved in to my parents home in last November.

Furniture, we reduced much and organized the rooms to truly make ourselves at home.

Curtains, some were changed out of necessity and some are remained.

And lights, just leaving untouched. Because we could install our favorite lights without changing the present conditions.

Sometimes something works better than expected, this IKEA light is the one, that is simple and practical with very affordable price.

It gives enough light, we are happy with it as a main light in our previous apartments.

It is versatile, I can attach it to almost anywhere.

IKEA light

IKEA light, using two in the bedroom.

And one in the living room.

Behind the TV is this light.

Saved from one of discarded boxes generated by relocation project at the office.

A Disused light from the office.

Another one is attached to the cabinet shelf in the undressing room next to the shower room.

At 5:00 a.m. it’s still dark.

Dim light through a translucent door for reading books in the tub in early morning.

It’s one of the pleasures.

For the nighttime, it’s dark and It’s fine. Brain and eyes are calming down to fall sleep smoothly.

My mom comes down and says “this room needs more light”, she likes well-lit room.

In Japan, a ceiling light is a general option for rooms.

A ceiling light in the living

One in the bedroom

Those are my grandma’s, when the house was rebuilt she chose what she liked. Later my dad also used.

It comes with a remote controller so that dad could turn off the light from his bed.

The light is adjustable in dimmer.

We thought we might use them someday, not now..

For me and my partner, fluorescent light is cold due to its white color, and feel like being in the office or hospital.

Everything looks clearer that makes me squint my eyes often.

On another topic, I decided to open a small school here.

Offering an English conversation lesson.

It’ll only for limited neighbors who know our family well, it can help to ensure safety for both.

From this year, English class has become a mandatory in both elementary school and junior high school.

Starting with the change, speaking skill will be evaluated more in following generations.

No thought of profit from this activity, yet if I offer a place speaking in English it’d be useful for neighbors.

Normally I’m working at home, so I can adjust time relatively easily.

Schedule management and accounting always take sometime, luckily has booking management plugins that help reducing manual labor by apps such as showing google calendar on the website. I think I can get some help in accounting from free app, too.

Anyway, we took off those ceiling lights and will attach pendant lights.

While redecorating the living room where I’ll invite people, I thought a pendant light will fit better.

Does it look okay?

Hope it could turn out well, but if it won’t I wouldn’t lose anything.

I have a place, strong courage and nice light. Let’s give it a try.

Chobi evaluates the light

Reading, Raymond Chandler

When you want to read some books written in languages other than your own language, you’ll read available books translated by translators.

During holiday I read books.

These days I’m kind of displeased with movie or video medium.

“One look is worth a thousand words” but it’s just too many kind with too much information at once.

On the contrary, reading helps me to picture image in my brain.

That’s needed to take a break.

This time I read one to two books a day. Books of Raymond Chandler.

I chose his books, because I like Haruki Murakami’s books.

Raymond Chandler had published seven long books.

・Farewell, my lovely

・The high window

・The big sleep

・The long goodbye

・The little sister

・The lady in the lake


now all books are available with Haruki Murakami version translations.

It’s newly redid by him.

The first translator was Shunji Shimizu san.

the high window, playback and the lady in the lake, I read Shinmizu san version first.

Comparing Shimizu san’ and Murakami san’ it left me vastly different impression, almost like reading two separate books.

R.Chandler in my cupboard bookshelf

Divide them into two.

Even the titles vary from one another




Look similar but not the same.

Once I’ve learned translation.

I took several courses for a year. There was a good mentor who corrected my translations, offered live tips and advice more than I could acquire.

It was fun, fruitful and awfully hard.

Sometimes it took hours to figure out the right translation for a single line.

Even though I was thinking I could read newspapers, books and articles for a certain extent what it’s saying, rewriting from English to Japanese was entirely different thing.

We are all unique so each translation will be unique and it’s not surprising.

Which is closer to the intension shall be decided by the original writer, but that’s not possible. How could he know the difference between さよなら、愛しい人 and さらば愛しき人よ.

And I’m used to read Murakami san, and Shimizu san was stranger to me.

There are lines I did not get well with Shimizu san’, so I checked those in Murakami san’.

After the review, I still couldn’t get some. the only option left to me is giving up and reading the original paperbacks by myself.

Probably nowadays it would be possible reading paperbacks.pdf by google translation, copy and paste, page to page, and only for the unclear part go get to deep digging on the web.

In case I have no choice,

I’ll check on YouTube

watching some old Phillip Marlowe movies to find out answers…

Can’t walk away from movies easily.

