Pulled out wisdom teeth, Jan 2022

Had deep appreciation towards the dentists and dental assistants. Covid is spreading by droplet infection, they are risking their own health to prioritize treatment for patients.

Thank you so much.

Without dentists and dental assistants our teeth will merely be lost.

Since December my upper left teeth were somewhat uncomfortable.

Finally I went to the dentist today, and the doctor took a photo of the tooth.

It was black with a hole.

How could that happen? I brush my teeth three times a day….

He asked me if I have any plan afterward, I said no.

Then he said, if I’d like to take that out.

I said yes, so he did. within a minute.

A hole.

When I pulled out my wisdom tooth on lower right, it took a few hours to pull out and took months to recover a huge deep hole.

Wondering why this time was so easy, and almost no pain.

I appreciate the quick operation, he is the best dentist I’ve ever met.


Jan 2022 diary

Staring at..
A Blank TV screen. Not sure what he is looking at.
G-san rolls out his tongue
Dessin, took me 6 hours
A next dessin theme, a flower in a base

Currently preparing for a next job starts from February, my role will be a language support 英日 and 日英 for some app development project. Most likely it’s related to B to B digital transformation (DX) service, I’m searching news and reading as much as possible.

These days having a sore throat and a stuffy nose due to PM 2.5.

And soon hay fever wave would come.

Seems cats are having an allergy too, when I open the window for him in the morning, he’ll make a sneeze. 🤧

Being charged and ready for Feb.

Go watch a Sumo in 両国国技館

As omicron strain infection surging worldwide and here in Japan, I thought it might be canceled.

Fortunately no restriction issued so we went out as planned.

Before we wake up this morning, there was an alert message of Tsunami on mobile phones at midnight that woke us up. It was tsunami warning, related to Tonga‘s volcanic eruption on the 15th.

After check the news on TV, we tried to go back to sleep again, then another alert message received it continued for a few hours constantly.

It counted 600 messages that’s what we found out in the morning.

Caused by operation mistakes.

Seemed everyone tried to do the same, turning off the sound.

Alert makes sound even if in manner mode as it’s for emergency, so I needs another untick in a setting. While we were sleepy we somehow managed the how-to.

I found many how-to videos quickly uploaded at midnight to meet the demand. YouTube is super helpful.

Now omicron and economic activities.

Enjoy Sumo and golf matches, appreciate opera are part of economic activities.

If fans stop going to site, for example Sumo association soon faces difficulty surviving as a business organization like in 2020 and 2021. I wander how could they survive the past two years.

A Rare photo of trophy

Sumo was fun! Yokozuna Terunofuji won and he is 7 wins and 1 lose as of today. Yet 7 days remaining.

Work from home has widely been introduced since 2020.

I saw more people jogging than people heading to the station back then.

Today, it feels like 50% or more people are back to the regular work style. Trains are moderately crowded.

With the current situation, in Feb or could be at an earlier timing Tokyo and Kanagawa (where I live) both will be under restrictions by pre-emergency measures.

The number of infected people is increasing. A daily infection stats says 21,880 on the 14th Jan, it was 1,149 on the 4th Jan.

Covid won’t go away.

I hope the government to send a message to companies to promote work from home like 2020. More space in trains, restaurants and the offices.

Keep yourself and family from omicron by work from home, and enjoy life by following safety measures.

It’s been said Omicron causes less serious symptoms yet who can tell there is no long term effects if vaccinated three times.

There is no guarantee.

Tasty and healthy Mac N cheese

Reduce calorie and fat by using olive oil, cornflour and soy milk to make white sauce.


Mold x 1

Potato x 2

Leftover grilled chicken x 100g?

Boiled broccoli x 100g?

Macaroni x 60g

Sliced cheese x 3

Frozen shrimp and scallop x 5,6pcs for each

Change ingredients as you like

[white sauce]

Olive oil x two table spoons

Cornflour x two table spoons

Soy milk x 200cc and more as needed

Grated cheese 少々 a bit

Salt and pepper 少々 a bit

Olive oil, PAN, soy milk

1. Boil macaroni, and put them on a dish.

2. In the same pan, stir fry potatoes with olive oil for five minutes. Sprinkle salt and pepper, place in the bottom of mold.

3. In the same pan, pour olive oil, add cornflour, and stir fry

quickly add soy milk until it becomes like white sauce

4. Put the macaroni and ingredients to the pan mix all gently in low heat.

5. Place the contents on top of the potatoes.

Almost done

6. Add sliced cheese x 3 and grill.

Grill 15 minutes and eat!

I liked white sauce however since in my 30s regular white sauce became heavy.

Recently I bought aluminum-foil mold. I was thinking to make an apple pie, then this morning Mac n cheese has come into my head.

I googled for a non-butter white sauce recipe. What I found was with chickpea flour so I tried using corn flour as substitute, it worked well.

Most of ingredients can be used and become tasty with white sauce. I’ll make another one near future.


2022, the first snow

Enjoy playing in the snow!

Usually metropolitan area like Yokohama and Tokyo we don’t have much snow but this year is a bit colder.

Rare snowing at this time of year.

I’m at home and looking out the snow.


Trains, major routes and highways will be affected. This morning I saw a man who just got a shovel, I thought it is not necessary though he was right. It’ll accumulate and we’ll need shoveling snow later.

Today I chatted with several advisors of Apple support as I can’t login to iCloud on MacBook with my Apple ID. It’s something I have been ignoring for a while. Until some years ago, AppStore account and Apple ID were not necessary the same, and somewhat I have had two IDs. I was using iPhones and iPad and MacBook, then got an issue.

Sometime last year I logged out and initialized old iPhone and iPad, now only one active iPhone and MacBook, yet my Apple ID doesn’t work.

So far I tried several solutions as instructed, and now updating/upgrading MacBook.

snow keeps falling and I need to go shopping.

Wow, the update finally allowed me to login…now the backup became available.

Now 17:30, freezing.

An icicle