When it’s snowing outside.

Today junior high school students will take an exam for private high schools. It’s a very serious and significant event.

I wish all of student the best of luck.

And hope schools to be flexible for whom being late due to the limited transportation this morning.

It’s said will be snowing from now on.

When it’s snow in metropolitan area, very quickly public transportations get impacted.

Like Tokyo, if trains and buses become unavailable people gathering in the area during daytime will lose means to go home.

One thing I think Covid brought useful is work-from-home.

After Covid, companies are more flexible for the place to work when the weather will be not good.

Used to be we just obsessed with the traditional way of work, whatever happen we’ll go to the office even if we might not be able to go home.

Strange and unreasonable but that was the norm.

We take trains and buses to commute, therefore public transportations companies have no choice but keep the normal operation as much as possible.

They apologize for the delay even if it is nothing to do with them.

It’s weather, natural phenomenon, beyond our control. I feel sorry for TokyuToyoko line operator, or they can decide suspension of trains to protect their employees.

And passenger cars mostly don’t prepare tires for the snow, and easily cause accidents here there anywhere.

I’d be ready in snowshoes and would walk when there is no other way to go home.

Anyway, this morning I made Inarizushi, it’s been a while since the last time I made them.

Inarizushi is good in nutrition, easy to eat, and tasty whether it’s warm or not warm.

As if it’ll really snow we are not able to go out or go shopping so it’s better prepare meals and check an inventory ahead.