Orange Osmanthus oncoming

Scent of autumn.

Look around and found the tree yesterday.


Sweet scent from those orange flowers.


Air is getting cooler day by day.

I could follow the scent to search where it comes from. One of pleasures of this time of the year.


RWC 2019 and Typhoon#19

If you, a friend or someone you care is being in Japan, it’s necessary stay indoors not to go out tomorrow through Sunday morning.

Buy a bottle of water (2L per person/d), keep the bathwater in the tub, find a flashlight, matches and candles.



Most of public transit, bullet train and probably airport will get impact.

It’s very unfortunate and I regret it.

Still as RWC Committee announced, safety is utmost priority.

Where there is life, there is hope.

I’ve experienced huge typhoon twice in my life.

Once in Guam and other one in New York while traveling.

In both cases, airport destroyed and could take flight days later from the original flight schedule.

Pongsona in Guam, what I recall first is washed my hair at the broken water pipe on the street. It was hot, humid, and developped itchy.

while we were in the eye of the storm, We stayed on B1F, all sit on the floor through the night.

Water stopped, power outage, public transportation was not available. Lights had fallen at many intersections.

Mom and I, our hotel room was on 18F, the hotel served a meal several times a day so I took stairs from 18F to the entrance floor and back to 18F holding two meals and water bottles for two.

To flush the toilet, I drew seawater from the hotel pool at 1F, using a garbage box installed to our room.

It was early 2000, the Internet environment was not like now, we all had to wait for announcements and guidance given from the travel agency.

Sandy in New York, I followed my husband’s business trip to New Jersey.

We did sightseeing during the first few days. We knew hurricane is moving toward the city.

The city had taken measures prior, that saved us from many could-have-faced problems.

When we returned to the hotel in New Jersey, we were ordered to move to another hotel where supposed to be safer.

It was snowing outside. I saw a squirrel on the tree and a deer freely walking in a parking lot.

Date, time odds for 3 Nov 2012

News report


At night

By midnight power was down and we stayed in front of the fireplace with other guests.

Next morning we found out that JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty all of airports were devastated by the destructive storm.

Flight schedule had to change. I think two days just waited.

Day three or so I could take flight somehow to Seattle.

Waited a half day, and finally took flight to Narita Tokyo.


Natural disaster we cannot fight, heed the wisdom and wait out the typhoon is pass.


This summer was crazy hot and it lasted longer than usual.

Removed weeds myself twice, but that’s not enough. so here it is.

It looked overgrown and over my head.



We made a reservation to a one of landscape gardeners close to home, it was in Sep, there are too many bookings more than they can handle at that time, and we were in queue for a month.






Develop an openness

I got an email from Amazon regarding information leak.

Got little worried and contacted to Amazon customer service.

The person answered my chat said he/she is not in charge of the issue, it’ll be transferred to an another customer support team.

I asked to distribute my inquiries to the customer support team,

that I’m worried and I’d like to know if there is any possible access during the time my ID was visible to other people.

Also to the explanation “Amazon has taken measures for preventing recurrence, I’d like to know more details.

What I received was the same email, a brief version.

I love Amazon, it’s hard to imagine living without it.

But they should know how huge they are and how many customers they are holding. I’m just a ordinary person but it doesn’t mean my ID can be a tiny sacrifice for Amazon.

I’m sad.

Could be our third cat.

We had a guest cat.



Finally, awakened.

It’s day before yesterday.

Sadly we don’t see outdoor cats like used to these days.

It’s not accepted feeding outdoor cats in a parking lot any more, if I do I’ll probably get sued by a neighbor.

Hope he’ll be able to feel safe out there.

Another masterpiece

Continuing from my previous blog about oil painting.

We purchased beautiful masterpiece it’s a Claude Monet.

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk

Next to Van Gogh, Monet is in the sun.

No TV, no music, just seeing paintings.