Compare 2020 and 2021

Just like December, Jan ends instantly. It’s already 17th.

Last Feb we went to Okinawa. Now I see how reckless it was, but we didn’t think corona may have devastated the world this much.

Okinawa baseball camp 2020

One year ago, we were wearing masks.

There wasn’t strong “social distancing” concept yet, but we were putting masks on, washed our hands, and applied hygienic handrub anytime we see the stand.

and it’s 2021, 365 days later, there is still no sign of lowering the number of infection.

It looks like worsening. I don’t hear any news of slowing down, even after a state of emergency declared.

We have given up things which used to be allowed, gradually we have gotten used to it.

And probably we have to give up more things from now on.

I watch news on TV every day, Japanese news, BBC, CNN.

Read news articles on the Internet.

A shocking sight can only give an impact a few times, and it’d ease up with time.

Our minds have become numb with coronavirus.

Where did this come from and where will this go away and when.

In February, Japanese Professional Baseball team Dena Baystars will hold its regular Spring Camp in Okinawa.

A Beautiful inlet

We are hoping to join again, if circumstance allows after the state of emergency ends.

I know there would be a very tiny possibility.

But our daily activities are the flow of blood when I see a country of Japan as a giant person. It’s important to keep it flow.

What I can do is protect myself and others, don’t get caught by Covid-19 while outing.

To do so I’ll behave myself, pay maximum attention to public hygiene.

No eat out, but eat in.

Wish the restaurant had survived the recession.

A hedge between keeps friendship green

Currently we are repairing a wall between our house and a next door on the left.

The wall made by block was 80 years old or older, and started collapsing from the side facing to the left side neighbor, so we had to rebuild as soon as possible.

It was fortunate that we were notified the situation before it’s actually fully collapsed.

A wall

In Japan, maintaining a clear border around the house is important to avoid troubles between next doors.

Even if we think we are getting on well each other, when one house causes a trouble implied complaint or discontent suddenly appears.

We are sensitive to infringement of our private property, regardless of the degree and intention.

One day in last Nov, I realized my room’s hot water supply(1) was broken. I told my mom, she said I should call an appliance store man who we know quite long time, we may call him dad’s old friend.

We know him for 30 years or so. He attended my dad’s funeral.

He is really kind and has good footwork. I wasn’t surprised that he visited our house on the next day.

He looked around and mentioned about the other hot water supply(2) is tilted a bit to the next door.

Right. I said I know, I’m aware.

Until that moment I didn’t think much about a risk of it.

waiting for the new base to be dried.

He said it’s better fix the concrete base for (2).

the water tank weighs 400kg it might fall to the next door if there is an earthquake..

He’s happened to had a similar work recently for another customer.

Based on the advice, we next called our housing manufacturer that has built our house. They investigate and provide us an estimation for a base and a water supply task, and schedule.

When they came they pointed out the wall condition is also not okay.

All checking and planning took a month.

My hot water supply (1) has been working fine.

and finally the construction has begun.

On day1, (1) removed and replaced, (2) temporary removed and a concrete base fixed.

On day2, removal of the wall.

On day3, continue the removal and a preparation of fence poles.

On the day2, Japan declared a state of emergency..

For today and tomorrow, the construction halt as the concrete needs to be dried.

the remaining work will be done on next week.

I met neighbors on our left and right in the morning of day3.

First I deeply bowed and apologized the noise and trouble we have caused so far, and asked for their patience a few more days.

This is seriously important to express that we are fully responsible for the trouble.

Straightforward, sincere, genuine word from the heart and say “sorry for the trouble”.

Otherwise they may feel ignored and our attitude will be taken “disrespectful”.

(we can not expect them to understand what we think without actually saying.)

I think neighborhood is one of “common destiny” whether like it or not.

It’s a secondary community next to family.

Unlike family, neighbors can change by changing where to live,

but once becomes adult it’s not easy like it was used to be,

therefore shifting to get along with the neighbors.

Always be nice and patient, say hello whenever we meet.

I often talk to elder neighbors who live alone. we have four, five of them around.

Talking, laughing together and caring for them like I care my mom.

We do think differently, love different things, yet we can live together if we breathe before speak and speak kindly, don’t put own favor first.

A State of emergency 7/1/2021

Yes, we are again under self-restraint for one month.

