Taking a break


The thing between two is a pillow that helps stretching a back.

Did buy that for my mom a few years ago.

Which also useful to divide the territory into two.

They even use it as a pillow.


To the ballpark

a little fun and excitement.

The Japanese professional baseball league is currently limiting the number of audience to 5,000 ppl or less for each game.

It’s 1/6 compared with a capacity audience.

Meaning 1/6 probability of the ticket.

it is almost impossible to watch the main team this year. (一軍)

So what we came up with was going for a farm team, a secondary team of DeNA Baystars. (二軍戦)

And that turned out to be a great idea.

We tried it for the first time last weekend, we arrived too early.

Sun was still close and active, it was really hot.

We were bathed in sweat while waiting in line.

From that experience we got a point. Yesterday arrival was right before the game begins.

There was no queue.

the temperature around 30 degrees or less, cool enough with sea breeze.

And we got our seats in the nice area, which was more than expected.


With 1/6 audiences, the baseball clubs must be in a tough management situation, yet as an audience entry restriction makes viewing environment better.

During the game, security guards gave us a constant advice “not to shout, not to sing” and “wearing masks except while eating food.”

less people, less come in contact with each other

What emerged as good thing about no loud cheering, is

we can watch the game peacefully

and enjoy sounds of pitching / batting.

I heard one pitcher’s breathing, and the whizzing sound made by one batter. Sounded very close.

On a personal level, I dislike boos…. it just makes me sad.

We are only human, we all have good time and bad time,

Basically all players are doing their best, that what I think is true.

Fortunately in the current circumstance I don’t have to hear that.

Of course I miss good old days.

In Japanese professional baseball, tailored songs are prepared for each player.

It’s worth singing along together.

(Even memorize songs beforehand)

And crowd shout out loud for the favorite players, cheering, clapping hands and high-five with people around.

A sense of unity.

But we are not able to have both protection from corona and full enjoyment.

Forget about what was used to be.

Be happy with what I have.

Making waffles is one of pleasures on weekends, too.

Waffle maker delivered.

Just a little break in the middle of lingering summer heat


I took a nap yesterday.

all of a sudden I was caught in this undeniable sleepiness from consecutive morning-jog, and lay down 30 min.

When I woke up チョビ was there.

Of course he kept on napping until evening.

I would be lost in busyness, but seeing my cats put me back on track.

A small creature with mighty power of healing.

And a revelation.

Business or pleasure


A name sounds familiar, it reminds me of the Kahala Mall in HI.

Miss the place very much.

Yesterday, me and mom went out for errands to Yokohama Landmark Plaza.

Mom needed to arrange gifts in return for the Obon gift we have received from relatives. me pick up glasses that has been done a lens replacement.

We took a car instead of train. Train is eco-friendly, a car is less risk of covid-19. we avoided to take public transportation.

On the way to Landmark Plaza, there was a gorgeous hotel built at the corner of Pacifico Yokohama.

Sometimes it feels like a building suddenly built and appeared.

“The KAHALA” from Kahala Honolulu.

WAIKIKI, Honolulu HI

One of my friend held a wedding ceremony in Hawaii.
Two of my brother’s friends, too. He attended to the both.

I used to live in a dorm-room near Waikiki for six months.

One of girls i met at the dorm, who was a three-month abroad student.

She fell in love with one Korean guy who was also living in the dorm.
After three months past, she left for Japan
She was not able to give up on him, so she flew back two or three times for visiting her boyfriend even though she could stay only one day or so..A bullet tour.
In the dorm, floors were separated 1st floor for male and 2nd floor for female.

Therefore when she visited her boyfriend she stayed at my room.

Something strange as we were already adult but had to respect the rule as a student.

From the dorm-life, three couples who started dating in the dormitory got married afterwards. Japanese lady and Japanese guy, Japanese lady and Swedish guy, Japanese lady and Russian guy.
She did not make it with that Korean guy.

Even before that, me and my friends frequently took a trip to Hawaii.

Two of my friends once settled in an apartment for three months, that was totally unplanned extension.

