Appreciate my health when I get sick

Last weekend we went out watching a rugby game. It was cold outside, I think 6,7 degrees.

We both got our warm down jackets however it was really unbearably cold. I bought a blanket that helped us for the second half.

I think since then my partner got a little cold, and I got it too from yesterday or day before.

It always occurs to me when I get sick, how lucky I am to have strong body. And regret that I was not pay proper attention to maintain, myself.

Now one of my family got Covid, even we live totally separate rooms, I had to worry about infection. Did a antigen test and it was negative.

Still, having fever and sore throat are not happy. Maybe the air outside and inside are too dry this winter. I’m hanging wet towels as much as I can it’ll supply humidity.

You too, take care of yourself. Health is not guaranteed, tomorrow’s health depends on how you live today.

Have a wonderful dinner!


4th vaccine, Pfizer BA1

Unlike many other countries, Japanese government is still suggesting to keep our guard up.

4th vaccine is recommended for everyone.

I think now concern is more over long Covid.

Many symptoms thought to be caused by Covid. E.g. respiratory disorder, taste disorder, fatigue, dullness and more.

The vaccine will reduce the risk a bit, not completely. And vaccination every five to six months will be required in future, for years.

We are still wearing masks, and sanitizers can be found everywhere. 🇯🇵

It’s been three years without clear declaration “Now we can forget about Covid and go on vacation without mask”, however compared to 2020 things got better.

Life goes on, really? who knows?

There are uncertainties and I’m lost, I need to go with the flow whether like it or not.

Among many other uncertainties, Covid is an avoidable if we pay attention and being patient.

Others, we have to stop, recover, adjust and adapt.

On Tuesday

With a cat

He claws a door of the room I’m working daily. If I let him in he’ll lay down and maintain himself, and sleep.

I was working, he was relaxing

And this morning, my mom said she got fever last night. We both thought she got Covid.

I took her to a doctor, she was supposed to get a booster shot today, but got fever so we asked for PCR test instead.

fortunately it was negative.

We were waiting outside of the clinic in a heatwave produced by ambient temperature of 36 degrees. as a preventative measure patient who has fever is not allowed to enter the clinic.

At home, Chobi our cat was sleeping on the floor in the cool room.

How to spend every moment without being lost in busyness

To enjoy daily life, I do pay attention to my routines. And do other necessary things as little as possible, besides my work.

I have a friend who works less and spend time with her dog at home as much as possible. And her husband happened to be one of work-from-home people due to Covid, now she is spending most of her time with her family at home.

She is the first person let me have an idea working from home to secure time for myself. And she’s been my role model for more than 10 years to such lifestyle.

I and my partner moved to my parents house in 2019, after my dad has passed away.

And in Feb of 2020, there Covid-19 has emerged, in Apr we both started work from home it’s been staying until today.

To be honest, I have not much friends from the beginning since I got married in my thirties. I was busy with my work and busy being a wife as well so my life became less out going lifestyle for years.

I used to like going out, shopping, hanging around with my friends.

Had many trips to overseas, Onsen hot springs around home, eating out or just hanging around with them all day in my twenties. I spent healthy twenties that left me a lot of funny memories.

Maybe for that reason and for my age, without any frustration I was able to transfer to a new normal life.

Staying at home 24/7 with my family did not cause any issues.

If I love going out very much, then staying at home for one year or years would have suffocated me, fortunately it didn’t.

Likewise my mom is not much outgoing so is my partner.

Interestingly my older brother is very sociable and loves going out. He prefers going back to a normal life of Before-Covid.

Sometimes we do going out, going to a driving range, watching a baseball game, a rugby game, a sumo.

A night game on Friday.
Opening day of sumo in May

But mostly simple living, a bit of exercise, eat well, sleep well, enjoy bath and reading books.
I read same book to remind myself that I’m never the same.

We are never the same therefore every day is different even if doing routine things.

I have written it several times in the past, by doing same things every day I can learn that I am different every day.

This morning we woke up at 4:50 to go our favorite driving range, surprisingly there were already too many golf lovers. We were shocked but anyway grabbed clubs and ran to the second floor looking for a seat or seats for two of us.

When we almost lost our hope, a gentleman right in font where we were standing said to us that he’s finished so we can take his place.

We thanked him a couple times.

That small kindness gave us chance to enjoy one hour practice together.

When I was younger I was almost always looking for a new thing new place something new, as I was thinking new things are better things. Now I can find new within my familiar daily life. Growing old is not so bad it taught me to be comfortable with what I do have.

Tomorrow is Monday, used to be it felt sad, now I think myself lucky that I have a job.

Next weekend I’ll be pruning hydrangeas in the backyard for mom, so that we can enjoy flowers in next rain season also.

Pulled out wisdom teeth, Jan 2022

Had deep appreciation towards the dentists and dental assistants. Covid is spreading by droplet infection, they are risking their own health to prioritize treatment for patients.

Thank you so much.

Without dentists and dental assistants our teeth will merely be lost.

Since December my upper left teeth were somewhat uncomfortable.

Finally I went to the dentist today, and the doctor took a photo of the tooth.

It was black with a hole.

How could that happen? I brush my teeth three times a day….

He asked me if I have any plan afterward, I said no.

Then he said, if I’d like to take that out.

