A quiet morning time

Every morning, I burn an incense stick to remember my dad.


We have Family Buddhist altars at home, it’s upstairs.

And I have a separate small space on the sill of a window in my kitchen.


Dad’s wrist watch is stored as a keepsake, which I bought for him a few years ago.

Changed the wrist belt from rubber to leather as he preferred.


It’s a kind of traditional morning routine that I have learned from my grandma.

Every morning, she woke up and to burn an incense and to pray for grandpa. She had been doing that for 30 years.

When I heard a sound of ORIN “チーン” I was able to know that grandma is awake and fine.

After grandma passed away, my mom had been doing the same for my dad, as dad’s eye sight was not well and it was hard for him to light an incense.

Now my mom is changing water in teacups for grandpa, grandma and dad in the morning. Sometimes burns an incense but not always, because Chobi is running around and he would knock an ash pot.

By having this kind of quiet moment in the morning, I am able to think of dad, grandparents and why I was born.

It takes only a minute and another special day begins.


How the thing happened.

Day before yesterday and last night, G-san a senior cat came down to check around our place.

Naturally Chobi followed G-san, came along with him.

Last night, my partner was petting G-san, he (G-san) really loves human to stroke him.

I was stroking Chobi to calm down, as I sensed that Chobi looked a bit bothered by G-sani’s behavior.

I think Chobi was being jealous of G-san.

Then this happened.

G-san is relaxed
Still okay
Then Chobi bit G-san

G-san punched Chobi back, so I stopped both.

Don’t know who’s bad.

What they try to teach me.

It’s been three months since the last time I went to my workplace in Tokyo.

Autumn leaves along Meguro river and I found Shirasagi fishing. Quietly.


And nothing has been changed.

People in the office weren’t wearing masks back in summer, they aren’t wearing masks today.

To me it is not okay, that is why WFH since Apr.

Because I am not able to tell them “why don’t you wear a mask?”, so I’m keeping myself away from them instead.

To keep myself away from any risk, and to stay safe for my family.

Right after the first state of emergency in Apr, most of people converted to WFH, but in May or so they started coming back to the office.

They talk w/o masks in the office.

Sitting next to each other.

No shields or no social distancing.

With family at home, I’m okay.

That is different from with coworkers in the small office space.

They commute from their home to Tokyo office.

They wear masks to and from the office, and remove it naturally when they sit down.


It’s really hard to make sense of their behavior.

To relax and fish

So, in the face of adversity,

I see a thing in a way “What this thing is trying to teach me.”

1. You must wear a mask in the office. Unless you are the only person being in the office, if you are alone still you will meet a delivery person so should wear it when you face him/her.

2. Keep yourself away from people who are not wearing masks.

Until someone shows me the scientific evidence that

No mask won’t be a cause of COVID spreading,

I’ll be WFH.

Or perhaps it’s time for a job hunting.