Thinking about adopting a cat, and he came.

A photo on the top is Chobi about 12 months old.

Chobi today
Welcome Tiger~

UPDATE from here —- Today we went to pick him up, and until now mom enjoyed playing with him.

It’s been some decades since the last time we had kittens.

G-san got along with Tiger very quickly, and Chobi is still observing from distance away. Hope he’ll let his guard down.

The other day, my mother said she would love to have a kitten from a shelter if she has a chance.

We have two cats, one is G-san he is over 10 years old, and the other one Chobi he is 6 years old.

Our concern is Chobi likes to play, he is fast and strong.

He tries to play with G-san, G-san loves napping all the time except eating so ignores Chobi, and Chobi bites G-san, G-san screams, and we interrupt Chobi.

G-san is frozen with shock. We comfort him by stroking. It’s happening daily.

We talk to Chobi not to, but Chobi keeps doing the same.

G-san looks terrible every time after he is bitten.

That was early this month.

I started checking on the web, a shelter where we have found Chobi, other shelters, and a new place that is holding an even for cats adoption, only three stations away from home.

So I went there, see if there is any kitten we are able to adopt.

And there were five three months old kittens. I left my request for one of them, a boy who meowed me.

His name is a “Sandal”

I didn’t know a three months old cat is almost same size as a grown cat.

Once ago, one of our cats gave a birth to three kittens in the washroom. So we know how small a new born kitten is. It was really small, it was palm size.

we kept two of them and one cat was adopted by mom’s friend. They lived long with us.

Maybe, one day if we keep waiting there will be a day to have a chance for a new born kitten, however there are many a few months old kittens looking for a home so why do we have to wait.

I told mom and my older brother about “Sandal”. They are glad and welcoming.

We’ll hear from the shelter by next Thursday, they are checking our environment is secure and good for a kitten.


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