Unbelievable how time flies.

It’s November, and it’s 22nd already.

Sunrise at 6:20, sunset at 16:30. When I wake up in the morning 5:15 it’s dark. I

brush my teeth and make coffee, it’s still dark.

then stretch and squat, still dark but begins to be light.

The red sky on Friday.

At 6:30, I go out for jogging it’s finally light.

There is Shiba dog 🐕 on the balcony of someone’s house, along my running route. she or he looks down from above, and I smile, but she or he shows no interest at all.

Yet it’s a most pleasant moment for me.

Then I come home, if lucky there is Chobi waiting for me or my partner to be back.

He is just sitting on the turfs, staring at me (or the door).

That’s how everyday begins, how it has begun for the most of past 326 days this year.

Life in 2021 has moved really fast with COVID, I hope next year will be slower with less worries.