a cat, he doesn’t have name yet.

It’s been six days. A kitten has settled down, and started exploring around the house.

A nap
On the top of the tower
Bites this, bites that

1st of September 2022

Unbelievably fast, it’s September already.

The world keeps spinning round.

Our cat is hardworking protect our house.

Enjoying sunshine
A cat basket

Grandma once told me, when you get older every day just fly away. Sun rises and sun goes down very quickly. Back then I was in my 30s, always busy, rushing around, not much time to think about it. Understand that now.

Cats napping all day and night, rarely stay sitting longer than minutes. walking but heading straight to a meal plate, or searching a place to sleep.

When stroking they look satisfied and happy, we are happy too.

On Tuesday

With a cat

He claws a door of the room I’m working daily. If I let him in he’ll lay down and maintain himself, and sleep.

I was working, he was relaxing

And this morning, my mom said she got fever last night. We both thought she got Covid.

I took her to a doctor, she was supposed to get a booster shot today, but got fever so we asked for PCR test instead.

fortunately it was negative.

We were waiting outside of the clinic in a heatwave produced by ambient temperature of 36 degrees. as a preventative measure patient who has fever is not allowed to enter the clinic.

At home, Chobi our cat was sleeping on the floor in the cool room.

Cat settled down

This week the weather isn’t good..

When it’s sunny both cats are sleeping almost all day on their place in sunroom. When it’s raining or cloudy they’ll be on my mother’s bed. Sleeping. Always sleeping.

Lately, one of our cats Chobi, he’s anyway comes down in the morning does a morning patrol his territory (our residence area).

Even if at 5:00 in the morning, he’ll come down.

And enjoys exploring around, sleeps on the sofa.

Looking upstairs?
You can’t go upstairs from here.
On a protective color sofa.

It’s already December. Really fast, feeling it’s faster than 2019 and that’s a bit strange.

Now the life changed, our social sphere is limited. I jog for 4km but that’s all. I walk 8000 steps a day but in 2019 I was commuting to Roppongi, going shopping, dining out with my friends, taking a trip to Okinawa. A distance to travel everyday must had been longer.

Life has been slow and quiet last year and this year and I got used to it.

Still missing airplanes, love to visit Waikiki beach and enjoy surfing.

Maybe within five years or so I hope it to be realized.