It’s the last day of June 2020.

Chobi is asleep
Like human

He is sleeping all day long, especially if it’s raining outside.

We don’t open windows, so no birding.

Just lie on a futon

Right out of the dryer..

Not care a bit

I’ll be out tomorrow, go to the office for the first time in three months.


Colors, freshen up

Pantone Color of the year 2020

Just gently put aside the current situation for a while, and enjoy the color of the year and the color palette.

At the time it’s been announced, there was no concept of COVID-19 pandemic.

Many things have changed, but also many things valid before February are still valid.

Summer will be here soon and I’d like to think about what would look good and what to wear from my closet.

From Pantone website


From Pantone website

I love those smoky colors above.

Borrowed from pixabay
Borrowed from pixabay
Borrowed from pixabay

It’s interesting, how color affects the feeling.

When mourning we wear black, when we getting married we wear white.

When we are passionate we choose vivid, red color.

Even though when my feeling is not so positive, if I wear bright happy color it helps to improve the mood gradually.

I’ll pick up light happy colors, like light pink, light yellow and light blue that make me open, soft and look positive to people around me.

Strong sweet scent from gardenias

Took a photo, at the park near my house.

You can imagine it’s sweet aroma, if you know this flower
How lovely

I love the scent of flowers, such as daphne odora, osmanthus and freesia. It changed the atmosphere instantly.

Busy these days, so take a walk or jogging 30 minutes, is necessary for serenity of mind.

And stop by those white flowers.

Getting acclimated to a new normal.

Cats are therapeutic

Chobi hasn’t changed

Many things have changed, and many things keep on changing.

I watch world news everyday, recognizing COVID-19 is definitely still there.

We just keep covering our mouth, keep distance each other and keep washing hands.

Our contribution to an infection control.

Yet, it’s a huge relief that 2020 baseball games finally began, we relish the pleasure while watching it through TV.

Along with professional sports games, entertainment such as concerts and operas resume business operation little by little.


I found Gekidan Shiki, one of Japan’s well-known and largest theatre companies, will open their newest theatre “Aki” (秋=Autumn) in October in Tokyo.

The opening of the theatre is “The Phantom of the Opera”.

That made me cry with tears of joy.

I just love that musical so much. Looking forward to the update for the tickets.


Ahead of it, there is another unbelievable event will take place in Tokyo.

The Phantom of the Opera musical tie-in concert, The Phantom of the Opera reunion.

Like many people do, I strongly hope the global tourism will recover and restart with a new normal way in the future again.

But I don’t think we will be able to visit the US freely for the Broadway musical anytime soon.

As such I can’t miss out on this limited opportunity.

I booked the tickets to cheer us up.

Almost all of events have been cancelled since April to date worldwide,

and there is no certainty that we are able to listen the musical songs as scheduled.

Again, we just keep covering our mouth, keep distance each other and keep washing hands.

Enjoy our new normal life,

stay home and work from home.

Cook eat laugh sleep, remember to be grateful.

Margherita, homemade char-siu pizza

So far so good, could be better than used to.

How to attain enough amount of exercise at outside without wearing a mask.

It is less exciting jogging 30 minutes each day,

but it is definitely practically meaningful in mental and physical health.


Onset of the rainy season in 2020.

a handmade mask

Raining and humidity come hand in hand.


Days before, it was hot with strong sunlight, and suddenly rainy days began.


Normally a rainy season lasts until early July.


So that the four weeks of rainy days expected.

Trying something new is good, and recently I started five days a week jogging routine.

From Mon to Fri. 3km x 5 days.

Prefer to avoid weekends.

Because there are so many joggers on weekends.

Actually there were. This weekend was not so crowded.


everyone loves not to wear a mask, so do I.

I do have it and wear it on my chin, and hide my mouth when other people coming down the road.

Focusing on weekdays,

in early morning before 7:00, I see less people.

Just go other side of the street to pass them by.

That’s much easier and helpful.

And, with 30 minutes jogging x 5 days, it’ll cover 150 minutes a week.

It’s good enough compare to my previous routine 60 minutes x 3 days a week.

Also shorten the amount of time would be safer as it’s necessary to prepare for wearing a mask in midsummer.

It’s been a month and I lost 2kg/4lb so far.


Will it be rain? it’s a main concern every night.

Please allow me to have 30 minutes with small rain every morning..

Sat and Sun are extra days.

Let’s go jogging, the rain stopped!

Stay cool

Are you in a cold weather or in a hot weather?
Sea breath
Help arrived

Japan, we are in a hot and humid weather.

It’s like already in the middle of rainy season.


in the past years, we were informed after it has gone..

Sweat in a sauna a tub, sweat it out in the gym are fleeing good.

But around this time of year, between early summer to mid-summer, the risk of heatstroke gets high.

Moreover, we have to wear a mask now, it’ll be a cause of breathing difficulty.

We have to think about material for a mask. (Made by swimwear material?)

What can I do to prepare for heat?

I went to shop as soon as I saw 28 degrees on a weather forecast.

Usually purchase bath power, bath soap and body soap.

all help to cool down the body after a 🛁. It induces sneezing though. 🤧

The bath water we usually take is 40 to 41 degrees, later cooling down the head and body with those coolants.


Body adaptation needs time, so better take the first move early.

It keeps us away from too much air conditioner use.

As a result we are able to avoid both heat stroke and air-conditioner sick.

扇風機 > クーラー

Enjoy the way to summer 2020