A triathlon race@Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

This morning, I saw a triathlon competition for visually impaired athletes on TV.
A guide accompanied the athletes from each country and led them through the competition.
Triathlon consists of three events: swim, bike, and run, and it is usually difficult to switch between them.
This is where the guides came in to help the visually impaired athletes switch from one event to the next, and I was impressed by their supportive attitude.

I felt that there was a deep trust between the athletes and the guides. When the U.S. team crossed the finish line and the guide picked up the athlete, I couldn’t help but cry!


Health is an asset.

From 13th Aug to 15th Aug is Obon vacation in Japan, Obon is a time to visit a grave site of ancestors Or simply think of them at home with the current Covid-19 circumstances.

This year I got nine-day vacation, I thought it’s too long but actually four days spent for recovery.

Last Sunday I had my second moderna vaccination shot and got a fever.

It was first 38.5 degrees, dropped to 37.6 degrees, raised again to 38 then dropped to 37, and after fever having a dull headache. For four days, I was laying on futon.

I haven’t had a fever like this for so long, while resting I was thinking about my own health condition and also thought about my late dad.

Thursday, in the morning I got back on jogging and it was really feeling good!

On the way home I bought flower bouquets for mom and myself to offer on the home shrines.
On Friday, jogging again. Finally felt I’m okay and perfectly recovered.

My dad

It’s been two years since he passed away. We’ll have a small service this summer.

He was taking medicines and it had him being in between asleep and awake due to his medication, he told me so.

He fell into a doze very quickly, even while we were chatting he said “I’m sleepy” then fell to sleep right away. He was not having pain or such but unbearable strong sleepiness.

Though without pain, I imagine it was hard for my dad being “sleepy”.

He wanted eat a meal, drive a car, read newspaper, smoke a cigarette, those basic daily activities required a bit of focus but he didn’t have it because of his chronic disease.

My health body came from my dad and mom, I’m quite blessed about.

Side reaction took away four days, and I lost weight as I didn’t eat solid food for two days, but recovered without after effect.

From Sunday through Wednesday, my partner helped house chores which he is not good at, went shopping for me. Made me laugh when I need to relax. I felt that it’s okay taking time to recover, he was so gentle and supportive.

With feverish head I was thinking about dad, what’s like being in hazy state for years.

Was I able to convert him that I was happy having a chat with him, eating sweets with him, basically I was happy being with him.

I hope my unspoken messages were being transmitted to him.

Now my appetite is back, I made pound cakes.

Easy quick pound cake.

Tomorrow I will be back in the office. Not remember the PW to start Windows after nine days.