Back from Western style to Japanese style

How can we make our home easier and safer for dad to live in.

Today, I took mom to a furniture store, looking for a doormat.

My dad falls when he wears shoes, it’s like his body has a mind of its own he suddenly moves and falls.
We need a doormat to keep dad from injury.

And we rearranged a room.

Unfortunately the frequency of falling off is increasing day by day, as he lost 20 lb of his weight through the year his strength decreased.

First, I asked him if he wants to sit on the floor, he said yes.

It’s time to reconsider his current lifestyle.

Change it back from chair to legless chair, like Western style to Japanese style.

From this,

To this.

The table mom has chosen 14 years ago is now more than expected, it can change its height just as lower as we wanted,

and the sofa I bought 14 years ago was height adjustable by removing sofa legs. we could make up Japanese style room for dad with what we have.

It could reduce damage degree for some extent.

At least he won’t fall from the height of a chair. Though it’s one of my fav and he loves it too. For him it’s the most comfortable chair among four chairs he evaluated..

I’m hoping he’ll get used to it living on the floor again.

When I was little we still had tatami rooms in our house. We had family dinner sitting on the tatami floor.

Placing a kotatsu table in winter, sitting under the kotatsu with cats.

Upon rebuilding which was 14 years ago, we did not keep tatami room instead it became barrier-free house, also got this automated AC system in whole house.

It maintains room temperature 24/7 without manual operation. It’s so helpful as dad wakes up at midnight and moves around, still therecwould be least concern about he’ll get cold by room temperature difference.

I believe the whole house AC helped my grandma’s longevity and one of our cats who also lived nearly 20 years.


A cupping night!

Improve a blood flow by cupping equipment-2

After weight training, it always comes a muscle fatigue especially in his back.

Buildup of lactic acid can be reduced by an active cool down right after the training but still hydrogen ion will remain which is considered as an another cause of muscle soreness.

And massage can help recovering better than some other options.

A second attempt since last time

I’ve tried it myself once, and my back no needed cupping as I didn’t have any bruises at all.

My partner does series of weight training in a week, mostly three time. For legs, back and arm/pectoral.

I suppose person who has big muscles will find useful this treatment.

I’m providing cupping treatment, but you can also do it yourself. There is a tube comes along with equipment, it can extend the reach.

The key is, once you start using this you better apply it constantly for a certain period of time. Then you’ll see how effective it is.

It’s easy to identify where the most poor blood flow is by colors.

While waiting it emerges and I can tell it’s a center or upper the pain comes from.

See how the colors are varying.

Only a top right part got dark color this time. I think it got blood back in most of other part.


Compare to the previous pic A, now the condition is better in pic B.

It looks good to do twice a week. Now the bruises would fade in a couple days.

a Christmas present for my special – BODUM

It’s time for Christmas ~

And what surprised me the most is the temperature for today.

Can you see it’s 22 degrees!

On Dec 4th, is it fine?

I felt good that the wind blowing toward me though.

Back to Christmas..

I have a friend whose birthday is Dec 25th. She’s living in Tokyo, but I can’t see her often it’s because she’s in Hachijo island, one of the IZU island chain.

I need to take 55 minutes flight or go by sea that I haven’t tried yet.

We’ve been exchanging our greetings for 14 years since the day we’ve met for the first time in Hawaii, we were both on a study abroad.

Sending presents to each other is really a pleasure I’ve been cherishing for a long time, only one headache is there would be less and less choices left.

Fortunately, I got an incredible idea 💡 it’s BODUM mug!

BODUM travel press coffee.0.5L.

A stainless material on the left,

an acrylic material on the right.

Looks cool and taste good. Also it’s quite easy to clean.

I bring an acrylic one to the office daily.
Very satisfying, delicious coffee at my desk. Happy!

A normal way, every morning dripping coffee like this.


Put grind coffee 1x tbsp first

and, pour boiled water

Now wait for a while,

Put a lid with a plunger up.

Minutes later, press the plunger down. It’s ready 🙂

A stainless material is heavy but keeps content hot for hours.

I wanted to check the quality of both product, was not sure which would be better for my best friend.

the acrylic one won!
I ordered red color, hopefully ship out from Yokohama to Hachijō in a week.
It takes longer than usual delivery due to the delivery by sea. 🎁
Can’t wait hearing from her when she receives it.

A cat got a canker sore in his mouth

An old cat without most of its teeth may need more attention.

Since last week, my mom noticed something odd in megane 眼鏡👓, an elder cat who has joined to our family in the early of this month.

Megane was not all happy about visiting a vet.

He’s at least 12,13 years old. He can’t eat a dried cat food, he eats a canned cat food.

