Install stairs 2

One week past since last Thursday, here is the previous blog

And today we had three carpenters, actually one of them was from the company my older brother works at.

They were working on the base construction first, and in the noon they installed the pillars.

It weighs 60kg for each, sounds not so heavy though they had difficulty of handling those.

I was working in a room next to the living room, I felt that they were enjoying the job.

Tomorrow boards will be installed to make stairs, and a handrail.

Super excited! I’ll update tomorrow evening.

Chobi was scared and hiding in the closet


Install stairs

We have the attic, it’s 140cm height x 10 square meters.

And we have a ladder.

I thought it would be useful installing stairs instead of a ladder.

For the past few years it’s getting hard to climb up and down with holding stuff.

So, early this year I asked my older brother to arrange refurbishment.

As he works for the company which has built our house.

He said yes, then a few months past without no update.

I then asked again, he said “oh okay”.

I looked forward to hearing from him. no update for months.

In summer I asked again, with due date. Finally he called a refurbishment department.

And we were put on a waiting list. A month.

It was because of prolonging supply chain confusion, we were told.

Today was the day, at last stairs to be installed.

Where did it go wrong, I have no clue. The stairs brought in didn’t fit.


Mom organized living room and it looks like this.

G-san is lost

I took photos this morning as there supposed to be stairs this evening, I wanted to keep before-after photos.


But a construction was rearranged to the next week. They said they need some tools and materials.

Under construction

Mom was disappointed, and I was just surprised. Did not say anything as people came today looked miserable already.

Anyway, hope everything will work out next week.

Chobi waited for people

Mil Mascaras T-shirts

5th of Sep is my older brother’s birthday.

So I searched on Amazon, looking for something related to pro-wrestling as he likes it for his whole life.

Last year, I gave him three wrestling comic books.

He was happy, and he later told me that he has to read it at home as he can’t stop laughing if he reads it on train.

Laughing on the train makes you look like weirdo.

Lovely animations

This year, I found a T-shirts. My choices at first were;

Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher, Terry Funk, and all T-shirts designs look “bloody”.

So I searched again, then found Mil Máscaras. This wrestler is also one of my brother’s favorites.

Cool design for pj

We went watching a wrestling match when we were small. I still can recall a theme song of Mil Mascaras, probably he remembers it as well.

Amazon delivered the T-shirt on time, and today I gave it to my brother. He was happy, I’m happy too.

When he talks about pro wrestling his eyes are shining like a boy.

It is maybe because I’m no longer young, my attitude towards my family has changed and changing in a good way.

We all have different likes and dislikes, when I think about pro wrestling I would not go watching it but I respect my older brother’s passion so I listen to him.

Also my mom loves Odori/Nihon-Buyou, a Japanese traditional art similar to Kabuki. I have no interest at all, but she likes so it’s okay and I’ll listen to her when she wants to talk about it, or give a ride when she goes to theater.

Even among family there are things I don’t really get, however I’ll accept and listen to them. I’m happy to see them being happy.

When I was young and stupid I was like “I’m not interested” or “I don’t know what is so interesting”. I regret now that I have missed a lot of opportunities to learn about what my family thought or wanted to share with me.

Their feelings and emotions.

Anyway, I’d enjoy rest of my life, accepting many things whether that’s my taste or not.

My partner and myself enjoy golf, my mom and my brother don’t care.

I jog my brother says “what is the point of jogging?”, just laughs away.

However I know we care each other very well.

1st of September 2022

Unbelievably fast, it’s September already.

The world keeps spinning round.

Our cat is hardworking protect our house.

Enjoying sunshine
A cat basket

Grandma once told me, when you get older every day just fly away. Sun rises and sun goes down very quickly. Back then I was in my 30s, always busy, rushing around, not much time to think about it. Understand that now.

Cats napping all day and night, rarely stay sitting longer than minutes. walking but heading straight to a meal plate, or searching a place to sleep.

When stroking they look satisfied and happy, we are happy too.