A close encounter of the Third cat

Looking at unknown third cat
He didn’t look like care.

That’s why Chobi needs his patrol two, three times a day.


Take me out to the ball game.

For the first time since the spring of 2020, NPB Nippon Professional Baseball lifted the restriction for the seating capacity, now each stadium can accept spectators to its full capacity. A mask and social distancing are still remaining as COVID prevention.

Our favorite baseball team is Yokohama Baystars, and its main stadium located in Yokohama bay area.

It’s only 20 minutes drive from our place, so we would decide and go watch the games even after finish the work in weekdays.

We can buy a bleacher seat at a window for unplanned visit.

Baystars at Hiroshima Carp
Baystars lost.. and rained.

Baystars was in last place for the last season.

However the team is popular, because of many programs for attracting both its fans and regular spectators.

A fan throws three pitches towards the giant catcher’s mitt

Live in the present moment.


Chobi comes down every morning, checking on just outside house.

Friends are in sympathy w/ each other.

I have a friend who I’ve met while we were living in a dorm in the US, it was 2004.

We send a present for each other’s birthdays since then.

She is living in Tokyo and I’m Yokohama, those are next to each other on the map, but she is living in one of islands belonging to Tokyo.

After we came back to Japan, she visited my house and stayed a few days.

We went out, watched movies, talked a lot.

Once I visited her place by ✈️, that was already six, seven years ago.

I want to go meet her, but now is not a good timing because of COVID.

the Island she is living has an limited medical facility, so until safety is assured I must wait.

Anyway, it’s my birthday soon and I received a box today.

What I was surprised this time?

One, She chose leg warmers for me which I really really wanted.

Two, a message card she chose for me, I had with me.

I bought it sometime ago for no reason just I thought it’s cute.

What a coincidence! She and I are connected, even after a decade later.

As the world entered into a very dangerous situation right now, I have feeling frightened and scared.

Her message and stuff she chose for me definitely gave me warmth in depth. ❤️

I’m not alone.

I can’t live by myself.

A Thursday break

Making pound cake w/o butter and sugar.

It contains pancake mix, one egg, and soy milk.

One is sweet bean paste cake.

Other is chocolate.

Pancake mix x200g

Egg x1

Soy milk x200-220cc

Cacao powder x1 tablespoon

Chocolate chips x1 tablespoon

Sweet bean paste x30g

Two paper molds

Preheat the oven at 170 degrees, bake 23 minutes.

Sweets directly work for brain.

Have a wonderful evening. ✌️