Chobi-san 14/6/2019

Today I was going to see a vet, our another senior cat G-san got gingivitis in his mouth a couple of days ago.

But he ran, I and mom failed to capture him..

While we were trying to comfort G-san, Chobi was staying on the sidelines.

Chobi doesn’t care..

Wish he could convince G-san for us..

it’s non of my business.

ハッカ油 de homemade mosquito repellent

Despite its appearance, it’s versatile.


It works for any insects, fly, ant and more (including some brown shiny small scary ones).

Drops in a bathtub relieves stuffy nose and sleepiness in the morning.

Peppermint helps eliminating odor, antibacterial action and sterilization.

After bath, spray it on the face and back of the neck. It helps cooling down the heat instantly.

Also spray it on towels and clothes I’ll use/wear, it feels cool and minty!

・Natural peppermint drop x15

・Absolute ethanol x10ml

・Purified water x 90ml

And a spray bottle.


1. Drops x 15 of peppermint oil

2. Add absolute ethanol. Mix mix.

3. Add purified water. Mix mix.


As it doesn’t contain any preservatives, it’s better use up within a couple of weeks.

If you lost track of date, once the smell faded it’s time to clean the bottle and make a new one.

This natural oil is edible, useable for cooking chocolate mint 🍪 cookies.

I’ll try sometime soon. is selling some product. Here and here more

Doesn’t look like edible though..

Elaborate system of trains in Tokyo

Trains! (Borrowed from tokyometro.)

In Tokyo, sometimes taking trains consumes longer than walking to the destination.

Moreover, within a same train station changing trains from one to another takes 10 minutes or so.

Maybe that is why one of coworkers comes to the office by foot. Everyday he walks about 3km each way.
He doesn’t take trains or riding on a bicycle. Foot traffic is certain.

Yesterday I got errands.

I searched the ward office location where I need to go.

It was 2.4km far from the office.

Next I checked trains, and it’d take 40 minutes. It’s obviously a roundabout way.

In Tokyo it’s the norm.

JORUDAN is a popular app to search trains based on To/From station names.

It faithfully offers various transfer options together with the cheapest, fastest and easiest route info.

Some of results include confusing route. In such a case, open google map and double check the most convenient To station.

There might be an app that has such feature, offering less transfer route + bit longer distance walk to the destination. Walking is an easy and useful way to promote health.

Back to the errands.

Yesterday was heavy rain.

But I danced in delight as I found rain shoes (for fishing) in the storage!

The rain eased after a while, it left the air cool.

It was perfect for a long walk. I was excited.

Although I thought I have plenty of time, I was lost with zero sense of direction and running in a sprinkle rain.

At the reception I was all sweaty. It was 10 minutes before they close.

Later I refreshed myself with Zojoji temple and Tokyo tower scenery.

Tokyo tower.

A cool looks stone pavement.

Ancient and contemporary buildings in a frame.

At 5:00 pm I heard a monk tolled the bell. That was awesome.

I’ll be back in next week again. Hope having more time for sightseeing!

Along with the rainy season

A rainy season of 2019 will reach Yokohama soon.

It seems like the rainy season in Japan is getting shorter or unclear the season’s transition with each passing year.

Somewhat being glad as less worries for the weather and related train delays in the morning,

and somewhat missing as the rainy season has a distinctive smell. Air is moist.

Too much moist causes humidity but it’s a feature of early summer.


Quiet my mind

It’s actually a calyx in the botanical sense of the term.

In Addition.

Even before full bloom,

It’s pretty.

Naturally it draws soft smile.

and I while jogging this morning there were white small flowers.


Monitor one’s physical condition by wearable

My first wearable WOWGO ID115pro. It’s been three months.

This monitors my sleep, heart rate, jogging pace and foot steps 24/7.

It’s fun to know how many steps you have walked a day, a week, a month.

Also I didn’t know if I was in sleep less than the hours I was in bed, it shows light sleep and deep sleep differences.

And while running it measures my heart rate, later I’m able to know the rate change before, while, after running.

Wowgo smart watch 115(¥3,000)

Through the device I can operate phone call, camera, sns etc on my mobile.

I’m more interested in keeping it alive as long as it can, so far using only for a watch, steps, running and heart rate. I think it works well as its battery lasts a week.

I checked Apple Watch, and what a surprise it requires charging everyday. That might be a reason not so many people put it on their wrists these days?

The only problem in wearing it 24/7 is, it burns my skin.

I felt itchy on my left wrist, it became red.

Now it’s on my right wrist.

Burn from wowgo

It maybe because of the heart rate monitor, it’s made of plastic.

Backside of wowgo, heart rate monitoring function

It flashes in green when it takes the heart rate, it gets warm (not hot but noticeably warm) it was fine but it’s getting hotter from now on, thus I started doing research again.

Wearable is one of fast-evolving categories. Anything will be out dated in a couple of years..

Too many choices and here are candidates:

1. Matrix powerwatch2 solar charge (Very expensive)

2. Noerden life2 battery 6 to 12 months (affordable)

3. withings steelHR battery 18 months (affordable)

Either no. 2 or no.3 seems ideal. What do you think?

Please tell me if you have any recommendations!

2019 ITU at Yokohama

It’s hot like summer. Over 31 degrees today..I’m happy for the athletes came all the way down for ITU Yokohama last Saturday.

What to say “hanging in there” “doing a good job” in your language?

In Japan, we say “頑張って!”.

We went out for watching ITU World Triathlon Series @Yokohama last Saturday.

All of athletes were tough, strong and fast!

They drive into the corners like this.

One of excitements watching triathlon is the coaches coming along with the athletes.

The coaches are wonderful, they are full of ambition.

Following the athletes, calling out yelling at them something to say enthusiastically, keeping a stopwatch in hand.

This time, one coach from Hungary in red shirts he was going after Bence Bicsak-san, fueling him shouting at him in Hungarian.

Such moment it always occurs to me “how to cheer them in their languages?”

while watching them passing right in front me, I really want to cheer by voice, but have no clue.

One year, I have tried to learn “cheer up word” in another languages, and by the next race in 2020 I’ll seriously collect useful lines in Spanish, Denmark, French, Korean and more, preparing for the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic triathlon competitions.

Just like the last year (here), it was fun!!