Is lettuce being fresh?


My mom gave this to me. I was skeptical but it is actually useful.

A toothpick or two. Stick to the growing point.

This mechanism is to stop lettuce to grow by sticking toothpicks two or three to the core.

It’ll be being fresh in two weeks or longer, according to someone who has actually tried.

I’ll probably finish all before one week, then I’ll stick it to Chinese cabbage.

One door closes another door opens

2021 横浜 桜

Joining is always fun.

For example, joining to a new community or a company or a class, but when a change occurs and have to leave for move on, a farewell moment comes.

Covid-19 had changed many things, and how to earn a livelihood is one of them.

I was working for two different clients.

Client A : Client B = 70 : 30

A san notified me a contract change in last Nov. He told me a need for a serious cost reduction to survive.

for that, now I know how fortunate I was.

As later found out that for my client it’s been long and hard time.

He has been trying as much as possible to secure the job (from his clients) for his regular employees and contractors including myself.

I am not able to live only with a income from B san.

Therefore I started to do job hunting again. Since 2018.

I found a new job in Feb. It was a full time contract, no other option. I needed to terminate a contract with B san as well, because now two jobs are too much to handle.

Past two months, I did both a full time job and an accounting support job for client B san at night or during weekends.

That was hard, and finally a successor joined yesterday!!!

I’ve already delivered back PC and mobile in advance, that is a load off my mind.

now I am properly able to hand over all to her.

Now I’m at a new door and door is opening and half of my body already in the room but feel like either one of my leg still in the previous room.

In a week or so it’ll be fully settled and I’m in a new room.

In 2017, in 2021

*I might have written similar story in the past. Sorry about my bad memory in advance.

Just looking back my Photo, I found the first pic of Chobi, he was in a cat cafe that cafe I found from a shelter.

At a cat cafe. 19th June 2017

Me and my partner visited first, and next day or so I took my mom out there introducing Chobi back then his name was Nick.

Mom said Chobi is afraid of strangers he has less opportunity to be adapted so let’s take him home.

I really love mom’s way of thinking.

So we prepared a basket, a litter, dried cat foods.

And went there again.

Brought him to our house. 22nd June 2017

On the first day. In a pantry.

24th Aug 2017

24th Aug 2017.

Mom adapted G-san from one of neighbors.

In Nov 2018, there was G-san joined to our family.

He still has had two or three teeth. Later we had to remove all to protect him from inflammation of the gums.

Four years. 2017-2021.

Literally time flies by, yet our family members consist of four humans and two human like felines and we are happy.

In 2019, in 2021

Every morning is a different.

Who’s song come to mind changes based on the physical and mental conditions.

Sometimes it’s old 90s songs, sometimes songs I don’t even know the names, probably from TV or YouTube. And it tells me about my condition before I realize so, a sad song a cheerful song a fast paced song a slow song.

A light song a dense song.

I don’t search and listen the song, just use the opportunity to analyze my condition.

If sad then wait for it’s gone, because I’m happy and blessed.

If happy then try being happy as long as possible.

This morning no songs came but I had a thought of Nakamura Tetsu-san, who died of gunshot, at the age of 73 in 2019.

I sometimes think about him because he passed away in the same year with my dad, and at the same age.

May his soul and people’s souls who were with him rest in peace.

The Phantom of The Opera


It’s been a while, since the last time we visited the theater.

Now with a new normal, events are allowed under strict regulations.

Number of visitors is limited and constant ventilation is mandatory.

Visitors must wear a mask, being taken temperature at the entrance and applied sanitizer to hands.

As time went by we got used to it and so far we appreciated some events without any trouble or difficulties.

It was 2018, we went to Shibuya for The Phantom of The Opera.

we didn’t know there are two versions of it. Ken Hill version and Andrew Lloyd Webber version..

We thought it’s a Andrew’s one and it turned out to be Ken Hill version.

There was a bit of confusion and gradual acceptance that we are seeing different thing.

That was of course a wonderful work.

We enjoyed even if the songs were not familiar, as performers sang well. Live is always exciting.

And last year, we booked a concert of three artists/actors from Broadway.

They were going to sing songs in “the phantom of the opera”, but sadly that has been canceled.

New year came and I found out that “the phantom of the opera” by Gekidan Shiki, which was supposed to be by the end of 2020, is going to be continued until this August.

With a glimmer of hope, I booked tickets. It’s a Andrew’s one.

After two months, we were able to visit the theater enjoyed the opera.

The same program but never be the same, that’s because we are never be the same physically and emotionally. That what makes art worth to experience.

To me English version is more familiar, as I watched the movie in English first.

like many people I’ve been exposed to The Phantom of The Opera experience by the movie shown in 2004, and bought a DVD and watched it so many times.

Thus it always takes a moment to adjust adapt to Japanese songs and lines.

The Phantom is done by three actors for this time.

Today we had a chance to see Mr. Iwaki’s Phantom and that was a one of kind.

If there is another opportunity we’d love to visit again.

It seems the concert that had been canceled, rescheduled in this May.

Hope they will be here, but for that immigration conditions must be eased..

I’ll take a chance, wait and see for two months.

3.11 and it’s my birthday.

10 years ago, today, I was living in Nagoya.

We just moved in from Yamagata @Tohoku region where got sever damage by the earthquake.

Kansai region was one of locations didn’t get damage, and I was at home doing house chores.

And got a phone call from my husband, he is from Aomori @Tohoku, my mother in law and my brother in law were living in Aomori back then.

He said to me to turn on the tv.

As I didn’t experience any quake in Nagoya, what being shown on the tv was just so unrealistic.

He said he tried to make a phone call to his mother, my mother in law, but it’s not available both mobile and land phone.

We had to wait for a few days to reach them.

I called up to my parents who were in Yokohama. I kinda remembered that I was able to talk to my mom, since Kanto region lesser damage.

It’s been a decade.

One of my old friends told me she remembers me on this day, cause the word “3.11” is everywhere in around March every year.

For many people it’s a saddest day, yet it’s my birthday and feel gratitude for being given a life.

Mom gave me flowers, she asked me how old I became I told her I don’t remember.

Nike go flyease, hands free shoe!

This shoe Nike Go Flyease.

You just need to set a feet in a shoe, a shoe will catch your heel, and take off by holding one heel by another toe.

No need to seat or hold a rail.

Hope it’ll become one of well-sells then it’ll become a reasonable price and come in everyone’s reach.

It look so helpful, I wish it had been available for my dad.

When we went out somewhere, it was always hard to help him put on/take off shoes.

miss you dad.

Greet the spring of 2021 with a chocolate cake.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021.


This year I made a chocolate cake.

It’s delicious and of course healthy.

Used a dark chocolate and 70% cacao chocolate, pancake mix, one egg and soybean yogurt.

Simply mix all in a bowl, baked 20-30 min in the preheated 170° oven.

Not too sweet, soft cakes.


Listen to your heart.

Last night, around 23:00 there was a strong earthquake, we all woke up immediately and waited for an update of newsfeed.

It was intensity of 5 quake around Yokohama.

Yahoo map

This morning my mom mentioned about the repair that we have done lately, and how fortunate we are.

We’d have caused a trouble if the tilted water tank (weight 400kg) fall towards the aged concrete wall between our house and the next door, it would have destroyed their house.

A Biggest tank among three.

I thought it was a right timing.

Sometimes some random thought cross my mind, mostly a tiny thing and could have left and forgotten, but by taking an action at the moment, it’ll turn out to be a good result.

The repair work was not inexpensive yet it was worth to be done.