Mochi, A Rice Cake, 餅


Spending New Year holiday with my family.

9 days long, already the half consumed.

We sit back and enjoy the New Year ekiden.

Jogging at the park, visiting dad’s place, go shopping and just hanging around Yokohama.

And of course we eat mochi on the basis of tradition.

Mochi is similar to Dango 🍡 a sticky chewy rice cake.

Mitarashi dango

And mochi in zouni.

Nobi nobi mochi

This year one of dad’s old friends came to visit us from Aomori, Tohoku-region on 30th Dec, he brought homemade rice cakes.

He was 18 years old when I first met him, I was two years old.

Now he is a grandpa of one.

He stayed at our house, and woke up at 5:00 took a walk to the convenient store, while we were still sleeping.

To a large extent people in Tohoku are early risers.

And he left in the afternoon for visiting his another friend to the place somewhere within Kanto region.

Even Japan is a small island, coming to Kanto region from snow-deep Tohoku region takes 4, 5 hours by bullet train in winter, he must utilize the opportunity as much as he can.


5 hours by trains

Also received mochi from some relative in Kyushu.

Mame mochi

Seaweed in it

Puff puff

Fresh mochi, it’ll get moldy in a few days with fridge as it contains more moisture and no preservatives, so better keep in the freezer.

We bake Mochi in a toaster, let it puff.

Fresh mochi is really tasty by itself, only a drop of soy sauce would be enough, eat with chopsticks or wrap with dried laver.

Enjoying the moment of mochi growing.

Get the timing right

Key is to take out the mochi at the right time, otherwise it’ll stick to everywhere inside of a toaster.

Mochi is chewy as cheese, but no fat and high carb good nutrition food.

If you ever see it at the supermarket please give it a try.

Eggs Benedict ⭐️⭐️

Making Eggs Benedict for breakfast on 30th Dec.

I had this at Eggs’s Things, a famous pancake restaurant near the Yamashita Park. It was so nice and I wanted imitate it at home.

Eggs Benedict

English muffins, poached eggs, sauteed spinach and ham.

All together it’s nothing special, yet the egg yolk sauce makes it really delicious.

I don’t use butter, only less fat mayonnaise, yolk x1 for two of us, lemon juice, salt and pepper.


He doesn’t care at least IH is being turned off.

Not warm enough today.

The original one.

Heavy yolk sauce

If you’ve been to Hawaii, you may have heard of it.

How could they make the eggs in such beautiful round I wonder.

Kona coffee ☕️ also 👍.

Losing his mind

An inexhaustible passion

Yesterday while texting back and forth with my friend,

Chobi the cat came walking around the room, looked like he’s hungry.

He doesn’t meow but he’s staying somewhere in sight and staring at me.

A silent observer

Whether he is hungry or not, he’ll never turn downちゅーる.

Desperate to finish ちゆーる

Learning a new thing is a process of keep recycling.

Belatedly set a goal of life in 2019.

A new challenge “Python” with zero programming experience.

For a starter, attending some Python meetup at Tokyo for finding buddies.

Tried out, edx, Youtube, blogs and free online courses.

Sometimes just gazing at movies on screen, sometimes imitated and wrote code as much as I could.

A process of collecting meanings of new words day by day to structure obscure knowledge.

In Apr, almost accidentally obtained my second job which due partly to my programming learning story.

The job description was a translator, and the client wished someone who has software development skill or knowledge.

I told him that I’m just a beginner, have no ability to read/write any code anytime soon, he said that’s fine.

He is probably one of kindest employers.

Somewhat giving opportunities to learn many things while translating his requirements to offshore engineers.

Like PHPmyadmin, AWS, Java, github, gitlab, I don’t know what those are for but had access and account. Handson is always useful to deepen understanding.

What is seemingly irrelevant never irrelevant, discourse comprehension improved as time went by.


Those two jobs, and personal matters at home.
I was supposed to terminate the first contract but the company could not find a successor for a while..

It was meant to be.

The good thing about being busy, it pushes you to focus more.

You acquire things more quickly and efficiently than usual.

All of programming terms and codes that didn’t make any sense gradually started making sense.

In Aug, finally left the first job,

at the same time personal matters were getting busier.

With such exhausting condition, stubbornly kept watching, reading and coding for a change.

9 months after since the first Python meetup, many things have changed and I am settled down at home.

Today, I found myself getting more comfortable with coding.

Apr 2020 is the first anniversary.

Persistence, patience, perseverance, arduous those are my encouraging words.