Another Meetup at Aoyama

Meetup in Wikipedia.

What a face, cat:-)

Coding alone most of the time is inevitable when you are a self taught learner, at the same time asking explanation to someone is a necessary part of learning.

If you prefer to not ask for help to someone, it’s possible by the way, your learning process will be unique and you are strengthening yourself, but it has to be slower and harder.. and lonely.

That’s sad. So I prefer joining such gatherings from time to time.

The previous Python weekly follow up on Wed was nice, but start time was bit late for me.

Today, the session started at 19:00. I took a 20 minutes walk from my office to the location. A very cozy office space was reserved.

The group welcomes beginners but everyone seemed to have some programming background.

A couple of them are working remotely for overseas companies.

One of them has written and published books about Python.

They looked like already achieved their goals.

And I was clueless and felt like I sneaked in..

How fortunate I am, could learn some coding, I was introduced some useful books, I met new people.

I spent 90 minutes chatting with one Korean American guy, one French Canadian guy, one Asian Indian lady, one Japanese guy who’s written books. A Korean guy was the funniest.

We laughed a lot. What a Happy Monday!!


Japanese traditional Izakaya menu Gyusuji-Nikomi


Gyusuji don


・Gyusuji x 800g

・Negi onion x 1

・Daikon radish x 1/2

Additional, later I found follows.

・Shiitake mushroom x 6pcs

・Carrot x 1

・Onion x 1

・Shirataki konjaku x 1


・Soy source x 70cc

・Ginger x 5cm (tube ginger paste)

・Amazake x 210cc

foil can be used to sharpen the knife.

Cutting step is the toughest part…gyusuji is tough even if it’s raw. Scissors would be better..

Gyusuji 100g=150kcal. It’s low fat, low cholesterol and rich in collagen.

Collagen is made of amino acid, and amino acid makes collagen.

I was cooking rice this morning. Brown rice x 5.5 cups, water 1,375 cc.

Low pressure 11 minuets cook time. It’s shorter than using a rice cooker.

Very quick and tasty, save our electricity bill.

Many small make a great.

A pressure cooker is really useful. I would not cook gyusuji nikomi if I don’t have it…

Boiling water beforehand, pour it to gyusuji.

An orange color kettle

Select low pressure and 20 minutes cook time. Discard cooking water with extra fat.

It’s already soft and chewy.

Add daikon radish and shiitake mushrooms.

And all the seasonings. Select low pressure, 10 minuets cook time.

Gyusuji nikomi

I added carrot, Shirataki konjaku and onion to it. Continue cooking.

A gyusuji nikomi bowl.

Drop an egg on top, sprinkle Shichimi peppers.

Bon Appetit!

A cold and recovery -without taking medicine

On Monday morning at 2:30 a.m. I woke up with shiver.

Usually when it comes to a cold I feel uncomfortable beforehand, so I could be prepared. but it was out of the blue.

On Saturday and Sunday I ran, I jogged longer than usual. I think I was physically tired. Mentally, I felt wonderful though.

The shiver was tough, I could not back to sleep because my legs and hands were too cold!

I curled up and waited out it’s subsided. 10 minutes passed it was still there, no sign to get better.

I tried to reach out my arm to grab clothes I found 1m away but I could not have enough energy to get it.

I could see it right there and I knew I needed but wasn’t feasible.

And waited another 10 minutes or so, stretching my body slowly again and again inside of futon.

I finally managed to wear the extra sweatshirt and socks.

had a glass of water.

Back to sleep, I set my alarm to 5:01 as usual it means I still had two hours.

I wasn’t sure if I could recover, just hoping and being optimistic.

And alarm went, I was sweating all over my body.

To my surprise, without medication it’s gone.

I’ll tell you little bit about a current medical practice in Japan.

In Japan we have around 8,000 hospitals, because it’s the norm to meet a doc for catching a cold or any minor symptom.
1/4 population is now over 65 years old and it’s sometimes said that those elderly people are going to hospitals or clinics for meeting their friends..

I certainly hope not that is the case.

too much tendency to dependency. I do not feel right about it.

Except influenza, measles or any contagious disease I would prefer not take medicine or meeting a doctor as mostly sick feeling would heal over time.

human body can repair itself, so how about putting more trust in spontaneous recovery capacity.

Keep my priorities straight,

・Sleep well

・Eat well

・Get physically active

and laugh a lot, play with cats.

