2020 US elections

I love The United States. I’m Japanese though.

I just love the country, and the states I’ve visited in my life.

I’d love to take a trip someday again.

I admire the United States because of many things.

Cultural difference, celebrities, movies, fashions and this famous quote.

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” (Abraham Lincoln)

Americans are strong, bold, cool, lively and fair.


In the coming election debate, I’d like to listen them to compliment each other, the President of the United States of America and Mr. Biden.

The outdated traditional debate style, giving each other a bad character would not be accepted or appreciated by anyone.

We are already sick of COVID, we all need a cheerful positive character to lead the world recovery.

America is the number one, right?

I wish they really work on to make the country “1番” with the pride.


Once in a lifetime 2020

Experience is everything,

happiness, sadness, achievement, disapproval, enjoyment, excitement, passionate, grateful, graceful, hopeless, frustration, pleasure, pain, fatigue,

and sleepiness, too.

Even though work at home, I experience many feelings in one day.

And end of day, I am grateful and satisfied, fall sleep in 3 minutes.

Because I wake up at 5:30 for jogging.

I don’t meet people like used to, I don’t go out or can’t take a trip.

Still I’m alive and that is enough.

Life is fun if I think it’s fun,

life is hard if I think it’s hard.

If that’s the case, I prefer fun to hard.

A full of emotions under looking bored

Cut myself some slack

It’s okay not being okay

I’ve read this phrase in my favorite book,

Slack is not that slack of chatting app, but slack like relax or loose.

Sometimes it feels like, due to slack (of a chatting app) I must be available all the time.

But I am now able to offline myself at night and weekends.

Outside of the contract, it’s not my client who decides how much I should be available.

It’s my decision.