April is being hotter than used to be

Monday break

Really hot for us but he looks happy
At last he’s got hot
Transmitting heat to the floor
And hid in the shade

I went shopping at lunchtime just now, it was hot like summer.

Every year a seasonal transition becomes quicker and there were not long enough rainy seasons for the past several years. hydrangeas in the backyard didn’t bloom last year.

Hope they would come out this year.


Eyestrain relief

Find a way to rest eyes is not easy.

Except being in sleep, I’m always looking at something restlessly. During daytime I try looking up the sky to rest my eyes still I’m looking at the sky.

PC, smartphone, books, TV.

Or things for meal prep, doing dishes, laundry.

Eyes are working without break.

As a result, I felt some strange feeling in my eyes, fatigue and strain behind eyeballs.

I tried a warm wet towel, it worked well.

Just soak a towel well, squeeze moisture a bit, and put it into microwave warm for 30 seconds.

And cover eyes until the towel gets cold.


Also there are a variety of products for eyestrain relief, today my partner gave me one of those.

warm and gentle

It becomes warm when I opened a plastic bag. An oxidation, maybe?

Found the explanation for its mechanism.

There are five ingredients: iron powder, water, water retention agent, activated charcoal, and salt. These are placed in a “non-woven bag.” Here

It is warm for 20 minutes, so I sit on a massage chair, did massage cover my eyes with these masks.

After a while around my eyes become warm and moist. Muscle around eyes have been softened.

Maybe sunlight is one of reasons for sore eyes. I’ll take a break in every 60 minutes, close my eyes instead of looking at the sky tomorrow. Will see if eyesight gets better or so.

Take me out to the rugby game.

The stadium we visited today, was one of main venues when Japan held 2019 Rugby World Cup.

It is “Nissan Stadium” near Shin-yokohama station known for Shinkansen train 🚅.

We were not able to go any games back in 2019.

It’s was World Cup, many people around the world have come watch the games.

Instead we explored around the stadium, the day Ireland played Scotland. It was fun! Here

Since then watching a rugby game on TV has become a part of our life.

And from this year, a new league system introduced to Japan Rugby. Japan Rugby League ONE.

Finally we were able to go watch a game today, CANON played PANASONIC.

Horie-san, who was a member of Japan Rugby team in 2019.

The atmosphere was different from baseball or sumo.

I was surprised by well-behaved fans and staffs, really amazed.

People in the stadium were quiet but cheering passionately with clap their hands.

There were only 8,000 for a venue with 70,000 capacity, you can picture the place with very few people. I hope there are more attendees next time we go.

Horie-san! he makes the team’s mood upward.