A day of Chobi

On Thursday we happened to record a day of Chobi.

He woke up at 5:00. Running around upstairs, when I opened the door of our room he came down quickly. I think he listens to the sound.

He wanted to go into another room so I opened the slide door, he was sitting still waiting for the window to be opened.


Next he’s laying on the floor.

Then in my workroom upstairs.

He’ll just wait for me to open the door.

After that, he went downstairs.

This is how he enters into the room
Gets some sleep
Gets more sleep

What can firearm do

We are all going to die someday but not necessary to be killed by firearm.

Really. As Japanese I have been thinking I’m safe, live in the safest country in the world.

Japan’s safety is secured based on moral, we trust each other, actually we give each other unspoken pressure; do not do illegal act, do not give any trouble to your family, think about how to be seen by others. Maybe those sense are going, we are losing our moral.

It’s flipped upside down. The former prime minister Shinzo Abe had been shot and died.

Just like the suspect did, anyone can have a firearm, it can be made at home if you have an access to the necessary materials to manufacture it.

What a convenient world we are live in, what a scary world it is at the same time.

IF there is no firearm many people were still alive.

A heat wave and a golf game

Last week was really hot. When the temperature reaches over 35℃ it’s called fierce heat.

Mon and Thu

When the temperature is 34℃, 35℃, or 36℃ it’s hard to tell the difference, it’s just hot and suffocating.

In such hot and sunny Saturday, we went watching a golf game.

It’s Shiseido Open held at Totsuka county club in Yokohama. The course was only 30min away by car. We woke up as usual, had cups of coffee and out.

Last time was in Chiba prefecture, so we woke up at 4:30 left home early yet there were traffic in Tokyo and Chiba along the way.

Distance from Yokohama to Chiba is 80km, and estimation is 70min by car according to Google map. And it took 120min. It’s was a day trip.

Even if we’ve been living in Yokohama, and know there is a golf course, we have never been or seen the place before.

In the golf course, we can enjoy ups and downs around holes, on the grass, smells of the grass, resting on the grass while wind blowing through.

It’s far comfortable than going to the park crowded with many people.

No need to worry about wearing a mask, as there is plenty of space with limited spectators of 6,000.

Totsuka country club in Yokohama

Taking photos and/or recording videos of players are not allowed, and it’s good.

Enjoy watching full swings with eyes.

Aoki Serena-san won the championship with a total of 14 unders. Congratulations 🎉

It was hot, less humid, good day out!

He is having fun in the field