The father – movie

Now Hannibal is in his 80s. 傘寿

Many people know the actor Anthony Hopkins for his role in Hannibal movies. And it’s a movie review of the actor, played a regular person, a father.

The father

actually I haven’t watched it yet.

There are several reasons I chose this;

I love Anthony Hopkins since the movie “Hannibal”.

He is actually in his 80s means he is actually living life just like this movie. And,

This is about dementia

He reminds me of my dad

My dad was Parkinson’s disease, and he was having some symptoms of dementia too. He died at the age of 73 so I don’t know what it’s like if he is still here and lived in his 80s. I wanted to learn that through the movie.

It’s on my Amazon prime watchlist. First, it is a serious theme for me at least, I need time and space to be immersed in the story.

Have you watched? If you have, I’d be thankful hearing from you for what you thought about. Or if you are interested in, what interests you?


The film Elvis

(notice there is Austin Butler within the list)

On Sunday, we went to movies. I really wanted to watch “Elvis” in theaters, as there must be great sound effects, also in theaters there is no distraction.

These days it’s hard to focus on movies at home, streaming is convenient but it also allows too much control, skip, fast forward, pause and stop watching in the middle. I have many movies in “continue watching”.

The film was 2 hours 39 minutes long but felt not long, there was no unnecessary scene, all of them explained or described something important.

It was made understandable, songs were great, and replication of stage performance were more than imagined.

All songs were the original ones, the actor was lip syncing but looked like he was actually singing. From some point I started looking at him as Elvis.

And Tom Hanks was invisible, he was a big greedy manager of King of Rock and Roll. I became hate him.

I don’t know if Tom Hanks has ever acted such self-centered, tricky, exploiting, and obsessed with moneymaking character.

I’ve read wiki, and learned the life of Elvis for some extent. After watching it it made it more sad story. Sad.

We listened to “If I can dream” after the movie. It’s simply overwhelming.

My partner has never listened to Elvis until he watch the film, now he became a big fan of Elvis, he is listening “If I can dream” and “Unchained melody” every night.

Hope I can go theaters again, good movies have many aspects and full of unspoken contexts, I like watching the same movie again and again, it’ll never be faded.