Mixed relay triathlon!


Clear sky after a typhoon 8th has passed, Yokohama 29 degrees now. I can hear a cicada’s chirp.

It seems a new triathlon introduced from 2020 Tokyo that is a mixed relay triathlon.

Each country make a team with two female athletes and two male athletes. And swim, bike, and run, a shortening distance.

It mean, it will give me chances to enjoy swim/dive part four times.

It was so much fun watching athlete baton passing to the next teammate then he/she runs and dives into the water 🏊🏻‍♀️!

New triathlon mixed relay.

I’m so happy that Jonathan Brownlee won a gold medal🥇!

I watched him carrying his broken bike to finish bike portion in Yokohama triathlon race. Since then I’m his fan and love triathlon more than before.

On Twitter

Hope this mixed relay triathlon will be also included in the next Olympic/Paralympic games in 2024.


Sunshower and lightning

Typhoon eighth is striking Tohoku region today.

Yokohama also had a heavy rain and lightning in a.m. I saw sunshine at the same time so it was sunshower.

COVID-19, Record breaking heavy rain, One year delayed Olympic and Paralympic, Typhoon, all at once.

We just accept, and do what we can do with what we have.

As a best option, Olympic Village and game venues are only for limited certified people. No one who has COVID-19 can enter.

So what else we can do more than that, who can make it better and safer? It’s up to an individual consciousness and carefulness.

Like, when you are with a handful of stuff, being in a hurry, being busy with chatting, therefore skip washing hands,

that single action may cause COVID, and later you’ll have PCR positive,

that is too much but need to think that way now.

There is no “whatever”, “who care”, “I don’t know”.

I hope that all of athletes to stay away from any risk, only they can protect themselves.

Most of us have been doing our part to not spread COVID-19 anymore, regardless of agree/disagree with 2020 Tokyo.

We are wearing masks almost 100% (Shibuya live stream) unless having medical reason, washing hands every time there’s a chance, and rubbing hands by alcohol every time there is a disinfection solution.

Delta definitely became more infectious to stop with conventional public health methods we have been relying on.

This morning I watched Ohtani-san after a while. Usually his games on BS NHK but for now Ohtani-san is being on a cable tv, for Olympic/Paralympic games.

Olympic first week has ended, we’ve been watching games from early morning to evening everyday.

And now I become wanting official products of “2020 Tokyo”.

Then, last night my partner gave me these socks. it’s ASICS. He got it via Amazon.

In Pairs

Learned that ASICS is one of official sponsors of Japan team for 2020 Tokyo.

Japanese Judo – Abe Uta san and Hifumi san, gold medalists. They are in ASICS training jackets.

It’s red, also look like pink and orange. A warm cheerful color.

I’ll keep these with a label. It’s too precious to actually put on.

Mixture of bright colors!

I’m happy that I was able watch 2020 Tokyo up until now, at the same time 2020 Tokyo should not go on without second thought just because it has begun.

Monday morning after four-day off.

Even all of spectators have been canceled, road race related games are available! I just saw on tv that many spectators are beside the course and it’s really nice 👍.

2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic has begun on 23rd July, maybe for that reason Thursday and Friday on last week were made holiday specifically this year.

During four days, enjoyed games like a softball, judo, football, weightlifting, and 3on3 basketball.

And this morning, a triathlon from 6:30!

They just restarted though.

It’s held in Odaiba, and the water quality of Odaiba was once unqualified due maximum 21 times of coliform bacteria detection in the water, that has been improved by installing a screen. Safer and cleaner now.

I love swim part, they make two circles of the course so they are back to a landing stage and dive into the water again. I always think they look like fishes, a queer scene but beautiful.

Even the athlete very low ranking after swim, he’ll recover his rank gradually during bike and run.

And they run last 100m with full force with all their strength to beat each other, it looks like sprint.

It’s really fortunate without rain, if it’s rain the water quality would have been affected.

Next the bike!

Tokyo 2020, finally has begun.

