React Native prototype 2

It’s been a month already.

Today, I read the second article, and of course it was hard to understand the whole at once.

I’ll read later and tomorrow, and weekend.

The Only way to acquire a new thing is repetition, need to do again and again.

But for sure, it’ll become easier soon.

While I was focusing on the reading,

A Tourist
Looking for something fun.
And got bored.
This place
These tours were done with 5 minutes.

Luckily he has many places to sleep in.


Rain, cold and low light

Raining outside, so no jogging.


Instead, made polenta cookies,

at 6:00.




Then, getting massage in a massage chair.

When I go jogging in the morning, I’ll do massage at night.

it helps to reduce fatigue and muscle pain.

Also slow bathing in the tub at a temperature around 40 degrees, will increase circulation in whole body. As a result, recover from physical exhaustion faster.



On the wall, there is this painting I appreciate while massaging.

Hear the sound of rain for 15 minutes

Wish you have a laid back weekend at home.

A Cat also feels lonely

Last night Chobi meowed.

I was about to sleep, I think I fell sleep a sec, and woke up hear a faint カリカリ noise from the closet.

Uses a pillow
What’s that look for..

Even a cat feels something different from usual.

Two cats see us wander in and out of rooms day after day, that’s unusual.

Chili beans for dinner, breakfast and lunch

It’s Monday and a chilling rain for a whole day.

When it is cold, we want to eat something hot or spicy.

And any leftover veggies fit into chili beans. There is no special recipe, here I’ll just share ingredients and seasonings I use.

Cabbage and celery


Carrots, onion, cabbage, celery, chicken breast, ground beef and pork, jalapeno, Red kidney beans,

And seasonings


cutting veggies into small dice size, and stir-frying.





We made burritos for dinner, we’ll have a taco rice bowl tomorrow.

I’ll need avocados 🥑.

11th April 2020 and a cat


Now, it’s obvious this situation will continue at least one more month, that motivated us to buy a sofa.

A good delivery person delivered this for us. Really, appreciate those delivery service suppliers for their daily effort.

Im ok with my small office,

but it was not easy for my partner to maintain good posture in a makeshift office,

sitting IKEA chair for 8 hours everyday for a month.

An IKEA chair for relaxation

Last night, Chobi slept over on the new sofa.

I’m happy that I could see him in a morning.

He will come down sometimes, not always.



From overseas, Japan is being evaluated a slow response country and Japanese citizens look like lacking a sense of crisis.

I see and hear those kind of news these days.

it’s sad.

Yes, there are some people who just don’t care things, but that’s not unique in Japan.

A certain amount of people of that nature do exist. Maybe one in ten.

I think what surprised us most is how vulnerable we are.

We are not immortal, not almighty.

The declaration of a state of emergency was released on 8th April 2020. It was a historical event.

Unlike the US or the UK, we are allowed to go out.

It’s because a lockdown order conflicts with respect for basic human rights designed by the Japanese law.

I saw news of police beating people because they went outside, in some country.

That made me wonder, which should be respected more, human life or human right? I’d rather discipline myself.

When I go shopping for food in my surgical mask, there are people go outside for necessity.

There are still cars, trucks and buses.

Grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacy are open.

DIY stores are open too, for builders and contractors.

We are urged not to take a packed train, besides that leading a normal daily life in Yokohama.

What we need to do is actively being “inactive”.

Isolate ourselves, by doing so we are able to protect others from unaware infection.

IF we are an unaware infected patients.

Two weeks is a period of time, implement measures and see the effect.

Japan would have it in the end of April.

On a personal level,

my parter WFH since March.

My mom goes out once or twice a month for a cat food.

My older brother has finally switched to WFH since last week. The company he is working for was too late to decide to do so, I was frustrated about it.

Now all of us staying at home.

We have lunch or dinner together on weekends.

I jog once or twice a week.

My partner needs a weight rack, but a gym is a subject of temporary-close-business order until May.

He searched and found “one-person management training room” that is available on an hourly basis. It’s for an individual use.

People love busy thick place can use face time at home, in place of izakaya night out.

People prefer spend a quiet time at home, no changes.

I bought a book of this person.übler-Ross_model

In the past, I learned the five stages of grief.

And now is the right time to re-read.

I’ll share about this later.