AI helps making academic paper and the paper is summarized by AI

Is my understanding correct? Why it’s necessary to run AI to increase a volume of paper if AI will decrease it later on. a pure curiosity. Maybe its conventional custom.


4th vaccine, Pfizer BA1

Unlike many other countries, Japanese government is still suggesting to keep our guard up.

4th vaccine is recommended for everyone.

I think now concern is more over long Covid.

Many symptoms thought to be caused by Covid. E.g. respiratory disorder, taste disorder, fatigue, dullness and more.

The vaccine will reduce the risk a bit, not completely. And vaccination every five to six months will be required in future, for years.

We are still wearing masks, and sanitizers can be found everywhere. 🇯🇵

It’s been three years without clear declaration “Now we can forget about Covid and go on vacation without mask”, however compared to 2020 things got better.

Life goes on, really? who knows?

There are uncertainties and I’m lost, I need to go with the flow whether like it or not.

Among many other uncertainties, Covid is an avoidable if we pay attention and being patient.

Others, we have to stop, recover, adjust and adapt.

PGA ZOZO Championship 2022 in Japan

Keegan Bradley san won this year! 2022/10/16

It’s day3, we went to Chiba. Left home at 4:50. Arrived at Narashino golf club at 6:40.

ZOZO championship is a rare opportunity to see professional golfers from overseas including Japanese golfers who play mainly in the US, here in Japan.

Tiger Woods won his 82nd PGA in 2019.

Last year Hideki Matsuyama won the tournament.

How about this year? We’ll see tomorrow.

Anyway, we were able to see many many golfers today. We walked 12,000 steps, and enjoyed it.

I got a new friend.
We are all crazy about Hideki Matsuyama san.

And most exciting thing was the sound of driving.





Excuse me, since I have no idea how to say in English. I am not sure any equivalent expressions exist or so.

Collected snapshots

We’ll go to driving range tomorrow morning, while what we watched are still fresh we better imitate as much as possible.

And I have to share the winner Keegan Bradley-san’s emotional tweet here.

I cried. Just how wonderful family is.

Mom and cats are happy

I really like exercising, I believe it’s inheritance from my dad.

This tendency is not affecting my mom, unfortunately,

I asked mom to go to a driving range, but she was not interested in.

Or tell her how wonderful it is to have a 10 minute walk in an early morning, she says that’s nice but never joins.

so after my dad passed away I’m always worried about her lack of exercise, with dad mom always had things to do to take care of him, and now she is less active and reluctant to go out.

Some days she won’t come down stairs to the first floor when there is no delivery or so.

However, since the construction of stairs finished last week, the stairs to the third floor seem to motivate her a lot, to climb up and down many times a day.

Mom clean the floor and organize stuff there, she is enjoying more than expected.

She likes take care of plants and flowers, she is thinking to expand her indoor miniature garden that’s already everywhere.

Stairs completed..?

This is around noon



Tomorrow this will really complete. A handrail and a paper hanging.

I’m happy as my mom is happy.


Since this Wednesday or around I noticed the fall has set. A scent of autumn.

Sweet scent

No wonder, when I was jogging this morning there are blooming osmanthus trees here and there. It’s such a lovely season I should enjoy jogging as much as possible. It’s only weeks or so then dry, cold winter will be taking over.


After three days work, carpenters made it and mom was so happy so was Chobi.

I didn’t know but a cat really sensitive about changes in home and environment. For example Chobi got irritated and bit mom and my partner. Usually He doesn’t do that. I think because of noise and in and out of unknown people for three days.


Red sky 2022/10/2

View from the window on the attic. We can see fireworks from here, next summer will be exciting.

Need to clean the window.