Go watch golf, 6/18/2022

For the first time, we go watch golf to Chiba. There is this LPGA tournament from yesterday through Sunday.

We’ll watch a third day competition tomorrow.

Since last Oct, my partner has incorporated a golf into his daily life.

He’s improved a lot. Now he hits a 200 yards drive.

And I joined, I started going with him from last year end? it was freezing cold, I was wearing Ugg boots and a down jacket.

it’s been six months. Winter ended, spring has come and gone, now it’s getting humid and hot.

And this morning I hit a 150 yards drive.

At first, it was #8 iron. Then moved to his utility club. And recently he bought me a #1 driver from a second hand auction site.

We’ve been practicing three times a week since last month. I think I’ve hit (sometimes simply dump) more than 1,000 balls.

Golf is fun, I didn’t know or didn’t even imagine if I’d ever play golf.

A driver I’m currently practicing is a good one, and I’m the one who is wasting its ability. Therefore I must learn how to use it correctly by watching professional golf players.

Feeling good when hit good

How to spend every moment without being lost in busyness

To enjoy daily life, I do pay attention to my routines. And do other necessary things as little as possible, besides my work.

I have a friend who works less and spend time with her dog at home as much as possible. And her husband happened to be one of work-from-home people due to Covid, now she is spending most of her time with her family at home.

She is the first person let me have an idea working from home to secure time for myself. And she’s been my role model for more than 10 years to such lifestyle.

I and my partner moved to my parents house in 2019, after my dad has passed away.

And in Feb of 2020, there Covid-19 has emerged, in Apr we both started work from home it’s been staying until today.

To be honest, I have not much friends from the beginning since I got married in my thirties. I was busy with my work and busy being a wife as well so my life became less out going lifestyle for years.

I used to like going out, shopping, hanging around with my friends.

Had many trips to overseas, Onsen hot springs around home, eating out or just hanging around with them all day in my twenties. I spent healthy twenties that left me a lot of funny memories.

Maybe for that reason and for my age, without any frustration I was able to transfer to a new normal life.

Staying at home 24/7 with my family did not cause any issues.

If I love going out very much, then staying at home for one year or years would have suffocated me, fortunately it didn’t.

Likewise my mom is not much outgoing so is my partner.

Interestingly my older brother is very sociable and loves going out. He prefers going back to a normal life of Before-Covid.

Sometimes we do going out, going to a driving range, watching a baseball game, a rugby game, a sumo.

A night game on Friday.
Opening day of sumo in May

But mostly simple living, a bit of exercise, eat well, sleep well, enjoy bath and reading books.
I read same book to remind myself that I’m never the same.

We are never the same therefore every day is different even if doing routine things.

I have written it several times in the past, by doing same things every day I can learn that I am different every day.

This morning we woke up at 4:50 to go our favorite driving range, surprisingly there were already too many golf lovers. We were shocked but anyway grabbed clubs and ran to the second floor looking for a seat or seats for two of us.

When we almost lost our hope, a gentleman right in font where we were standing said to us that he’s finished so we can take his place.

We thanked him a couple times.

That small kindness gave us chance to enjoy one hour practice together.

When I was younger I was almost always looking for a new thing new place something new, as I was thinking new things are better things. Now I can find new within my familiar daily life. Growing old is not so bad it taught me to be comfortable with what I do have.

Tomorrow is Monday, used to be it felt sad, now I think myself lucky that I have a job.

Next weekend I’ll be pruning hydrangeas in the backyard for mom, so that we can enjoy flowers in next rain season also.

Potato dumpling

Potato dumpling is one of Japanese Izakaya’ or Yakitori-ya’ popular menus

芋団子 this is how to write in Chinese-character

Easy and tasty

The recipe is on YouTube.

It’ll explain everything, so I omit a recipe. When you have more than five potatoes please try this. It’s Oishi 美味しい

For the purpose of searching a learning method of something YouTube is just really worthy.

I use it for cooking, coding and programming videos.

A picture paints a thousand words then video tells a million words.