They probably wanted to live longer (or indefinitely) if they could, unfortunately three-month stay was the maximum for Japanese.

Hawaii is such special place for Japanese. I don’t really know why, anyway most of us are just brainwashed.

While I was in the dorm-life, my mom came visiting me by herself.
We took trip to beaches in other countries too, but definitely Hawaii is the most heavily visited place.

it’s been five years since the last trip.

Until this Feb, I was ignorant of the preciousness of overseas trip.

Always “time” came first, and if could secure time we were able to take a trip to anywhere anytime as we desired.

But now, I don’t see any future that I can take a walk around Waikiki. I can’t even go to Tokyo international airport.

I think Haneda and Narita look like this. I haven’t gotten there since Feb.

I Hope The KAHALA has restaurant we can enjoy Hawaiian dishes. As dining out with careful preparation and guideline is one of luxuries these days.

I will take my mom to revisit Hawaiian atmosphere.

We are longing for the beach from our heart, mom loves swimming in shallow water.

I can’t swim but love to run the beach.

Sauna and Cold bath

The Japanese love Furo 風呂, you may know that.

And some of us love a sauna bath.

It’s called “サウナー” (a saunagoer) who loves sauna and cold bath.

Who believes in the bathing activity helps getting in shape (整える) both physical and mental.

Seems someone even started the world’s first research project in サウナで整う訳 ( news report in YouTube – “a reason why sauna works getting in shape”)

I think saunagoer’s contribution is one of reasons why those public bathhouses are surviving until this day.

Let me introduce my favorite public bathhouse, Tokuno-yu

I’ve been there everyday,

when I was 19, 20, 21 years old. With my old friends.

we were just obsessed so much with the bathing.

We were young and nonsensical.

Crazy about beauty, and tried anything which may have positive impact to make ourselves look good.

Since then I go Tokuno-Yu once in a while.

It feels so good taking a sauna/cold bath, so refreshing.

There is no alternative to sauna I could come up with.

Like many others, after COVID-19 the place had to be temporary closed until recently. For three months maybe?

Now they are open and look like they are recovering their customers.

“Can I go and join the bathing?”

Maybe negative.


Since March or April, we have been advised to avoid gathering, close contact in the close room.

It’s called Sanmitsh(三密).

The question is, if humidity and high temperature will help deactivate coronavirus, just like UV sterilization.

Within UV wavelength, UV-B(280nm〜315nm) has sterilizing power.

I’ve been expecting to hear something similar..

Unfortunately, from the early stage the spread has been seen in many countries with high temperature and humidity.

And there is no concrete scientific evidence about environmental condition will decrease the power of Covid-19 until today.

Not yet. No.

🖐 Waiting is the only thing I can do.

While having a strong desire to sweating in the sauna, I am pulling myself away from it.

as it’s too early being in the closed sauna room with an unspecified number of people.

Instead, enjoy what I have.

Happy to be at home,

in the bathtub at home.

Playing by myself, doing a trial and error with like this, or this.

……it’s okay.

Yesterday, I did sunbathing in the backyard.

My cat was looking at me from the inside through the window.

35 degrees outside.

I can’t believe it’s almost one year from the day my dad was carried away to the hospital.

His first year service will be held on Sep.

Hope the COVID-19 will be calm and relatives can join with us.

Visit the old and know the new 温故知新

Soy beans are called the “meat of the field”.

Edamame is an early ripening soybean

Around this time of the year we are able to buy seasonal edamame.

I got two bags of edamames, and boiled four minutes and a half.

Cool the heat with the strong wind using a fan. How quickly cool it down, is the key.

Then, put in the fridge.

Sprinkle the salt before eat.🍻

Edamame contains vegetable protein, vegetable fat and potassium.

Potassium has a diuretic effect which helps to prevent being swollen after drinking, in the next morning.

Besides, most of us eat edamame just simply because it’s delicious 😋.

Sweet smell

As it is often said, everything is good in its season.

a delicious taste with high nutritive value.

Mame dayo

Can’t enjoy 36 degrees outside but edamame and beer mitigate loss of appetite.