The father – movie

Now Hannibal is in his 80s. 傘寿

Many people know the actor Anthony Hopkins for his role in Hannibal movies. And it’s a movie review of the actor, played a regular person, a father.

The father

actually I haven’t watched it yet.

There are several reasons I chose this;

I love Anthony Hopkins since the movie “Hannibal”.

He is actually in his 80s means he is actually living life just like this movie. And,

This is about dementia

He reminds me of my dad

My dad was Parkinson’s disease, and he was having some symptoms of dementia too. He died at the age of 73 so I don’t know what it’s like if he is still here and lived in his 80s. I wanted to learn that through the movie.

It’s on my Amazon prime watchlist. First, it is a serious theme for me at least, I need time and space to be immersed in the story.

Have you watched? If you have, I’d be thankful hearing from you for what you thought about. Or if you are interested in, what interests you?


4th vaccine, Pfizer BA1

Unlike many other countries, Japanese government is still suggesting to keep our guard up.

4th vaccine is recommended for everyone.

I think now concern is more over long Covid.

Many symptoms thought to be caused by Covid. E.g. respiratory disorder, taste disorder, fatigue, dullness and more.

The vaccine will reduce the risk a bit, not completely. And vaccination every five to six months will be required in future, for years.

We are still wearing masks, and sanitizers can be found everywhere. 🇯🇵

It’s been three years without clear declaration “Now we can forget about Covid and go on vacation without mask”, however compared to 2020 things got better.

Life goes on, really? who knows?

There are uncertainties and I’m lost, I need to go with the flow whether like it or not.

Among many other uncertainties, Covid is an avoidable if we pay attention and being patient.

Others, we have to stop, recover, adjust and adapt.

PGA ZOZO Championship 2022 in Japan

Keegan Bradley san won this year! 2022/10/16

It’s day3, we went to Chiba. Left home at 4:50. Arrived at Narashino golf club at 6:40.

ZOZO championship is a rare opportunity to see professional golfers from overseas including Japanese golfers who play mainly in the US, here in Japan.

Tiger Woods won his 82nd PGA in 2019.

Last year Hideki Matsuyama won the tournament.

How about this year? We’ll see tomorrow.

Anyway, we were able to see many many golfers today. We walked 12,000 steps, and enjoyed it.

I got a new friend.
We are all crazy about Hideki Matsuyama san.

And most exciting thing was the sound of driving.





Excuse me, since I have no idea how to say in English. I am not sure any equivalent expressions exist or so.

Collected snapshots

We’ll go to driving range tomorrow morning, while what we watched are still fresh we better imitate as much as possible.

And I have to share the winner Keegan Bradley-san’s emotional tweet here.

I cried. Just how wonderful family is.

Mil Mascaras T-shirts

5th of Sep is my older brother’s birthday.

So I searched on Amazon, looking for something related to pro-wrestling as he likes it for his whole life.

Last year, I gave him three wrestling comic books.

He was happy, and he later told me that he has to read it at home as he can’t stop laughing if he reads it on train.

Laughing on the train makes you look like weirdo.

Lovely animations

This year, I found a T-shirts. My choices at first were;

Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher, Terry Funk, and all T-shirts designs look “bloody”.

So I searched again, then found Mil Máscaras. This wrestler is also one of my brother’s favorites.

Cool design for pj

We went watching a wrestling match when we were small. I still can recall a theme song of Mil Mascaras, probably he remembers it as well.

Amazon delivered the T-shirt on time, and today I gave it to my brother. He was happy, I’m happy too.

When he talks about pro wrestling his eyes are shining like a boy.

It is maybe because I’m no longer young, my attitude towards my family has changed and changing in a good way.

We all have different likes and dislikes, when I think about pro wrestling I would not go watching it but I respect my older brother’s passion so I listen to him.

Also my mom loves Odori/Nihon-Buyou, a Japanese traditional art similar to Kabuki. I have no interest at all, but she likes so it’s okay and I’ll listen to her when she wants to talk about it, or give a ride when she goes to theater.

Even among family there are things I don’t really get, however I’ll accept and listen to them. I’m happy to see them being happy.

When I was young and stupid I was like “I’m not interested” or “I don’t know what is so interesting”. I regret now that I have missed a lot of opportunities to learn about what my family thought or wanted to share with me.

Their feelings and emotions.

Anyway, I’d enjoy rest of my life, accepting many things whether that’s my taste or not.

My partner and myself enjoy golf, my mom and my brother don’t care.

I jog my brother says “what is the point of jogging?”, just laughs away.

However I know we care each other very well.

1st of September 2022

Unbelievably fast, it’s September already.