I said yes, so he did. within a minute.

A hole.

When I pulled out my wisdom tooth on lower right, it took a few hours to pull out and took months to recover a huge deep hole.

Wondering why this time was so easy, and almost no pain.

I appreciate the quick operation, he is the best dentist I’ve ever met.

Go watch a Sumo in 両国国技館

As omicron strain infection surging worldwide and here in Japan, I thought it might be canceled.

Fortunately no restriction issued so we went out as planned.

Before we wake up this morning, there was an alert message of Tsunami on mobile phones at midnight that woke us up. It was tsunami warning, related to Tonga‘s volcanic eruption on the 15th.

After check the news on TV, we tried to go back to sleep again, then another alert message received it continued for a few hours constantly.

It counted 600 messages that’s what we found out in the morning.

Caused by operation mistakes.

Seemed everyone tried to do the same, turning off the sound.

Alert makes sound even if in manner mode as it’s for emergency, so I needs another untick in a setting. While we were sleepy we somehow managed the how-to.

I found many how-to videos quickly uploaded at midnight to meet the demand. YouTube is super helpful.

Now omicron and economic activities.

Enjoy Sumo and golf matches, appreciate opera are part of economic activities.

If fans stop going to site, for example Sumo association soon faces difficulty surviving as a business organization like in 2020 and 2021. I wander how could they survive the past two years.

A Rare photo of trophy

Sumo was fun! Yokozuna Terunofuji won and he is 7 wins and 1 lose as of today. Yet 7 days remaining.

Work from home has widely been introduced since 2020.

I saw more people jogging than people heading to the station back then.

Today, it feels like 50% or more people are back to the regular work style. Trains are moderately crowded.

With the current situation, in Feb or could be at an earlier timing Tokyo and Kanagawa (where I live) both will be under restrictions by pre-emergency measures.

The number of infected people is increasing. A daily infection stats says 21,880 on the 14th Jan, it was 1,149 on the 4th Jan.

Covid won’t go away.

I hope the government to send a message to companies to promote work from home like 2020. More space in trains, restaurants and the offices.

Keep yourself and family from omicron by work from home, and enjoy life by following safety measures.

It’s been said Omicron causes less serious symptoms yet who can tell there is no long term effects if vaccinated three times.

There is no guarantee.

Move from 2021 to 2022 in three days.

It’s 29th December today, and most of companies finished business of 2021 yesterday. My brother is still working though.

A new year business will start from 5th or 6th January.

Because of omicron strain a situation might be different after a few days. So far we haven’t heard any restriction on events during holidays.

Me and my partner are going to go out for the phantom of the opera on the 1st of January 2022. It’s our third time or fourth? Can’t wait!

I cooked Zoni(雑煮) this morning, it’s a traditional Japanese dish for the end/beginning of the year (年末年始). And another traditional meal Osechi(御節) will be delivered tomorrow. All set.

Osechi arrived!

For four of us.

And one more dish I cook is Namasu(なます) pickled shredded radish and carrot. As a salad? We tend to be face a lack of vegetables during holidays it’s better have one or two vegetable dishes in the fridge.

Pickles are good for a change

This month my partner changed his job after three years career in the current company, and I finished my contract.

My partner is going to go to his new office in January, and I am looking/waiting for a new job to reach me. A fresh start for both of us.

This winter is colder than usual, might see some snow during the next few days.

It’s third year with COVID and we are kind of used to the recent lifestyle. so we won’t go out much, eat out much, meet with friends or relatives, just being at home with family members. Quiet and tranquil break with books on our hands.

In spring hope the situation will be calm down and I am able to go out for a new job, meeting new people.

And we went the driving range, enjoyed golfing for an hour. we’ll be going tomorrow as well. I’m happy that we found a hobby we can enjoy together.

December 24th 2021

Hope the world will recover from COVID crisis and stabilize in 2022, and we will be able to remove our masks and fully enjoy December 24th in 2022 and onward.

These photos I took during the last few days.

I see the sky during daytime to rest my eyes.

A Clear blue sky
A drawing subject in December
Chobi staring at me riding on an indoor bike

2022 is around the corner. And I wish you who happened to read this blog a merry Christmas, thank you for reading.

And happy new year holidays.

I am not 100% sure that I’m not infected with omicron.

I wear a mask because I am not 100% sure that I’m not infected with omicron.

I got vaccinated two times, moderna.

It caused really terrible side-reactions such as high fever for two days, shivering, dizziness, no appetite for a few days.

And my partner told me a story which he heard from his coworker in India. Once actually infected with Covid those symptoms continue two weeks, and may die at last if something go wrong.

I’m fully vaccinated and I always wear a mask in public place.

Compared to the side reactions I have experienced, wearing a mask is nothing.

A mask, easy, inexpensive and effective to protect myself my family and people I happen to encounter.

Omicron is being said 70% higher infection rate than any of previous Covid variants. What if another Covid variant that is also strong enough to breakthrough immunity and leads to sever symptoms.

It’s too late start wearing a mask after the first case detected, as most likely it’s already around me and I might have been infected.

So that I’m still wearing a mask, even I wear a mask to dump my garbage in the morning, or receive a delivery package or mail. Meeting and talking people means possible chance to give/receive Covid.