Pulled out wisdom teeth, Jan 2022

Had deep appreciation towards the dentists and dental assistants. Covid is spreading by droplet infection, they are risking their own health to prioritize treatment for patients.

Thank you so much.

Without dentists and dental assistants our teeth will merely be lost.

Since December my upper left teeth were somewhat uncomfortable.

Finally I went to the dentist today, and the doctor took a photo of the tooth.

It was black with a hole.

How could that happen? I brush my teeth three times a day….

He asked me if I have any plan afterward, I said no.

Then he said, if I’d like to take that out.

I said yes, so he did. within a minute.

A hole.

When I pulled out my wisdom tooth on lower right, it took a few hours to pull out and took months to recover a huge deep hole.

Wondering why this time was so easy, and almost no pain.

I appreciate the quick operation, he is the best dentist I’ve ever met.