It was obvious that people returned to a daily life since last summer or fall, of course the wearing-mask rate is 100% or really close to it, but this Covid-19 virus was stronger than predicted.

Someone said, “don’t know what else we can do?” for in-the-street interview.

That’s most of Japanese population are thinking,

but I personally know there are some people who take the matter less seriously.

Life isn’t fair from the beginning, yet I wish people follow the instruction will have priority than people don’t follow or respect the instruction when they are in queue for the sickbed.

Don’t know if value of life between those two is equal.

Live-action of “I,Robot”

It’s been 16 years since the movie “I, Robot” shown at a theater.

And now this company Boston Dynamics” is producing those I, Robot like things.

YouTube do you love me?

It’s awe that their amazing steps, jumping and landing balance.

And something about interval (of breathing) between movements.

Couldn’t help making a sound.

It’s no longer like this.

BI robot borrowed from pixabay

But this.

AI robot borrowed from pixabay

How far will we go with the technology.

As alway, think of my dad.

He might have been able to walk again with the help of the robot if he is still here.

I hope robot&tech help people in a good way.

Ahead-visit to a Shinto shrine for 2021

A newly implemented way of doing 2021 Hatsumode, the first Shinto shrine visit of the Japanese New Year.

Even if it’s still 29/12/2020, some of Shinto shrines are recommending to conduct ahead-visit whatever at a chance we are able to avoid “三密” a closed space, a crowded place, close face-to-face conversation.

We normally go visit during daytime on 30/12 or 31/12, so it’s not a new or unusual thing to do for us.

And what I found really convenient about this year is, shrine opens a stand for a visitor to return charm of the previous year (2020), and to buy a new charm for a coming year (2021).

A charm and a paper fortune.

We both bought our fortune slips,

I got an excellent luck for the new year, like I’ve already spent all of my luck of 2021.

It says every person is different, to treat someone with disdain or to have a jealous feeling to someone is a foolish act and it only makes your heart runs dry to perish. Live each day with your best, cultivate your own skill and become spirituality rich, take strong root in soil, a time will surely come a flower to bloom.

大吉. A bit of lecture from the god.

Wish 2021 will be a calm year.

Though we are being “right in the middle” of a haze, uncertain long tunnel so far.

The old year out, the new year in – morning exercises

Hi there, these are what I’ve been doing without getting tired of for the past four years.

Every morning, in this tiny space of the kitchen, I do these.

It helps not to fall into the state of inactivity during holiday season.

When you do this I’m probably doing it with you somewhere on this earth.

Help Mayhew raise £10,000 to deliver 100 emergency care packages for animals in need this winter

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Help Mayhew raise £10,000 to deliver 100 emergency care packages for animals in need this winter

Kanazawa Zoo

I have a friend who loves a zoo.

She chooses one out of three her fav zoos, and visits there every other week.

Today she went to Kanazawa Zoo near Kanazawabunko, and sent me photos she took.

Til she told me, I have never imagined that I can meet koala and kangaroo here in Japan.

She has been working for years for a company that teaches digital photography.

At first she was taking a class, but later she was offered an assistant job by a lecturer.

A lecturer spotted her ability as she used to work as a secretary.

Now her specialty is taking and editing photos.

Koalas 🐨

And kangaroo.

Taking a break

And Okapi-san

Kanazawa Zoo is applying a method of an exhibit that allows visitors to directly view the animals, no cages or fences that are used to shelter them.

The approach invented by Carl Hergenbeck.

That makes it possible to take photos like these.

They look different from my memory.

I haven’t been a zoo for a long time, but in my childhood memory animals are in cages.

These days there are discussions about the environment surrounding zoo animals, I have both positive and negative feelings.

I can believe they are happy, when zoo keepers care about them, playing with them.

On the other hand, I feel sorry for them when I see fast running animals don’t have enough space that wild animals do have.

It can be said to my cats too, they look outside with great interest, sniffing passionately.


G-san actually went outside once, and my mom somehow managed to have him back inside of the house.

Chobi tried to get out several times in the past. He looks so curious every time he gets a chance to see outside from a door or a window.

Then I think of releasing them outside, but that just gives a short term wild life, as someone must get (protect) them and they end up will be in an animal shelter again.

A zoo makes me think about various things.

That is why against many criticisms a zoo is still existing, because it teaches many things by seeing unspoken words animals telling.