Appreciate my health when I get sick

Last weekend we went out watching a rugby game. It was cold outside, I think 6,7 degrees.

We both got our warm down jackets however it was really unbearably cold. I bought a blanket that helped us for the second half.

I think since then my partner got a little cold, and I got it too from yesterday or day before.

It always occurs to me when I get sick, how lucky I am to have strong body. And regret that I was not pay proper attention to maintain, myself.

Now one of my family got Covid, even we live totally separate rooms, I had to worry about infection. Did a antigen test and it was negative.

Still, having fever and sore throat are not happy. Maybe the air outside and inside are too dry this winter. I’m hanging wet towels as much as I can it’ll supply humidity.

You too, take care of yourself. Health is not guaranteed, tomorrow’s health depends on how you live today.

Have a wonderful dinner!


A fence between properties.

I would not have cared about it, if COVID-19 had never occurred.

the long I spend time at home, the more I want to spend time outdoor.

Which actually happened because of a backyard renovation we did last year.


Most of trees have been removed, that’s given us zero maintenance expansive garden.

When I’m standing there, I’m clearly visible from neighbors and from a street.


In summer, WFH sitting on a concrete block area with my earphones on.

There wasn’t much trouble.

But sometimes someone’s walking on the street noticed my existing and immediately looked away.

I started looking for a fence. Finally.

And searched on Amazon, they have a fence which costs some good ¥23,000 for a piece.

I’ll need four or five.

If I must pay that much, it’s better think about serious renovations by some company.

Then came up with the diy idea.

I went to a diy store, there was less people.

Met a very cute beagle dog ❤️ she was licking a window.

I was looking for a block, a pole and a sunshade.

There was a really nice heavy block with hole that was too heavy I wasn’t able to hold.

I bought two plastic poles, and two light weight blocks.

One side


The other side
Perfect as expected!!

On April WFH begun,

we were staying home for a couple of months.

Then the situation looked like started recovering little by little, a new normal daily life.

Now I know that was too optimistic.

In fact, after summer a season was changing to fall, almost rapidly number of infected people began to increase day by day.

This morning, it was 162,000.

I thought it was 80,000 only few months ago.

Many people think “GO TO” campaign, that Japanese government aimed to boost economy by providing subsidies of up to 50 percent on travel related costs within Japan, is one of reasons of this second wave.

As 10 months would be long enough to get used to the COVID-19 emergency situation.

But I wouldn’t go out.

Keep public health rules and wearing a mask.

It’s already Dec.

I’ve been living like this, I can go on.

Basically, making our backyard more comfortable space.

Staying at home.

Enjoy reading books and staring at the sky.

Be safe and be good. That’s the plan.

Can’t be a burden to medical workers and doctors.

Manual treadmill for winter

This very unusual year has been a less variation of life.

Nevertheless, time never stops and 2020 is going to finish in 83 days?

It’s was HOT like crazy until three weeks ago.

On the way back from morning jogging, I wetted my towel at the park’s water-tap to cool down my head.

Got wet all over at last by sweating.

And now, it is already fall.

The seasons rotate regardless of COVID-19.

I am happy to jog outside except from Dec, Jan and Feb.

Dec could be fine.

Jan and Feb are most often cold, I must be strong or I shrink from going outside.

Naturally, the exercise frequency decreases on Jan and Feb.

Even though somehow I manage to go out and run, the sweat.. it gets unbearably cold as I get warm and hot.

No way to avoid sweating anyhow. Actually that’s the main purpose of jogging. Work a sweat.

Happy if I were like this.

One of options would be a gym for three months.

There are two gyms I might be able to go, one is 800m away and other one is 1km away.

・How do I get there? On foot or by a car. I don’t have a bicycle.

・Both places don’t have a shower.

It’s hard to decide.

Either jogging outside in freezing cold.

Or go to the gym on foot / by a car. Ride on a treadmill, and change the clothes or go home in a cold sweat wear, finally take a shower at home.

I left the gym in 2017, then I became an all season outdoor jogger.

And “how-to-overcome-winter” topic always comes up in my mind around this time of year.

There is another option.

Since last winter I have been searching a manual treadmill on does have some,

Like this or this

(A bit of concern is that there is no user review. )

but I prefer bigger and durable.

So I’ll buy one from

For running, deck length must be 110cm or more.

Like this one, (it is not available now.)

I think I can put it next to our car space or in the backyard, that’s convenient.

Right after finish running, I can run to a hot shower and a bathtub!

Buying from overseas takes longer to receive, it’d be better decide in a couple of weeks.

Do you have any recommendations? Please let me know.