Elvis Presley and his voice

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Elvis Presley’s songs and his voice volume.

On YouTube, searching Elvis was really easy. I also found a movie trailer, watched it and listened to songs.

This movie will be on screen from 1st of July here in Japan. I can’t wait!

My dad liked Elvis, he often watched his videos when I was little. I remember he was so excited about his stage performance.

Elvis Presley was a super entertainer, and a stage performer that’s what I know. I didn’t know he was such a great singer.

I thought the world would surely be different if Elvis was alive today.

Songs sung by real singers never get tired listening to.

I repeat my playlist from suspicious mind, bridge over troubled water, unchained melody, my way, something, fever, always on my mind, to if I can dream.

Specifically if I can dream.

While jogging I listen to those songs. Songs sung by a real singer with voice volume really help motivate to run in hot morning.


Go watch golf, 6/18/2022

For the first time, we go watch golf to Chiba. There is this LPGA tournament from yesterday through Sunday.

We’ll watch a third day competition tomorrow.

Since last Oct, my partner has incorporated a golf into his daily life.

He’s improved a lot. Now he hits a 200 yards drive.

And I joined, I started going with him from last year end? it was freezing cold, I was wearing Ugg boots and a down jacket.

it’s been six months. Winter ended, spring has come and gone, now it’s getting humid and hot.

And this morning I hit a 150 yards drive.

At first, it was #8 iron. Then moved to his utility club. And recently he bought me a #1 driver from a second hand auction site.

We’ve been practicing three times a week since last month. I think I’ve hit (sometimes simply dump) more than 1,000 balls.

Golf is fun, I didn’t know or didn’t even imagine if I’d ever play golf.

A driver I’m currently practicing is a good one, and I’m the one who is wasting its ability. Therefore I must learn how to use it correctly by watching professional golf players.

Feeling good when hit good