The father – movie

Now Hannibal is in his 80s. 傘寿

Many people know the actor Anthony Hopkins for his role in Hannibal movies. And it’s a movie review of the actor, played a regular person, a father.

The father

actually I haven’t watched it yet.

There are several reasons I chose this;

I love Anthony Hopkins since the movie “Hannibal”.

He is actually in his 80s means he is actually living life just like this movie. And,

This is about dementia

He reminds me of my dad

My dad was Parkinson’s disease, and he was having some symptoms of dementia too. He died at the age of 73 so I don’t know what it’s like if he is still here and lived in his 80s. I wanted to learn that through the movie.

It’s on my Amazon prime watchlist. First, it is a serious theme for me at least, I need time and space to be immersed in the story.

Have you watched? If you have, I’d be thankful hearing from you for what you thought about. Or if you are interested in, what interests you?


A book review 貝と羊の中国人

I used to work with many Chinese coworkers, some were kind and warm some were aggressive and tough. It’s been a long while.

Recently I read a book titled “Strangers in their own land” written by Arlie Russell Hochschild.

Some people might have heard of it. I thought it was worth reading. Difficult and it requires reread many times.

And next a book, 貝と羊の中国人 written by Japanese scholar recommended by Amazon.

Probably it came from my search activities on Google.

Unfortunately this book “貝と羊の中国人” is only available in Japanese. I would recommend this to everyone who might be interested in Chinese cultural history to date.

The other book I mentioned earlier “Strangers in their own land” was originally written in English and translated into Japanese so I bought Japanese one.

貝と羊の中国人 Book introduction (Deepl translation)

“A strange country where money-making and communism do not contradict each other. A groundbreaking book on China by an up-and-coming scholar.”

“Wealth, money, betting, buying: ……. Righteousness, beauty, goodness, nourishment: ……. The Chinese characters for “shellfish” and “sheep” offer a glimpse into the depths of the Chinese people. The shell culture of the Shang people, who were polytheistic and favored tangible goods. The sheep culture of the Zhou people was monotheistic and emphasised intangible principles. The ancestral form of the Chinese people’s ability to distinguish between “true” and “false” lies in the Shang and Zhou revolutions of 3,000 years ago. In a fresh and daring look at Chinese characters, language, exiles, populations, heroes, territories and national names, this book explores the essence of China and the Chinese people.”

Not sure what will be a response from people, I just happened to know some Chinese engineers, project managers, and general managers in person, and.

Our next door is from Taiwan.

I thought it is worth reading when I found (was found by book) the book. It’s a thin light weight book though it contains enough historical important point in easy to read form.

From this weekend I’ll start reading “The tyranny of merit” written by Michael Sandel.

YouTube advised me to watch his talk about the title the other day, and I immediately put the book into my Amazon cart.

While writing I realized that I am most likely controlled by GAFA.