The world keeps spinning round.

Our cat is hardworking protect our house.

Enjoying sunshine
A cat basket

Grandma once told me, when you get older every day just fly away. Sun rises and sun goes down very quickly. Back then I was in my 30s, always busy, rushing around, not much time to think about it. Understand that now.

Cats napping all day and night, rarely stay sitting longer than minutes. walking but heading straight to a meal plate, or searching a place to sleep.

When stroking they look satisfied and happy, we are happy too.

The film Elvis

(notice there is Austin Butler within the list)

On Sunday, we went to movies. I really wanted to watch “Elvis” in theaters, as there must be great sound effects, also in theaters there is no distraction.

These days it’s hard to focus on movies at home, streaming is convenient but it also allows too much control, skip, fast forward, pause and stop watching in the middle. I have many movies in “continue watching”.

The film was 2 hours 39 minutes long but felt not long, there was no unnecessary scene, all of them explained or described something important.

It was made understandable, songs were great, and replication of stage performance were more than imagined.

All songs were the original ones, the actor was lip syncing but looked like he was actually singing. From some point I started looking at him as Elvis.

And Tom Hanks was invisible, he was a big greedy manager of King of Rock and Roll. I became hate him.

I don’t know if Tom Hanks has ever acted such self-centered, tricky, exploiting, and obsessed with moneymaking character.

I’ve read wiki, and learned the life of Elvis for some extent. After watching it it made it more sad story. Sad.

We listened to “If I can dream” after the movie. It’s simply overwhelming.

My partner has never listened to Elvis until he watch the film, now he became a big fan of Elvis, he is listening “If I can dream” and “Unchained melody” every night.

Hope I can go theaters again, good movies have many aspects and full of unspoken contexts, I like watching the same movie again and again, it’ll never be faded.

What can firearm do

We are all going to die someday but not necessary to be killed by firearm.

Really. As Japanese I have been thinking I’m safe, live in the safest country in the world.

Japan’s safety is secured based on moral, we trust each other, actually we give each other unspoken pressure; do not do illegal act, do not give any trouble to your family, think about how to be seen by others. Maybe those sense are going, we are losing our moral.

It’s flipped upside down. The former prime minister Shinzo Abe had been shot and died.

Just like the suspect did, anyone can have a firearm, it can be made at home if you have an access to the necessary materials to manufacture it.

What a convenient world we are live in, what a scary world it is at the same time.

IF there is no firearm many people were still alive.

A heat wave and a golf game

Last week was really hot. When the temperature reaches over 35℃ it’s called fierce heat.

Mon and Thu

When the temperature is 34℃, 35℃, or 36℃ it’s hard to tell the difference, it’s just hot and suffocating.

In such hot and sunny Saturday, we went watching a golf game.

It’s Shiseido Open held at Totsuka county club in Yokohama. The course was only 30min away by car. We woke up as usual, had cups of coffee and out.

Last time was in Chiba prefecture, so we woke up at 4:30 left home early yet there were traffic in Tokyo and Chiba along the way.

Distance from Yokohama to Chiba is 80km, and estimation is 70min by car according to Google map. And it took 120min. It’s was a day trip.

Even if we’ve been living in Yokohama, and know there is a golf course, we have never been or seen the place before.

In the golf course, we can enjoy ups and downs around holes, on the grass, smells of the grass, resting on the grass while wind blowing through.

It’s far comfortable than going to the park crowded with many people.

No need to worry about wearing a mask, as there is plenty of space with limited spectators of 6,000.

Totsuka country club in Yokohama

Taking photos and/or recording videos of players are not allowed, and it’s good.

Enjoy watching full swings with eyes.

Aoki Serena-san won the championship with a total of 14 unders. Congratulations 🎉

It was hot, less humid, good day out!

He is having fun in the field

Elvis Presley and his voice

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Elvis Presley’s songs and his voice volume.

On YouTube, searching Elvis was really easy. I also found a movie trailer, watched it and listened to songs.

This movie will be on screen from 1st of July here in Japan. I can’t wait!

My dad liked Elvis, he often watched his videos when I was little. I remember he was so excited about his stage performance.

Elvis Presley was a super entertainer, and a stage performer that’s what I know. I didn’t know he was such a great singer.

I thought the world would surely be different if Elvis was alive today.

Songs sung by real singers never get tired listening to.

I repeat my playlist from suspicious mind, bridge over troubled water, unchained melody, my way, something, fever, always on my mind, to if I can dream.

Specifically if I can dream.

While jogging I listen to those songs. Songs sung by a real singer with voice volume really help motivate to run in hot morning.