Move from 2021 to 2022 in three days.

It’s 29th December today, and most of companies finished business of 2021 yesterday. My brother is still working though.

A new year business will start from 5th or 6th January.

Because of omicron strain a situation might be different after a few days. So far we haven’t heard any restriction on events during holidays.

Me and my partner are going to go out for the phantom of the opera on the 1st of January 2022. It’s our third time or fourth? Can’t wait!

I cooked Zoni(雑煮) this morning, it’s a traditional Japanese dish for the end/beginning of the year (年末年始). And another traditional meal Osechi(御節) will be delivered tomorrow. All set.

Osechi arrived!

For four of us.

And one more dish I cook is Namasu(なます) pickled shredded radish and carrot. As a salad? We tend to be face a lack of vegetables during holidays it’s better have one or two vegetable dishes in the fridge.

Pickles are good for a change

This month my partner changed his job after three years career in the current company, and I finished my contract.

My partner is going to go to his new office in January, and I am looking/waiting for a new job to reach me. A fresh start for both of us.

This winter is colder than usual, might see some snow during the next few days.

It’s third year with COVID and we are kind of used to the recent lifestyle. so we won’t go out much, eat out much, meet with friends or relatives, just being at home with family members. Quiet and tranquil break with books on our hands.

In spring hope the situation will be calm down and I am able to go out for a new job, meeting new people.

And we went the driving range, enjoyed golfing for an hour. we’ll be going tomorrow as well. I’m happy that we found a hobby we can enjoy together.