Jogging @Yamashita park 山下公園ジョギング

I haven’t been there for a while, today the air was cool and slight autumn scent from trees.

My legs were heavy, as i’ve been jogging without break.

So, I took a walk, enjoyed grass and autumn flowers.

There were more joggers than during summer, from now on it’s the best season for running.

Interestingly those cormorants are always line up, keep a certain distance each other on the anchor chains, if you expand the picture you’ll be able to see. 点点

Cormorants line up on the anchor chains.

Also a paddle surfing class was being held.

At 0730, a bit raining.

I was going to take a train from somewhere on my way home but jogged and walked 8km in 90minutes after all.

I fell sleep in the bathtub. It was good early morning out.


Earthquake and a cable car

We don’t know when earthquake will hit us.

Last night, at around 23:00 there was earthquake an intensity of 5.

I went to bed at 22:00 so probably right after I fell sleep the earthquake woke me up.

Fortunately there was no damage and we all back to sleep.

During a daytime, I was cruising around Minatomirai Yokohama looking for a present for my friend in Hachijo Jima island.

Day out is good way to recharge, and relief eyes fatigue after hours of study.

I saw a cable car that newly installed from Sakuragicho station to Worldporters shopping mall.

Far side is Sakuragicho station
Arrive at Worldpoeters shopping mall

Its distance is six hundred meters, yet scenery from the cable car is unique and enjoyable, it’s passing by an amusement park, traveling above a canal, in the canal there is an amphibious vehicle visible.

A tourist bus in the canal

I could have fun shopping for my friend, bought “Hawaiian Airline” T-shirts and 2022 calendar for my friend.

Hawaii is the place we first met 17 years ago. so I always choose something related Hawaii to cherish the days.

There are earthquake reports from many different regions daily basis.

And there are so many disaster reports from places all over the world.

Basically there is nothing we can do. We can’t stop or escape.

Therefore it would be better spend the given time on things we really want to do, as much as possible.