Then I’ll acquire necessary immunity therefore no worries.

Sunbathing G-san and Chobi.

Spend a whole day with my dad

A day of a carer of PD patient.

My mom wanted a little time away from at-home-care activities.

She went to Strawberry picking together with community members, they know the situation a little so she could relax.
My brother is on business trip to Osaka, therefore I got assignment from 6:30 a.m. today.

at 6:30 a.m. arrived at my parents’s home.

– 7:30, wake up dad. serve a glass of water and a cup of coffee. spoon-feed medicines with a deglutition aid jelly. medicines start acting 10 minutes or later. collect PJ laundry, replace a bed sheet, another sheet, a chair cover all are need to be washed.

– 7:50, apply denture cream to the lower denture. Help dad to wear dentures, remind him to wait at least one minute to make it stable.

– 8:00 Breakfast. serve riceballs and spoon feed yogurt. I eat rice balls with him. Mom’s rice balls.

about one hour spend. Talking and spoon feeding, keep waking up dad. Mostly poking.

– 9:00 do the first laundry. clean a cat litter box. feed the cats.

– have dad move to sofa. normally dad falls into a nap right after eating. take out his lower denture, remove the remaining denture cream and clean it and dry it keep it until lunch.

– 10:00 hanging out laundry, do the second laundry. prepare lunch and sweets

– write a blog and watch Python course on youtube

– 11:00 hanging out laundry. wake up dad from his nap. serve a glass of water and Coca-Cola, he loves cocacola but he needs to pay attention to diabetes. give medicines with a deglutition aid jelly.

– 11:30 apply denture cream to the lower denture. help him wear it. remind him to wait for a couple of min. otherwise the lower denture comes off and has to stop eating.

– 12:00 Lunch. serve shrimp wonton soup rice and yogurt. spoon feed. I eat same soup with dad.

– 13:30 have dad move to sofa. take off the lower denture. dad took a nap.

– 14:30 dad woke up. Help change his underwear. Dad watch TV. give medicine with jelly.

– 15:00 snack time. set the lower denture. serve Azuki zenzai. spoon feed.

– dad starts moving around. Don’t listen and fall.

– suddenly curry-rice request from dad. Quick prep and spoon feed.

– 16:30 dad watch TV. I take break.

– I took super quick shower as I didn’t have time this morning

– 17:00 again dad falls at the entrance.

He comes up the idea going shopping for tobacco which he quit almost three years ago, as he started falling sleep while smoking.

He burned what he was wearing several times. Got holes on his PJ.

somehow at evening he wants to go out. mostly to the store near home.

– 17:45 still mom is not home.

– 18:00 Dinner. curry-rice he left at 15:00, and pudding.

spend one hour

– 19:00 finish dinner. take off both dentures. clean them up. give evening medicines.

dad watches TV

– 19:30 mom is home.

– 20:30 or so, mom gives dad another medicines for good night sleep.

That’s the normal Sundays, Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Mom handles everything by herself. I visit once or twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays dad is at a daycare facility from 8:30 – 18:00.

Between meals his condition is hazy. He tells date and time incorrectly and his eyes closed, because he is too sleepy and heavy-eyed.

I can communicate with him while he’s eating.

Only if we could observe and support him 24 hours, or 12 hours while he is awake, we could lead a nearly normal life.

Wish if we have clone mom and clone me.


Cats are good at healing us with their existence.

I’m so grateful when I find Chobi comes exploring to dad’s room.

Dad sees optical illusion, sometime it’s cats. But he can recognize Chobi as real one. He smiles at Chobi.

2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

The orientation session
@Tokyo sports square

It’s been five months since my application to 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in last Oct (here).

This orientation I attended yesterday has started last month, and will continue by Sep.

The steering committee would cover from Hokkaido at north region to Kyushu st south region.

After meet all of volunteer applicants, they’ll put the right person to the right place.

We as applicants will be informed the match-up results.


Still many things are not revealed.

Due to confidentiality, also some has not decided yet as discussion’s on going.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to hearing from the committee yes/no.
Either way, people I met yesterday some will be actually assigned to volunteer roles, the idea excites me.

In April, Japanese traditional era name changes from Heisei 平成 to the new one.

The present Emperor and Empress will abdicate in favor of Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

In May, the new era will officially begin.

All of us living in Japan will be needing time to adjust.

in time, September will come.

Chobi is G-san’s buddy, sunbathing together.