After a health checkup, a vet said the cat got a canker sore.

We went through a blood test too and all results for serious diseases were negative.

also put 🐈 on I.V.,

lastly gave 🐈 antibiotic which has two weeks prolonged effect.

Right after, gave 🐈 a high nutrition food and he ate it well.

He was calm.

He was happy to go home. We’re all happy too.

I heard that these days there is insurance products for pet, perhaps we better consider about it.

P.S. Today he looked better, will wait and see in a couple of weeks until the given antibiotic is fully faded.

Switch from Windows PC to MacBook

Difference between Windows PC and Mac PC 💻

This time I received MacBook in the office.

And I want to remember the feeling how awkward, uncomfortable and frustrated I was 😁 for the first week.

Learning something new always comes along with some sort of pain, I picture that a new wrinkle is etched on my brain. Without overcoming it nothing can be acquired.

1.Where is Windows (flag) key on Mac — to display desktop

A. Still not know, continue to search on the web

2.How to switch between multiple safari tabs — ctrl + tab was used in Windows to switch between all active apps

A. It’s often said that Mac is more sensory tool than Windows PC

Ctrl + tab works between applications or simply swipe to right or left by two fingers.

3.How to edit a column without F2

A. This too, very useful once get used to it. Enter make the column active, that’s it. Enter key is nearer than F2.

4.Where is F7 for katakana

A. ah, didn’t check it..less frequency I can search later.


New daily must use apps

•Slack -a chat tool

Everyone uses it literally for everything. For a casual conversation such as daily lunch out, I think SE customized bot which provides info based on the input of certain phrases such as おなかすいた =I’m hungry then bot will pick up one of restaurants from visiting history that everyone registers in the past.
Also bot knows who has allergy to Soba or who prefers gluten free meal, by inputting ○○さんはいない=today ○○ is out of office, bot will decide a restaurant including soba restaurant or cheat lunches.
Very useful and fun.

Also for a general accounting purpose, everyone casually inputs about the spent expense purpose, destination, amount of money, then bot will pick up amount part and makes a calculation of total expense amount of a month.
it’s monitored by everyone including cofounders.

•Wrike -A project management

Monitoring and sharing project progress, also it can be used to manage company small assets management, who uses what equipment, at where and periodh of time.
Lend out and return can be recorded.

•Google drive and Google spreadsheets

Again, how annoying and frustrating it is 😁😁when you come from MS Excel. I’ll write about it sometime later.

The Sunshine blogger award 2018

Thank you so much beautylicious san putting my name down for nominees!

To me it looked like a relay race and I love it❤️

I’m happy to choose my 11 nominees here whose blog I enjoy and learn things daily.

Rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award:

•Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging sites.
•Answer the questions.
•Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
•Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
•List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo on your site or on your post.

My answers to beautilicious-san:
  • How did you come to an idea to start blogging?

(boiledapple) I was looking for some place I can put my thought besides FB, and found WP.

  • How do you feel about your friends and relatives reading your blog?

(boiledapple) I haven’t shared the blog site to my friends and relatives. I can find people in WP who writes blog which I’m interested in and some people find me vice versa. so I’m satisfied right now.

  • Did you have a dream travel destination that you finally visited?

(boiledapple) The City, NY. Very energetic place, and I was overwhelmed by the site.

  • What is your favourite movie about?

(boiledapple) 007byDanielCreg

    What is inspiring you when you are about to give up?

(boiledapple) A talk “the skill of humor” by Andrew Tarvin

  • Tea or coffee? (boiledapple) Love coffee
  • How do you feel about yourself in your current age? (boiledapple) younger
  • Is there anything that you would like to tell yourself from 5 years ago? (boiledapple) good question and very hard to think.
  • Did you ever change a country of living? (boiledapple) no unfortunately, I would if I could.
  • Which type of music do you listening to? Name your favourite song/piece of music (boiledapple) anything matches an exercise. Bailando!
  • Do you meet other bloggers or your followers in real life? (boiledapple) not yet but will if I’m given an opportunity.
Here are my nominees for Sunshine Blogger award:










Here are my questions to my nominees:
  1. What triggers you to write a blog?
  2. A sweet teeth or spicy?
  3. Do you like anything about Japan?
  4. Fish or meat?
  5. What do you do when you spend time alone?
  6. What is your favorite color?
  7. Are you a morning person or night person?
  8. Where is the last place you took a trip?
  9. Which do you mostly use for a blog, mobile, tablet or PC?
  10. When was the last time you received a complement from others?
  11. Do you love writing?

Thanks for reading till the end.

Have a wonderful weekend🧘🏻‍♀️