Go watch a Sumo in 両国国技館

As omicron strain infection surging worldwide and here in Japan, I thought it might be canceled.

Fortunately no restriction issued so we went out as planned.

Before we wake up this morning, there was an alert message of Tsunami on mobile phones at midnight that woke us up. It was tsunami warning, related to Tonga‘s volcanic eruption on the 15th.

After check the news on TV, we tried to go back to sleep again, then another alert message received it continued for a few hours constantly.

It counted 600 messages that’s what we found out in the morning.

Caused by operation mistakes.

Seemed everyone tried to do the same, turning off the sound.

Alert makes sound even if in manner mode as it’s for emergency, so I needs another untick in a setting. While we were sleepy we somehow managed the how-to.

I found many how-to videos quickly uploaded at midnight to meet the demand. YouTube is super helpful.

Now omicron and economic activities.

Enjoy Sumo and golf matches, appreciate opera are part of economic activities.

If fans stop going to site, for example Sumo association soon faces difficulty surviving as a business organization like in 2020 and 2021. I wander how could they survive the past two years.

A Rare photo of trophy

Sumo was fun! Yokozuna Terunofuji won and he is 7 wins and 1 lose as of today. Yet 7 days remaining.

Work from home has widely been introduced since 2020.

I saw more people jogging than people heading to the station back then.

Today, it feels like 50% or more people are back to the regular work style. Trains are moderately crowded.

With the current situation, in Feb or could be at an earlier timing Tokyo and Kanagawa (where I live) both will be under restrictions by pre-emergency measures.

The number of infected people is increasing. A daily infection stats says 21,880 on the 14th Jan, it was 1,149 on the 4th Jan.

Covid won’t go away.

I hope the government to send a message to companies to promote work from home like 2020. More space in trains, restaurants and the offices.

Keep yourself and family from omicron by work from home, and enjoy life by following safety measures.

It’s been said Omicron causes less serious symptoms yet who can tell there is no long term effects if vaccinated three times.

There is no guarantee.


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