Appreciate my health when I get sick

Last weekend we went out watching a rugby game. It was cold outside, I think 6,7 degrees.

We both got our warm down jackets however it was really unbearably cold. I bought a blanket that helped us for the second half.

I think since then my partner got a little cold, and I got it too from yesterday or day before.

It always occurs to me when I get sick, how lucky I am to have strong body. And regret that I was not pay proper attention to maintain, myself.

Now one of my family got Covid, even we live totally separate rooms, I had to worry about infection. Did a antigen test and it was negative.

Still, having fever and sore throat are not happy. Maybe the air outside and inside are too dry this winter. I’m hanging wet towels as much as I can it’ll supply humidity.

You too, take care of yourself. Health is not guaranteed, tomorrow’s health depends on how you live today.

Have a wonderful dinner!


Rugby Would Cup 2023

This year RWC is going to be held in France 🇫🇷.

It was in Japan in 2019. Already next RWC, how fast the time flies.

In Japan there was a huge boom in rugby in my parents era, but I think it’s been faded by the time I was small. I’ve never thought or had chance to watch rugby in my life.

I was more fond of soccer, baseball, and Sumo.

My parents love rugby and mom told me they went watching rugby matches even during very cold winter.

Things would have been different if they brought me to the field when I was small. What you are exposed to when you are small influences very long time.

So, rugby was always right there, and by the 2019’ RWC finally it’s become one of options when you look for some sports as entertainment. Some people who really wanted to make it one of mainstream sports have seriously started working on it.

The opportunity holding the event that attracts people from all over the world also attracted Japanese who know but didn’t have particular interest in it.

In 2021, a new rugby league was established, and searching and booking a game have become easier.

Eagles at Green Rockets

Yesterday we went to watch Canon Eagles vs NEC Green-rockets match.

It was cold outside, better had some blankets and hot drinks.

François “Faf” de Klerk from South Africa is in Canon this year.

We are so happy to see him play. Once he is in the field, the game changes immediately. It’s really obvious even I know only a little about rugby.

Somehow his passes go through and speed up the game. He is fast and his presence is eye catching.

Let’s bring more fans!!

We were freezing while players were sweating and steam rising above them.

Canon won the game, NEC put up a brave fight though. They’ll come back to the same field in Feb we’ll be there too. Can’t miss as this venue is probably the smallest capacity field for a professional rugby game, we can see the play from very close distance.

See how close they were!

Hope to visit France for the rugby games. Months will pass and summer will be here soon.

Happy New Year 🐇

Let the old year end and the New Year begin with the warmest of aspirations. Happy New Year!

Choro is growing fast

My dad used to tell me that when my dad’s dad, my grandpa alive my dad took grandpa and grandma for a drive, back then camcorder was booming and my dad bought one for making memories of his parents.

My dad was a oldest son and really close to my grandparents.

We were living together where my grandpa had built a house when he was still a single young man, later my grandma married to him and started living, then my dad was born so were two of my aunts, my dad’s sisters.

Where we are living now is purely on e of my grandpa’s assets. I really appreciate it.

Back to the camcorder, my dad made some videos, but once grandpa passed away my dad stopped watching.

Making video by ourselves was not ordinary thing in 1980s. My dad said he didn’t think much about what those videos can do in a pleasant way also in a sad way.

Even my dad was in his 40s, he was still a son and a boy of my grandparents. In those video he could see grandpa is moving and talking that make him sad.

When I make videos that mostly my cats, this dad’s story often comes back to me.

Like Choro he came join our family, getting bigger and bigger every day.

I must think of how faster our cats growing, need to understand and accept the law of nature. Above all I appreciate and take care of them with responsibility.

A new year is filled with possibilities, so dream big and believe in yourself this year 🐇

Every day is a new day and comes only once, live fullest no procrastination no regret and most importantly have fun!

The father – movie

Now Hannibal is in his 80s. 傘寿

Many people know the actor Anthony Hopkins for his role in Hannibal movies. And it’s a movie review of the actor, played a regular person, a father.

The father

actually I haven’t watched it yet.

There are several reasons I chose this;

I love Anthony Hopkins since the movie “Hannibal”.

He is actually in his 80s means he is actually living life just like this movie. And,

This is about dementia

He reminds me of my dad

My dad was Parkinson’s disease, and he was having some symptoms of dementia too. He died at the age of 73 so I don’t know what it’s like if he is still here and lived in his 80s. I wanted to learn that through the movie.

It’s on my Amazon prime watchlist. First, it is a serious theme for me at least, I need time and space to be immersed in the story.

Have you watched? If you have, I’d be thankful hearing from you for what you thought about. Or if you are interested in, what interests you?

Thinking about adopting a cat, and he came.

A photo on the top is Chobi about 12 months old.

Chobi today
Welcome Tiger~

UPDATE from here —- Today we went to pick him up, and until now mom enjoyed playing with him.

It’s been some decades since the last time we had kittens.

G-san got along with Tiger very quickly, and Chobi is still observing from distance away. Hope he’ll let his guard down.

The other day, my mother said she would love to have a kitten from a shelter if she has a chance.

We have two cats, one is G-san he is over 10 years old, and the other one Chobi he is 6 years old.

Our concern is Chobi likes to play, he is fast and strong.

He tries to play with G-san, G-san loves napping all the time except eating so ignores Chobi, and Chobi bites G-san, G-san screams, and we interrupt Chobi.

G-san is frozen with shock. We comfort him by stroking. It’s happening daily.

We talk to Chobi not to, but Chobi keeps doing the same.

G-san looks terrible every time after he is bitten.

That was early this month.

I started checking on the web, a shelter where we have found Chobi, other shelters, and a new place that is holding an even for cats adoption, only three stations away from home.

So I went there, see if there is any kitten we are able to adopt.

And there were five three months old kittens. I left my request for one of them, a boy who meowed me.

His name is a “Sandal”

I didn’t know a three months old cat is almost same size as a grown cat.

Once ago, one of our cats gave a birth to three kittens in the washroom. So we know how small a new born kitten is. It was really small, it was palm size.

we kept two of them and one cat was adopted by mom’s friend. They lived long with us.

Maybe, one day if we keep waiting there will be a day to have a chance for a new born kitten, however there are many a few months old kittens looking for a home so why do we have to wait.

I told mom and my older brother about “Sandal”. They are glad and welcoming.

We’ll hear from the shelter by next Thursday, they are checking our environment is secure and good for a kitten.

AI helps making academic paper and the paper is summarized by AI

Is my understanding correct? Why it’s necessary to run AI to increase a volume of paper if AI will decrease it later on. a pure curiosity. Maybe its conventional custom.