Right now, watching softball game of Australia at Japan. Azuma ballpark in Fukushima.


There are controversies around this time’s Olympic/Paralympic games, it’s not wrong I think people have different opinions.

On the other hand, once you start watching whatever games, you are drawn into it.

All athletes are putting all of them into each performance, now every single pitch a pitcher throws with everything she got.

Whenever chances arise, I hope everybody to cheer all of athletes on.

It has begun. A game played in real earnest.

Paddle surfing

Last time when I went to Yamashita park for jogging, I saw people enjoying paddle surfing by the sea of Rinko park.

It looked fun.

This morning I went Yamashita park again, by train.

Checked GUNDAM first, it was there standing quietly. Looked cool.

GUNDAM is so attractive.

Then jogged to Rinko park, and found people on surf boards, paddling.

SUP : standup paddle surfing

I’ve seen this in Hawaii before.

Besides surfing there are several kinds, like paddle surfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding, and bodyboarding.

Back then in Hawaii, I was living in a dormitory.

And one of dorm mates who was from Sweden, a 190cm tall guy was doing kite surfing.

One day he broke his nose.

I thought like, with speed more serious injuries, paddle surfing will be a safer option.

And wanted to try someday.

With the current situation, it maybe a few years later, once Covid settles and when I finally visit Hawaii.

Or might be a chance to try at Yokohama harbor.

listening carefully and cancel out right away.

While I’m in a meeting, I really listen carefully what people are talking and complement unspoken words to complete sentences to process Japanese to English translation.

When we talk in Japanese, we start talking about something w/o S in S + V + O syntax.


Often like, ah, what’s the current status of?

For S, I need to find out from the following (or previous) conversation or minutes of meeting and add.

Not sure if this patchwork translation/interpretation is working as expected but at least English speakers are not left behind. Or don’t have to feel so.

One hour input/output, then reset. And start over.

I’ve had experiences of meeting interpretation for an app development in the past.

Japanese client talks in Japanese -> convert into English (by me) -> Vietnamese programmers listen.

Q and A case

Vietnamese programmers talk in English -> convert into Japanese (by me) -> Japanese client listens.

Repeat until requirements become clear.

It’s lifelong learning, and it’s fun.

Moderna vaccine

It’s been rainy days for two weeks and yesterday finally sunshine was back, I did laundry twice and hanging clothes and futon outside.

Then I went to the office for vaccination.

If you received a shot or shots, which one did you get, Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca?

Any side effect/ after effect?

This morning it was sunny and hot, nice weather for jogging but I better avoid exercising for a few days.

Moderna vaccine gave me a fever, chills and headache from this noon.

It won’t happen often, it rarely happens.

For years I haven’t had a fever like this. Forgetting the tiredness from cold.

It is Moderna. Reason is obvious so there is no concern.

When having injury, cold, or even feeling down, I realize how graceful having a healthy body that will most likely be back in days. It is time for being patient.

Silently laying in futon, thinking about how fortunate I was to be able to receive vaccine.

My toes are cold but my face is hot.

And my stomach making noises for a meal but don’t have appetite.

Let’s see. This shall go away in days.

I didn’t expect these symptoms occurring at this morning so enjoyed 10min bike. I was mistaken.

A bike for rainy season, mid winter and intense heat.

My mom received Pfizer and she got a fever too, my body is trying to build protection against Covid.

Tokyo 2020 without spectators, that is correct judgement and that is really unfortunate.

I stay home, watching games as much as possible through screens.

Search VR goggles in Amazon.

When brain is sleepy, wake up by a short jog.

Either it is weekday or weekend,

when there is no particular reason to feel physical fatigue but feel like staying at home,

my brain is the one being tired.

Except heavy rain outside, I’ll do stretching and squats.

Then out for a short jogging.

It takes less than 30 min to get back home.

Then have a 🛁, get a massage in the massage chair after cool down.

Start working at 9:45.



My small table installed chair is taken by Chobi.

Have a good hump day!