Pizza Margherita and Teriyaki chicken⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sorry, I don’t make dough..

Pizza Margherita

・Mini tomato x 10 pcs

・Tomato source *whatever you like

・Zucchini x 1/2 pc

・Mozzarella cheese x 50 g

・Sliced Cheese x 2 slices

・Fresh basil x 10 leaves

Dip sauce, place zucchini, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, sliced cheese

Bake 6 to 7 minutes in the ovene

Top basil leaves on before serve

Teriyaki and Margherita

Teriyaki chicken

・Homemade chicken ham Here

I grilled chicken with sweet soy sauce (Soy sauce, honey and a bit of salt.) ,a tasty teriyaki chicken.

・Green onion

・Tarako (salted cod roe)

・Potato -cut into sticks as thin as possible


・Sake a bit -mix tarako and sake to make it a sauce

・Dried seaweed

Dip sauce, place potatoes, dip tarako sauce, put sliced green onion, sliced cheese.
Bake 7 to 8 minutes in the oven

Place shredded chicken, bake 4 to 5 minutese

Top dried seaweed on before serve.
Its smell really appreciates somehow.




Easy Juicy Tender Shredded Chicken

If you look after your physical condition, you do regular exercises.
And you’re probably paying attention to what to eat.

Which better nutrition, less fat and budget friendly food. It’s chicken.

We have a supermarket 1 min away from our apartment they sell cooking ingredients and foodstuffs at a bargain price.

Now I cook chicken ham twice a week. I use ham as a salad topper, a pizza, a pasta, for anything.

Chicken breast ham

・Skinless chicken breast -320g, 270g

・Brown sugar x 1tsp /per side

・Crazy salt -a bit

・Sake x 2tbs for each

・Plastic bag x 2

320g and 270g

59jpy /100g

Good deal.

Open it up, and

Stick it with a fork on both sides

Which is which? Back? Front?

Apply sugar, and salt.

1st, sugar

2nd, salt

Put it into a plastic bag, one by one

Pour sake


Let it sit in a fridge 3-4 days.

It’s better warm to room temperature before cook.

・Grill 5 minutes and 30 seconds each side.

・Let it cool, remove its heat.

Juicy tender chicken needs moisture, it’s better avoid cutting right after cook.

Based on my experience, I believe its moisture goes away with steam.

・Shred by forks along its muscle fibers.

I’ll blog a cooking phase later this week!

Wait for someone or have someone waiting

Of course it depends on the situation at the given time.

I’ve been on a “wait for someone” side for the past decade.

When I was small, it was still the norm that most of housewives were at home waiting for children.

I’ve never needed to lock or unlock the door.

The circumstance of my upbringing would be a reason that I am not bothered waiting for someone at home.

Moreover, my partner would like me to wait for him. It’s unspoken but I feel it.

Man or woman, which waits for which, it does not matter. Only it matters to find the right partner to be with.

And it’d be another story, but now both housework; clean the house, prepare meals, laundry, dishes and more,

and work to earn a livelihood.

Both can be done at home.

What a wonderful benefit from IT age.

I hope more and more people to have room for choice in when and where about a job.

As spending time and energy on to&from work is not necessary in many cases. It can change.

Especially, during extreme heat like this time of year..

It’s 35 degrees outside. The room temperature was 30 degrees yesterday.

I used a fan.

What work at home looks like

Saving time for housework by WAH.

横浜 アットホームコワーキングスペース

真正実家シェアオフィス計画 Planning to make over my parent’s home to a share office

English follows..



My parents home is in a convenient area in Yokohama.

I’m living only a few stations away. I go there two to three days a week, and do my “work-at-home” at my parent’s home.




I’m a family of four, my mom, my dad, cats and my older brother who is super busy and actual homeowner.

While I’m working, my mom talks to me freely. Just like the old days.

I felt she needs someone to talk.





Yesterday, I was working at a living room table. One of my friends flashed into my mind, she’s been working at home years earlier.

I’ve first met here about a decade ago. She is a person I am able to relax together. And my mom knows her as well.

Wondering if I asked her she’d come join us. That would be fun.

Then I had a thought, maybe there would be homeworkers who are not so sociable but would not be bothered a sign of life. Those kind of people might be able to enjoy joining us.



I think the reason of a share office works out well is because individuals are doing their own jobs and there is no practical relationship each other. Feel comfortable being in the same room.











Amenities available;

・A wall socket

・Coffee and snacks

・WiFi- not super fast but fast enough. Still a room for improvement

・A full color printer

・A shredder

・Cats to play with

・A bathroom

・A smoking space

Look like it’s covering quite good.




These days can’t ignore security, sometimes it requires paper and ID to get in.

Instead, I prefer it to be expanded via word of mouth through my existing connections. I’ll welcome referrals.

I believe there is someone who has different opinion and way of thinking one in ten statistically. So just leave as is.






When I was small, my house was like a dorm for young sandlot baseball team members. We did not lock our door and members just come in as they like. So did cats.

At weekends, those people got drunk, fell sleep and lied on the floor. At midnight, they got confused and made a mess. I’ve seen stuff a lot. And I love these memories.



Of course troubles are better not to come, but I think fun and interesting thing come along with certain amount of trouble.

My intention is not exactly supporting each other but would be wonderful if I can offer cozy space with a little social experience.


Moreover, if out cats allow I’d like to have one shiba-inu and one hedgehog. They’ll walking around us, make us happy.






You liar!!

What actually lies beneath?

If you receive an email from just like me, no need to worry about.

It looks like this.

A phishing email.

Check the sender details.

And the attached PDF looks like this.

Don’t click the link.

It’s phishing. Do not clink the link, just trash it permanently.

Have a wonder Friday!