At night Chobi who is three years old starts playing, he tries to play with G-san his estimated age is 16 years old or could be older.

Of course G-san can’t handle Chobi, Chobi gets frustrated and bites G-san.

G-san goes to my mom asks for help, mom gets mad at Chobi.

Chobi feels down and comes to my room on the first floor.

And G-san later comes down too.

Basically they are buddies.

G-san looking outdoor Chobi looking at G-san
Staring at G-san
Chobi and a tail of G-san
Walking around

A Lazy hard worker

It sounds like a paradox, but I’m too lazy to stop working hard.

A little break with Chobi

that is rooted in my nature of hating waste of thing.

Cats just dozing for a whole day

Sorry if I’m bothering you

because I know how much it will take to makeup for what I have lost or going to lose once I stop following what I think needs to be done.


It’s similar to exercising everyday.

Hating waste of time, money, and waste of something of myself and the people or things I care about.

it’s better to work little and often than to feel the stress of knowing that there would be an waste of something.

As getting older, it becomes harder and harder to do both, a daily maintenance & acquiring a new knowledge to survive and improve.

These days, any fundamental improvement, it most often requires implementation of a new technology and/or knowledge.

I can buy stuff it’s really easy and quick, on the other hand understanding its mechanism and do initial setup need time and effort. But I’ll alway try to do my best. Or my brain begins degrade immediately.

Like in each second it’ll getting weaker and slower.

For eliminating the threatening feeling, I work hard.

It’s a strange feeling, but that’s the way to live I’ve learned in the last 20 years.

A Lovely paining from U.S.


Beginning of this month, I purchased this oil painting.

And just received.

Surprisingly small and so beautiful.

So beautiful. Love it.

Art is priceless. It gives serenity and draws a smile.

I appreciate that I was able to have this painting, it is with me all the time.

These days, many commercial quality images are available on the web for free.

Famous posters, art, design and photos. Those can be saved to my pc by several clicks and I can make a hard copy at a convenient store.

That’s what makes handcraft more worthy to me.

It has warmth, on the opposite from digital art products.

Egret we call it 鷺.

There is a park near my place and an egret (heron?) is in the pond.

優雅 elegant
See you again in 2021

This year, I avoided going there as there were too many people at the park due to COVID.

No other places for children to play, the park was packed from an early morning.

My alternative jogging course was less people and no egret.

I hope I’ll meet him or her again in next May.

Don’t know why but this living thing is so attractive.

It does not move much, it is just being there stand still.

And sometimes fishes a fish.

One day, I found it on the roof of gymnasium. It was just there, looking down the traffic.

I was in the car.

It was on the roof.

The roof would be more exciting.

鷺草 fringed orchid
鷺 is pelecaniformes

Manual treadmill for winter

This very unusual year has been a less variation of life.

Nevertheless, time never stops and 2020 is going to finish in 83 days?

It’s was HOT like crazy until three weeks ago.

On the way back from morning jogging, I wetted my towel at the park’s water-tap to cool down my head.

Got wet all over at last by sweating.

And now, it is already fall.

The seasons rotate regardless of COVID-19.

I am happy to jog outside except from Dec, Jan and Feb.

Dec could be fine.

Jan and Feb are most often cold, I must be strong or I shrink from going outside.

Naturally, the exercise frequency decreases on Jan and Feb.

Even though somehow I manage to go out and run, the sweat.. it gets unbearably cold as I get warm and hot.

No way to avoid sweating anyhow. Actually that’s the main purpose of jogging. Work a sweat.

Happy if I were like this.

One of options would be a gym for three months.

There are two gyms I might be able to go, one is 800m away and other one is 1km away.

・How do I get there? On foot or by a car. I don’t have a bicycle.

・Both places don’t have a shower.

It’s hard to decide.

Either jogging outside in freezing cold.

Or go to the gym on foot / by a car. Ride on a treadmill, and change the clothes or go home in a cold sweat wear, finally take a shower at home.

I left the gym in 2017, then I became an all season outdoor jogger.

And “how-to-overcome-winter” topic always comes up in my mind around this time of year.

There is another option.

Since last winter I have been searching a manual treadmill on Amazon.com.

Amazon.jp does have some,

Like this or this

(A bit of concern is that there is no user review. )

but I prefer bigger and durable.

So I’ll buy one from Amazon.com.

For running, deck length must be 110cm or more.

Like this one, (it is not available now.)

I think I can put it next to our car space or in the backyard, that’s convenient.

Right after finish running, I can run to a hot shower and a bathtub!

Buying from overseas takes longer to receive, it’d be better decide in a couple of weeks.

Do you have any recommendations? Please let me know.

世界の平和と金木犀 ”osmanthus”


Last year’s post, about Osmanthus scent.

This morning, when I opened the window to let in the fresh air.

I realized the scent.

These past few days, as the morning air is getting cooler, the scent of osmanthus becoming more noticeable.

Wondered where it comes from, and it was actually very in front of the eyes.

For years, it’s been there at the corner of the backyard of right-behind next-door.

Our backyard and their backyard are facing each other.

Until last October, our backyard was filled with full of trees and weeds so that the osmanthus tree was invisible.

It is hard to see what is under your nose.

The idea of “how about planting one in our backyard.” comes up almost always at this time of year, because of the sweet autumn scent.

At 6:00 this morning, I had a quiet time with my morning coffee in my hand.

The cool air, the scent of osmanthus, a cup of coffee and the birds singing.

Autumn is short that is why it is precious.

This is a bigger one at the park.

2020 US elections

I love The United States. I’m Japanese though.

I just love the country, and the states I’ve visited in my life.

I’d love to take a trip someday again.

I admire the United States because of many things.

Cultural difference, celebrities, movies, fashions and this famous quote.

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” (Abraham Lincoln)

Americans are strong, bold, cool, lively and fair.


In the coming election debate, I’d like to listen them to compliment each other, the President of the United States of America and Mr. Biden.

The outdated traditional debate style, giving each other a bad character would not be accepted or appreciated by anyone.

We are already sick of COVID, we all need a cheerful positive character to lead the world recovery.

America is the number one, right?

I wish they really work on to make the country “1番” with the pride.

Once in a lifetime 2020

Experience is everything,

happiness, sadness, achievement, disapproval, enjoyment, excitement, passionate, grateful, graceful, hopeless, frustration, pleasure, pain, fatigue,

and sleepiness, too.

Even though work at home, I experience many feelings in one day.

And end of day, I am grateful and satisfied, fall sleep in 3 minutes.

Because I wake up at 5:30 for jogging.

I don’t meet people like used to, I don’t go out or can’t take a trip.

Still I’m alive and that is enough.

Life is fun if I think it’s fun,

life is hard if I think it’s hard.

If that’s the case, I prefer fun to hard.

A full of emotions under looking bored