Many information it can provide at once, that’s why it should be less than 8 minutes if it needs to be watched to the end.

I like this person’s videos,

Apron making a big potato dumpling

it is always simple, easy to try by myself, kind and funny.

Humor is must have.

Though I’m not sure if the nuance of what is funny about the channel is understood as it’s intended when you watch it.

It calms me down, and gives a giggle every time I watch,

even if I watch same video many times it never fails giving me a giggle again and again.

Happy Friday!

Golden Week holiday in 2022

Wake-up at 5:00 and go for a jogging, or go to a driving range.

This year’s so called “Golden Week” holiday is from 29th April through 8th May, if you take a day off on the 2nd and 6th May.

Both of us are work on 6th May.

Yet it’s long enough to enjoy whatever we’d like to do around home.

Many people would go domestic travels this year, it’s been a first time without any restrictions since the Covid spread in 2020.

There have been no GW, no Obon, no Christmas, and no new year gatherings for the past two years.

Since we love to play in places with less people by our nature, our holiday is spent on a driving range close to our house.

It opens at 4:30.


Right. 4:30 in the morning.

So, when we arrive at 7:00 there are already many people enjoying golfing.

The system in a place is simple, secure a seat (space?) and purchase balls. 80 balls to 1,000 yen.

We just keep swinging those 80 balls. After finish it, if we want more, then purchase one more set and share.

About an hour we enjoy our practices, and leave.

When we are home, Chobi is on a chair glooming.


April is being hotter than used to be

Monday break

Really hot for us but he looks happy
At last he’s got hot
Transmitting heat to the floor
And hid in the shade

I went shopping at lunchtime just now, it was hot like summer.

Every year a seasonal transition becomes quicker and there were not long enough rainy seasons for the past several years. hydrangeas in the backyard didn’t bloom last year.

Hope they would come out this year.

Eyestrain relief

Find a way to rest eyes is not easy.

Except being in sleep, I’m always looking at something restlessly. During daytime I try looking up the sky to rest my eyes still I’m looking at the sky.

PC, smartphone, books, TV.

Or things for meal prep, doing dishes, laundry.

Eyes are working without break.

As a result, I felt some strange feeling in my eyes, fatigue and strain behind eyeballs.

I tried a warm wet towel, it worked well.

Just soak a towel well, squeeze moisture a bit, and put it into microwave warm for 30 seconds.

And cover eyes until the towel gets cold.


Also there are a variety of products for eyestrain relief, today my partner gave me one of those.

warm and gentle

It becomes warm when I opened a plastic bag. An oxidation, maybe?

Found the explanation for its mechanism.

There are five ingredients: iron powder, water, water retention agent, activated charcoal, and salt. These are placed in a “non-woven bag.” Here

It is warm for 20 minutes, so I sit on a massage chair, did massage cover my eyes with these masks.

After a while around my eyes become warm and moist. Muscle around eyes have been softened.

Maybe sunlight is one of reasons for sore eyes. I’ll take a break in every 60 minutes, close my eyes instead of looking at the sky tomorrow. Will see if eyesight gets better or so.

Take me out to the rugby game.

The stadium we visited today, was one of main venues when Japan held 2019 Rugby World Cup.

It is “Nissan Stadium” near Shin-yokohama station known for Shinkansen train 🚅.

We were not able to go any games back in 2019.

It’s was World Cup, many people around the world have come watch the games.

Instead we explored around the stadium, the day Ireland played Scotland. It was fun! Here

Since then watching a rugby game on TV has become a part of our life.

And from this year, a new league system introduced to Japan Rugby. Japan Rugby League ONE.

Finally we were able to go watch a game today, CANON played PANASONIC.

Horie-san, who was a member of Japan Rugby team in 2019.

The atmosphere was different from baseball or sumo.

I was surprised by well-behaved fans and staffs, really amazed.

People in the stadium were quiet but cheering passionately with clap their hands.

There were only 8,000 for a venue with 70,000 capacity, you can picture the place with very few people. I hope there are more attendees next time we go.

Horie-san! he makes the team’s mood upward.