4th vaccine, Pfizer BA1

Unlike many other countries, Japanese government is still suggesting to keep our guard up.

4th vaccine is recommended for everyone.

I think now concern is more over long Covid.

Many symptoms thought to be caused by Covid. E.g. respiratory disorder, taste disorder, fatigue, dullness and more.

The vaccine will reduce the risk a bit, not completely. And vaccination every five to six months will be required in future, for years.

We are still wearing masks, and sanitizers can be found everywhere. 🇯🇵

It’s been three years without clear declaration “Now we can forget about Covid and go on vacation without mask”, however compared to 2020 things got better.

Life goes on, really? who knows?

There are uncertainties and I’m lost, I need to go with the flow whether like it or not.

Among many other uncertainties, Covid is an avoidable if we pay attention and being patient.

Others, we have to stop, recover, adjust and adapt.


Moderna vaccine

It’s been rainy days for two weeks and yesterday finally sunshine was back, I did laundry twice and hanging clothes and futon outside.

Then I went to the office for vaccination.

If you received a shot or shots, which one did you get, Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca?

Any side effect/ after effect?

This morning it was sunny and hot, nice weather for jogging but I better avoid exercising for a few days.

Moderna vaccine gave me a fever, chills and headache from this noon.

It won’t happen often, it rarely happens.

For years I haven’t had a fever like this. Forgetting the tiredness from cold.

It is Moderna. Reason is obvious so there is no concern.

When having injury, cold, or even feeling down, I realize how graceful having a healthy body that will most likely be back in days. It is time for being patient.

Silently laying in futon, thinking about how fortunate I was to be able to receive vaccine.

My toes are cold but my face is hot.

And my stomach making noises for a meal but don’t have appetite.

Let’s see. This shall go away in days.

I didn’t expect these symptoms occurring at this morning so enjoyed 10min bike. I was mistaken.

A bike for rainy season, mid winter and intense heat.

My mom received Pfizer and she got a fever too, my body is trying to build protection against Covid.

Tokyo 2020 without spectators, that is correct judgement and that is really unfortunate.

I stay home, watching games as much as possible through screens.

Search VR goggles in Amazon.

Living with Covid.

Finally my mother received her 1st Covid shot today.

I can never thank enough to people who developed the vaccine, delivered to the clinic, and doctor and nurse to gave a shot.

A clinic where my mom usually visits for prescription drugs, the place started to support a vaccination for people aged 65 or older living nearby.

Also near future vaccination will be extended to the rest of population.

COVID-19 vaccine

found a white cat was hanging around the neighborhood.

I called and called but never went through.

and it’s been fully booked again.

It says “it’s closed 終了“.

A booking system also does not work.

There is no “○ available” days at all.
Tried click on dates, it says “that date is not available”.

This is the current situation, I did this for my mother as she can’t do this by herself it’s too complicated.

It’s been a year, so not much difference if it to be extended a few more months. We’ll be patient.