Dessin (drawing)

Now, with Covid there is some time to spare on my hand that allowed me to take an art class.

Left done by a teacher, right me.

Even if it’s in monotone, it looks like an apple. Drawing done by a teacher.

She has finished this within a few minutes.


These days, being at home all weekdays staring at screens on mobile and pc.

So that, taking a lesson and focusing on dessin an hour was really a good change.

I’ve never looked at an apple with so much effort. And my right arm tired from holding a pencil. Interesting experience.

It might be a common-knowledge.

But recently I heard a story for the first time, it was about three kinds to be recommended as a hobby.

One– physical activities.

Two– creative activities.

Three– learning.

Or other expressions I’ve seen were acquiring skills or making money etc.

E.g. Drawing is a creative work. writing blog is a creative work. Jogging is a physical activity and programming is a learning.

How about you? in good balance?

I hope so!

Living with Covid.

Finally my mother received her 1st Covid shot today.

I can never thank enough to people who developed the vaccine, delivered to the clinic, and doctor and nurse to gave a shot.

A clinic where my mom usually visits for prescription drugs, the place started to support a vaccination for people aged 65 or older living nearby.

Also near future vaccination will be extended to the rest of population.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at home x 350

we will order in once a month or every other month, therefore I can say I’ll cook meals for 350 days.

Breakfast is easy, pancakes or smoothies. Only I need shopping for groceries to keep fresh fruits and veggies in a fridge.

Lunch, eat anything available myself.

For my partner, omelette, rice balls, pasta, or anything I can cook and leave for him. Unlike me his lunch break is not 12:00-13:00, so it needs something like bento style.

Ramen or such need to eat soon are excluded, those would change the form in time.

And dinner, cook something we would like to eat, and have it at a dinner table.


smoothies for breakfast;

Apple, banana, spinach, Japanese mustard spinach and 1scoop of soy protein.

Rice balls for lunch;

Four rice balls wrapped in boneless rib lean beef. Grill the balls on a pan, flavor with Teriyaki sauce.

Next, dinner.

Thinking about recipes (and groceries) throughout the day.

In the morning, out for a jogging and bath and shopping. Come back home, cook, work, cook, work, cook, sleep……..

I do follow the same routine every day. It is fun, happy and I’m content.

That is because I have enough time in hand.

Housework will never end automatically, then time in hand is important to enjoy the necessary thing to be done.

Let me share about “work in the office” culture, here in Japan.

It’s my personal opinion, based on my personal experience.

Colleagues who have IT literacy are mostly happy with Work From Home,

Other colleagues who contact helpdesk often and have less IT literacy prefer going to the office.

Latter colleagues like chatting, a meeting and paper-based materials.

It’s nothing to do with the age.

Some senior colleagues I know were actually good at mastering a new gadget and device. They read novels on kindle, play Pokémon, utilize iPad and more.

And these days, at least you know how to use Google then technology related questions are answered by YouTube or people’s blogs.

I think it’s about curiosity. No need to become an expert, just need to be curious and to not be lazy to think, search and find the solution. It’s actually fun.

Back to “time in hand”,

Roughly estimated, when we go to the office every day, we’ll spend 90 min for TO + 90 min for FROM.

180 min, 3 hours only for commuting. In a packed train or traffic.

In 2011, I was working as a regular office worker and the company allowed me to work from home right after the earthquake, then for the bad weather, or simply when it’s needed. There is such flexible company existing, hope others to follow suit.

Honestly, when the work can be done with PC there is no point consuming three hours out of our limited lifetime for commuting purpose only.

It also leaves unnecessary stress more or less. In the worse case, it causes an argument, an injury case, spy cam etc.

Requiring employees to be in the office just because there is an office should be reconsidered.

For people who prefer the office as their workplace, make it available after releasing extra floors to a office lent agency.

For the others, allow Work From Home, please.

No need to monitor/obverse “active status” of employees, it can be done by apps. Ask IT administrators in the company to extract a status log.

or using a bot to throw a quick random survey once a day, just checking who is working fine who is not so fine.

E.g. Windows has teams, Mac accepts slack, it shows green or yellow or more, as being in front of the pc or away for errands,

or Google hangouts for google account holders.

Messaging is quick, easy, short unlike emails. Time saving in both sides.

In addition, when the office workers stopped commuting, there would be an enough easy-to-breath, comfortable space in trains and highways for people who need to be on site.

W/ or w/o Covid, Work From Anywhere should be adopted to more broaden industries.

COVID-19 vaccine

found a white cat was hanging around the neighborhood.

I called and called but never went through.

and it’s been fully booked again.

It says “it’s closed 終了“.

A booking system also does not work.

There is no “○ available” days at all.
Tried click on dates, it says “that date is not available”.

This is the current situation, I did this for my mother as she can’t do this by herself it’s too complicated.

It’s been a year, so not much difference if it to be extended a few more months. We’ll be patient.

Can’t help a giggle.

This morning Chobi was on the IKEA chair. at 6:00.

While I was having a 🛁 I could hear he was running upstairs, running down stairs to the 1st floor and running around in the living room.

When I got out he was calm and looked like pretending nothing has happened.


The other nights he “meowed” in the midnight or the early morning at around 3:00 or 4:00.

Called us to play with him.

It’s kinda understandable that he wants to play sometime, since G-san doesn’t have such energy, Chobi needs someone else to play with him.

At 10:00 I came upstairs, start working, he was on the mat of my temporary workplace.


Intention or innocence.


Yokohama city municipal office started a vaccine reception since 11th May.

my mom is being included within the range.

This Monday was a second reception of a large number of vaccine booking, but it’s been fully booked before I secure one.

Not sure when it’d actually be available to my mother, hopefully within this year..

Smartphone thumb

Are your thumbs okay? Mines are not okay.

I gave up and since yesterday applied Felbinac tape to both thumbs.

Felbinac フェルビナク

Hope it will help recover the pain.

I’m writing this blog with my iPhone by holding it on my left hand and click with my right hand forefinger and middle finger.

When working in the office, there was less chance to touch iPhone.

Now almost all the time I can use it. From morning to sleep.


What if the Olympics Paralympics venue were the US.

Or if it were the UK.

The pic above is for a repayment of a marathon race that has been moved to Hokkaido from Tokyo, seeking cooler environment.

Japan does not have authority to cancel 2020 Tokyo Olympics Paralympics which is well known fact.

Yet Japanese government can insist its opinion for a cancellation if being aware the necessity.

I think the reason it’s not called off because some Japanese people want to make it happen so badly.

Who may strongly focus on Olympic and Paralympic to be held in Japan again since 1964.

It’s so sad every time watching or hearing stories of athletes suffering pressure from performance quality and concerns of Covid-19.

Olympic and Paralympic should be postponed again, until everyone is safe and sound without a mask and hand wash.

We are being in the middle of COVID spread so long, we are numbed with the situation, but I can feel that here is not safe these days as a COVID-19 stronger variant is everywhere in Japan.